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I May Fall
General Information
Original broadcast November 2, 2017
Season 1
Episode number 15
Overall episode number 15
Written by CynderWolf07 (story) & Ebomnitrix & Alanomaly (S.P.)
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I May Fall is the fifteenth episode of E-10: The Series.


V.V. Argost unleashes an army at Dellsview when he is given by orders from a mysterious villain to capture Maggie Totoro.


[We zoom into a dark castle surrounded in red skies. Inside, a mysterious woman is speaking with a henchman.]

Mysterious Woman: So you’re telling me you know where Maggie is?

Henchman: Yes, we’ve been spotting her all around Illinois. First she was spotted near an alien military with the initials the SACT.

Mysterious Woman: Next?

Henchman: Then we saw spotted her in Dellsview, and just recently she was at a high school homecoming, going rabbid.

Mysterious Woman: Rabbid? Has she gone mad? Just deliberating herself in with a bunch of delinquents! I’m surprised she hasn’t been struck with insanity by now.

Henchman: But we do know at least where she is hanging out. She was last seen sleeping on a bed out by a storage center.

Mysterious Woman: [Gasp] Warmth and shelter! That’s the last time she will ever receive those luxuries!

[She wipes the silverware away from the table and they shatter to the ground.]

Mysterious Woman: Well she shall sleep soft and cozy for now, because by the time it is break of dawn we’ll be crushing her everything in her path and take back what is rightfully mine! If she is hanging around in the United States then we shall destroy that country and tear it apart.

Henchman: Madam, if we attack now, she would be long gone by the time we show up. She is always on the move.

Mysterious Woman: How long has she been living down there?

Henchman: A few weeks maybe. Months, possibly. We only just found her.

Mysterious Woman: Hmm… We shall strike her there at once.

[Suddenly the group heard the screams of several knights. The knights behind the mysterious woman started shaking in fear. The henchman stepped back and the Mysterious Woman started to create a fist, preparing to attack. Eventually when the screaming stopped a door opened. We zoom into the shadows of footsteps being taken. The next angle showed a blue drape sliding across the floor. Another angle showed another figure’s red buff arms, while the last angle showed white hair sticking out from the back of his head. Then the mysterious woman stared at him, raising her eyebrows as he began to speak.]

Character: Ah, why if it isn’t Madam Pyrexia Feverre, ruler of Azteca. I am Vincent Vladislav Argost, and I’m here to say, Greetings and Beneuve.

[Everything zoomed up, revealing V.V. Argost and Munya had entered the room as he held the Alpha Sapphire.]

Madam Pyrexia: GUARDS!

[The two knights in the room aimed their staffs at them.]

V.V. Argost: Nah ah ah, we wouldn’t wanna do something risky now. [Walking to her.] Forgive me, some of your knights may have not made it out alive. You can thank Munya here, incompetent as ever. [Eyes at him.]

Madam Pyrexia: Leave.

V.V. Argost: Why, madam, I simply cannot do that. You see, you have something I want.

Madam Pyrexia: Explain?

V.V. Argost: Your personality. You see, the Alpha Sapphire is a piece of stone mounted together throughout space and time, when together creates the map of ultimate power, and that my dear has you on it.

Madam Pyrexia: How do you know of the Alpha Sapphire?

V.V. Argost: I know of many things, the Kur Stone, the Map of Infinity, the map to Atlantis. Oh and I’ve already conquered Atlantis.

Madam Pyrexia: And you think I’m just going to give you my special powers just because you say so?

V.V. Argost: No, you’re going to give me your power out of your own free will.

Madam Pyrexia: And why would I do that?

V.V. Argost: The answer seems obvious to you, now be a good young lady and hand me the personality!

[Everything zoomed into her face, as she opened her eyes, they appeared to be on fire.]

V.V. Argost: Munya, if you wouldn’t be so minded?

[Munya blasted a web out of his mouth, she burned them with a fire blast. He ran toward her in rage. She then trapped him in a fire vortex, Munya looked like he was trapped, Pyrexia smiled and Argost gave him a glare. Eventually Munya walked out of the fire wall, surprising her. Pyrexia then took a deep breath and shouted.]

Madam Pyrexia: HALT!

[Munya stopped.]

Madam Pyrexia: Granted you have earned the slightest bit of my respect, you won’t be able to reach the power you seek.

V.V. Argost: And why is that?

Madam Pyrexia: Because I don’t have the others.

V.V. Argost: Others? What do you mean others?

Madam Pyrexia: You see, I have other personalities too, not just my own. I am missing the ones she took from me. Silver Stream and Kotchya.

V.V. Argost: Silver Stream and Kotchya, Hmm.... Why does that sound familiar?

Madam Pyrexia: If you thought you could steal my power, you’re wrong. You can’t steal one personality without the full set.

V.V. Argost: Then why don’t you have them?

Madam Pyrexia: Because a child took them from me just before I was bethroned. The child known as Maggie Totoro.

V.V. Argost: Maggie Totoro… Of course, now it is all starting to make sense, the Alpha Sapphire and prophecy, it shows you and that little brat fighting.

Madam Pyrexia: Yes, so you do know of her?

V.V. Argost: I’ve been fighting her for the last five years. She’s been the one preventing me from ever reaching this destination, and yes some of my other endeavors. It all is starting to come together now, the three personalities split into two separate individuals. For eons there was a prophecy made by the Egyptians where one being would hold all of the three personalities. Then someday one individual, that is you would attempt to steal the child’s power, which would lead to the ultimate battle of good vs evil, the one to decide the Earth’s Balance. Three personalities, formally one human being, and now you have one of its personalities. Why should I not steal yours right now?

Madam Pyrexia: What if I told you I could make you the king of this world?

V.V. Argost: I beg your pardon?

Madam Pyrexia: Think of it, with me by your side, nobody would ever stand in your way.

V.V. Argost: Are you suggesting that we become man and wife?

Madam Pyrexia: No, god no. But you will rule the Earth alongside me, a 50/50 split. Just me and you, no one else will dare to defy us.

V.V. Argost: You make an interesting proposition. Alright, deal. I will bring you the girl and in return, we rule this planet in an iron fist. Madam Pyrexia: Excellent, now we just have to find her.

V.V. Argost: Oh, I know where she’s hiding. You just let me borrow your troops and I’ll guide them to Maggie’s location.

[The scene then shifted to outside the base, as Silver Stream whipped out a lash of water. Meanwhile Sif, using a new purple armor, he dodged the armor with superspeed. Then from Sif’s point of view he saw Maggie looking at him curiously slowly, Sif then dashed at her and jumped getting ready to punch her. Outside of Sif’s view, Maggie saw him flying and created an ice shield. It shattered as Sif dropped to the ground. Then we zoomed out of their fighting sequence as Ethan walked over next to the Agent, watching them battle.]

Ethan: Wow, Sif is getting the hang of his new armor.

Agent: Well after the last one, he decided he needed more time to think. So I helped him build one to help him think and move outside of time, temporarily.

Ethan: Nice. What does he call it?

Agent: Bullet Time. One flaw about it, though.

Ethan: Hmm?

Agent: He can only use it every 15 minutes or else he’ll get seizures.

Ethan: Oh.

Agent: Probably a slight chance of death maybe, I don’t know. Don’t particularly care, either.

[Sif used his extreme speed to continuously attempt to punch Maggie. She kept dodging as she created ice walls to defend herself, and splashed a wave of water at Sif, sending him flying back. He stood up and took a few fast deep breathes.]

Sif (Bullet Time): Okay that’s enough.

[Sif detached himself from the armor.]

Sif: Anymore and I’m gonna fall completely unconscious.

Agent: Alright then I guess that’s enough for..

Ethan: Wait, I want in. [Glaring with a smile.]

[The scene cuts to Ethan standing in front of Maggie. The Agent and Sif are standing back in front of the garage way as the two wait for Ethan to make a move.]

Ethan (Thoughts): Okay, maybe now’s the time to test out my new form’s power. I know they don’t know about this alien yet, but using him now might be my perfect opportunity to see what else this guy can do! Here we go!

[Ethan dialed up Lodestar on the Omnitrix and slammed down. He had transformed into Slapstrike. He took a look at himself then sighed, somewhat annoyed.]

Maggie: Wrong alien?

[Slapstrike glared at her, then ran over. Maggie then used Kotchya’s powers to try to blow over Slapstrike’s defenses, he started slowing down.]

Slapstrike: Ergh…

[Slapstrike then raised his arms back slowly and created a large clap, unleashing a shockwave. Maggie was sent flying back, but then started to float to stop herself from falling. She dashed at him switching her eyes from glowing into Silver Stream’s she attempted to trap him in a tsunami vortex.]

Slapstrike: Whoa-oa-oa!

[Slapstrike was surrounded in the water, and started floating slowly, beginning to suffocate. She then reached her hand out and trapped him into a frozen statue. Maggie then flew down to the ground and changed back. She began to smirk at her victory. Meanwhile in the back Sif whistled to his surprise.]

Sif: Guess that’s it.

Agent: Wait.

[Eventually the ice began to shake and Slapstrike shattered his way through the ice and jumped down to the ground. His landing made everything shake. Maggie was surprised.]

Slapstrike: You realize it’s going to take more than ice traps to stop me, right?

[Maggie’s eyes glew into Kotchya’s and she stood in a fighting position. Slapstrike then did the same in a VS screen. Then the Agent interrupted.]

Agent: Stop! Alright that’s enough for now. I'm fucking tired. Let's get drinks... And no, you don't get any alcoholic stuff.

Sif: Not like the rest of us can drink anyway.

Slapstrike: Aw man, I really wanted to give her a good smackdown.

Maggie: Yeah, like you could kick my ass. You may have big fists, but you sure don’t know how to use them right.

Agent: [Sarcastically] And you just opened up another sexual innuendo, nice.

[The Omnitrix started flashing above Slapstrike’s head and he transformed back into Ethan. Maggie walked up next to him as the two turned over to the others to speak.]

Maggie: A drink does sound good though. But can we go somewhere local this time? I’d really rather not get our asses kicked out of another alien bar again.

Agent: Fine, we’ll save it for Season 2.

Sif: Don’t worry, I know just the place. I think Maggie knows.

Maggie: Oooh. Is it the one with the outdoor area?

Sif: Yep.

Maggie: [Squealed] Let’s go!

[Ethan and the Agent looked at each other and shrugged. Then the scene changed to a restaurant downtown, as the group sat outside. Maggie and Ethan sitting on one side, with Agent and Sif sitting on the next. A waitress was bringing the group their drinks.]

Sif: Trust me guys, you’re really gonna love this place.

Ethan: I’ve lived in Dellsview even longer than you have and I’ve never been to this place, or even this part of town.

Sif: Yeah, me and Maggie tried this place over a month ago when you two were busy tracking down the Weatherheads.

Maggie: Trust me, this place is amazing.

Agent: [Eyeing the waitress] Hey, leave the bottle here.

Waitress: Oh, alright.

[She left the bottom as she walked away.]

Ethan: Red wine? That’s something I never see you drink, especially in public.

Agent: Well I feel like being classy. So. [burps the word]: fuuuuuuuck, you!

Maggie: Well so much for being classy.

[The three started to laugh as the Agent took a sip from his drink.]

Agent: Fucking peasants.

[We zoom out to a rooftop of the henchman watching over the group communicating at the restaurant. The henchman took off his binoculars.]

Henchman Knight: We have located the target. Shall we prepare to attack?

V.V. Argost: Patience, my boy. If we’re going to strike, we got to savor the moment and plan when is the best time to strike.

[We zoom down to Ethan taking a sip from his straw of his blue drink then sat back from his seat in shock.]

Ethan: Holy crap this drink is amazing!

Sif: Told you.

Ethan: Reminds me of that Blue Coconut Drink I get at Sonic.

Agent: I gotta say, I’ve had better places. But… Fuck it, I got no witty saying or joke here, it’s just pretty good.

Maggie: Hang on, I’m going to Yelp this place.

[Ethan and the Agent eyed at her, Maggie stood back feeling nervous. The tone of their voices changed.]

Ethan, Agent: You use yelp…

Maggie: Don’t you fucking judge me. If I want to critique a restaurant, I’ll critique a restaurant.

Sif: Fucking yelp user.

Agent: Can we not turn this into an episode of South Park please?

[The henchman jumped down from the rooftop, creating a small wave of smoke. The henchman stood up holding their weapons and shields. People started trembling in fear and ran away from the area. The four looked over in shock as one of the henchman walked over toward them.]

Henchman: Maggie Totoro, former member of the Aztec Tribe. We have orders from our loyal master to bring you home. We ask you to surrender peacefully, or we will destroy your modern world

V.V. Argost: [From above.] Ugh, these henchman make me sick.

Henchman: Surrender, or we will destroy the populous.

Maggie: [Stands] Never. I refuse to go back, and tell that bitch of a loyal master that if she wants to bring me back she can do it herself.

Henchman 2: [Gasp] How dare you!

Henchman: Then you’ve made your choice.

[He aimed his sword at her and the Agent grabbed the sonic and launched a soundwave, throwing the sword back into the other side of the street.]

Agent: I hate it when they bring weapons out to the dinner table.

Ethan: It’s only lunch!

Agent: Can you fucking not?

[The group stands up.]

Maggie: Guys, we have to get out of here now.

Ethan: Nah don’t worry, we can take these guys. Besides it’s only knights in shining armor.

[Ninjas then appeared from the sides of the buildings and sprung themselves to the ground.]

Ethan: And ninjas! Oooh that does make things more fun! [Cracks knuckles.]

Maggie: Guys!

Sif: Maggie, this isn’t anything for you to worry about, we’ve dealt with worse.

Agent: Oh yeah much worse.

[Maggie sighed. Sif selected an armor from his gauntlet and a pod unleashed from the base and then flew out to Sif’s direction. It opened and the armor latched itself onto Sif from his torso to his arms and to his legs. Sif had put on the Slasher armor. He created melee swords, sticking out from his palms.]

Sif (Slasher): Let’s do this.

[Ethan started turning the dial of the Omnitrix and selected Lodestar. He raised out his arm as the core popped up.]

Ethan: Looks like we’re going to need some special help!

[He slammed down, and a flash occurred. It faded revealing he transformed into Heatblast by mistake.]

Heatblast: Heatblast?! Oh well, I can still play with metal!

[A fireball appeared on Heatblast’s hand. The knights stood back.]


Henchman 2: HE’S A WITCH! A WITCH!

[Heatblast threw a fireball and it threw some of the knights back.]

Heatblast: Nah, I’m not a witch. I’m just your average ordinary everyday superhero. Yeah I stretched that too long didn’t I?

[The ninjas appeared to jump to strike above Heatblast while he was distracted. Sif smacked them over with giant mace ended nun-chucks.]

Sif (Slasher): You should really watch out before they attack from behind.

Heatblast: Got it.

[The ninjas tried to stab Heatblast but he blocked due to his coal armor. He laid a few fire punches, and it started throwing them back with their clothes appearing in burnt marks. The Agent sent a sonic frequency with his sonic, causing the knights to cover their ears while falling down. Sif then started fighting with his blades and his nunchucks. One of the knights stole it and started swinging around with it. He threw it and Sif grabbed the nunchuck, swung the knight over and punched him, throwing him back. Maggie looked around at the group fighting the henchman and ninjas. Then we zoomed up from the rooftop with V.V. Argost watching from above.]

V.V. Argost: These henchman are useless. I should’ve just used my own. [Grabs his communicator] Munya, could you be a dear and prepare to bring some back up for me. We’re going to need everything if we’re going to take this girl out alive.

[Maggie looking over seeing the group fight. A few ninjas attempt to take her from behind, she started to struggle and her eyes glew. She unleashed Kotchya’s power and threw them back with a vortex of wind. The group turned around and noticed the ninjas were down.]

Maggie (Kotchya): Don’t look at me, just keep fighting.

[Heatblast started holding a fireball in his hand.]

Agent: Careful where you aim, we don’t wanna blow up every car that’s parked in the street.

Heatblast: Great, so what else can I do?

[Heatblast glossed over and saw a billboard hanging on the top of a store. He threw a flamethrower and knocked the billboard down. It caught on fire and started to create a firewall on the ground.]

Henchman: RETREAT!

[The knights started running away and the ninja’s hopped from edge to edge to make their getaway.]

V.V. Argost: Pathetic.

[Heatblast absorbed the fire on the ground and cleared the road, only leaving the smoke surrounding the street.]

Heatblast: There, that oughta do it, and look at that, only little collateral damage done to the street.

[The Omnitrix beeped and transformed Ethan back to normal.]

Ethan: We did good guys. We did-

[Ethan noticed Maggie running off.]

Ethan: Maggie?

[She ran inside the alleyway. Ethan aimed over his Omnitrix.]

Ethan: You two stay here!

[He slammed down and transformed into Wildmutt.]


[Wildmutt started running after her in the alleyway.]

Sif (Slasher): What’s going on?

Agent: Fuck if I know.

[Wildmutt running, he made a few twist and turns and it lead him into a maze. Wildmutt started using his senses to look around.]

Maggie: Just leave me alone Ethan, I don’t want to get you in any of this.

[Wildmutt heard the voice loud enough and started running after her. Eventually he made it to Maggie and chased after her. Maggie gasped when she saw him. They also ran across the street, making cars stop and made a small crowd question what was going on.]


[Wildmutt managed to increase his speed and then he pounced onto Maggie and the two rolled in a circle, then stopped with Wildmutt on top of Maggie. Wildmutt was catching his breath, with slime coming out of his mouth.]

Maggie: Bleh!

[Maggie slapped the Omnitrix symbol and changed Maggie back into Ethan.]

Ethan: [Catching his breath.] You’re not gonna kiss and punch me in the face again are you?

Maggie: No.

[Ethan stood up and helped Maggie up.]

Ethan: Good, now can you tell us what’s going on? You were acting pretty freaky there when those knight guys came out after you.

Maggie: It’s complicated to explain. I don’t want you to get involved in this.

Ethan: Dude, you and I been through a lot the past few months, even to the point where I put you in a coma, or you put yourself... Point is, if there’s something going on then you need to tell us immediately.

Maggie: I don’t need to tell you anything so fuck off.

Ethan: Maggie I…

[He looked over and saw a ninja preparing to strike at her.]

Ethan: Maggie!

[In slow motion Maggie turned over in shock and then a sonic wave threw the ninja back into the corner. The Agent and Sif had showed up.]

Agent: Sorry but I don’t feel like being left out this time.

Sif: Nor I.

Ethan: So tell us Maggie, what is really going on?

[Maggie attempted to make a move with her eyes glowing.]

Agent: If you trap us in stone again I swear to god I'm going to... To... Fuck it I got nothing. Again.

Sif: The point is, you shouldn’t have to run away from your problems. Instead let us help you. A very few important people told me that. [Glossing over at the Agent and Ethan.]

[Maggie closed her eyes and they stopped glowing. She took a deep breath then began to speak.]

Maggie: Fine, but let’s do this back at base. I don’t wanna talk about this out here in the open.

[The scene then faded over inside the base as Maggie sat down in the chair next to the couch where Ethan and the Agent sat, Sif just stood over with his arms crossed leaning against the wall instead of sitting on the couch.]

Maggie: I was going to tell one of you guys about this someday. I guess today might as well be the day I tell you all about what happened...

[The Agent began eating popcorn and the group glossed over at him.]

Agent: What, I was hungry. This totally wasn’t meant for comedic effect. Go on.

Maggie: [Sighed] When I was little, I was princess of the tribe called Azteca. By the time I turned 18, I would soon be throned as the queen, and the people made sure I was treated with special care. People would praise me because of it, and it looked like everyone was pleased by it, except one. One day, a woman who was mad with power, rose at the village, she had the power over witchcraft and attempted to take over our land by mind controlling all the villagers, even the ones who stood against her. Later by her arrival, she murdered my father before he could fight, I know because I saw it before my eyes. I tried to run but I couldn’t make it out of there in time, so she used her witchcraft and then took something very powerful from me. A piece of me I didn’t realize was missing until I discovered that I had the powers over the elemental spirits. She had only managed to take one before the remaining villagers tried to stop her. They failed, but I escaped. She had gain my personality, and started using it to burn down all of those who opposed her. I tried to grab my mother and sister out of there, but before I could the house was burning down. The last words I heard from my mother would forever haunt me to this day, she said “Run Maggie Run.” So for the last 5 years I started to training to learn how to use the remaining personalities, Silver Stream and Kotchya. I wanted to take back my village but even I knew I wasn’t powerful enough, not only that, the location was lost. So in order to return to my village to start the uproar, I had to look for information how to get home, until then I realized all I had to do was gather all the pieces of the Alpha Sapphire, and hopefully defeat… Madam Pyrexia.

Ethan: Madam Pyrexia…

Agent: I’m gonna look up her name in the database.

Maggie: I tried, I couldn’t get anything.

Agent: Oh, so you tried the TARDIS? Without my permission?

Maggie: I haven’t tried that. I thought about asking you but…

Agent: You should’ve just said so, I’ll do that now.

Sif: So you had a personality taken from you all this time? What kind of power was it.

Maggie: Well think about it, Silver Stream has the power to control over water and ice. Kotchya has the power to control the land and the air.

Ethan: So that would mean your other personality is..

Sif: Fire…

Maggie: I don’t fully remember who she was or what she could do. I wasn’t able to use my powers when I was so young.

Sif: That’s why you had trouble using your powers back when we were transformed back into kids.

Maggie: It takes too much out of me just to even use one for 5 minutes.

Ethan: Now it all makes sense, when I was in the dream world, when you and your personalities were stuck seeing through all those illusions. Those illusions were about your village, and your family.

Maggie: That’s right. [Stands up] Ugh! We’ve been putting this off for too long… We should’ve been focusing on stopping her the entire time.

Sif: But Maggie, none of that is our fault. If we hadn’t stopped them, the Earth would’ve been destroyed.

Ethan: Not to mention the last few months we’ve been focusing on other things. Do you really think if we invaded her the second we became a team, we would’ve been able to stop her successfully? No.

Maggie: Why don’t we just ask the Agent to use the TARDIS, maybe we can go back in time and stop her from invading my tribe.

Sif: Then that would erase the current timeline we’re in and everything would be different. For all we know, another person could’ve dethroned you and your father and slaughtered all of you on that same day.

Maggie: Sif!

Ethan: No buts Maggie, who knows what would happen if we messed with time. The Agent said it himself. The timeline has already been altered enough as it is. Take a look at my wrist, I’m not even supposed to have this thing. I may not understand it myself, but trust me when I know that now isn’t the time to go back in time and undo everything. Who knows what would happen!

Maggie: I guess… you make a good point. It’s just, my people suffered so much for what she did. I just wanted to go back and fix it all.

Ethan: We all do. But we can’t take anymore risks, we’re going to do this together and stop this person from taking you from our team, from m-I mean us.

Maggie: [Smiled] Thank you.

[She jumped onto Ethan and hugged him tight, he was surprised and hugged back.]

Agent: Ahem. If you two could stop attempting to fuck each other like you have all week for just a minute, I have some results.

[Inside the TARDIS, the Agent pulled up Pyrexia’s file.]

Agent: Pyrexia Feverre. In many timelines she is either a minor, or a low-leveled wicked. But in this timeline, she seems to have taken on a darker side. From generations her ancestors have taken over many countries through their sorcery, power and intelligence.

Sif: Kinda like how communism took over to power?

Agent: Exactly, or corporate networks being ran by the typical nasty executives. Anyway, she had her anger built up for years for multiple reasons, and she used that anger to get herself into power. There’s a tribe district that decides the ruler of each one, while each one is passed down from generation to generation, if one tribe is ruled by someone evil and becomes too powerful to control, they take it over immediately and is sent with a new ruler. When your father was selected to rule the tribe 10 years before you were born, Pyrexia was pissed. So she used her time to master a new source of magic created by an evil entity, so she decided it was in her best power to take over that tribe first. Now assuming if I’m right, she plans to set out and conquer the others.

Maggie: For all we know she could’ve done it by now. It's been 5 years.

Agent: She hasn’t, but her next attack is planned soon, once she takes over your personalities.

Ethan: Wait why does she need to take Maggie’s personalities, why them?

Agent: Because none of those tribes possess power like Maggie’s. She is one gifted person.

Maggie: My powers are passed down from hundreds of years into later generations.

Sif: So it’s all in your blood?

Maggie: Exactly. So the fact that I got mine, makes me special apparently.

Ethan: So now we why she’s after you.

Maggie: Well I knew that already.

Ethan: Well okay, we know why, which is why it’s our job to protect you.

Maggie: Why? You have no reason to protect me, I can take care of myself. But Pyrexia, my village, this is all my responsibility and it’s supposed to be my job to save my village and its people, not yours. I can’t risk failing now just because of a couple distractions.

Ethan: Oh and you’re calling us distractions?

Maggie: Yes.

Ethan: Why?

Maggie: Because I spent the last few months, wasting my time with you guys trying to find somewhere to settle down, when instead I should’ve just kept going and stopped her to begin with.

Sif: You don’t know if you could’ve stopped her.

Maggie: I would have.

Sif: Why?

Maggie: Because I know what my personalities can do, they’re my powers. These spirits are part of me and if one of them is taken from some evil witch, then it’s my job to save them.

Agent: Then why don’t you let us help you?

Maggie: BECAUSE I CAN’T LOSE ANYONE ELSE. Not again… Never again… I already lost all the people of my tribe and now they’re slaves to them. But if I can go back and just stop all this by myself, then I know I can save them.

Agent: Maggie, if this mission is so important to you then you would let us help you, because one person can’t take down an army alone and trust me, I would know. It takes a team which is why we formed it. If you can’t get your act together then good luck, by all means, go, have fun getting yourself killed. If you think you can just take her on alone and not think of the responsibilities of your actions, then you are in way over your head and completely out of your mind. Ethan promised he’d help you, and if you just walked away now, then he wouldn’t be able to keep that promise. How could he if you’re dead?

[Maggie looked down upset. The Agent straightened his jacket and the group took a few deep breathes.]

Agent: I need a bottle of apple smirnoff.

[The Agent stormed off to the other side to pick up a cooler, Maggie started walking out of the TARDIS and jumped right onto her bed, and turned over facing against the wall. Ethan and Sif stood out of the doorway.]

Ethan: Maggie…

Sif: Give her some time… Right now she needs to rest and think.

[The two went upstairs and sat on the couch.]

Ethan: I just thought after all this time she would let us help her.

Sif: Yeah well, that’s on her. Ethan we’ve all had our ups and downs, that’s just part of life. The only thing we can do is keep going, or otherwise we’ll never make it through.

[The two began to hear an echo coming from outside the base.]

V.V. Argost: Greetings and beneuve, Ethan and friends. I believe you have something of mine.

[The Agent ran upstairs to check on the base’s security on the supercomputer.]

Ethan: What’s going on!?

Agent: Looks like we got some company.

[The cameras show an army of creatures and knights surrounding the entrance of the storage center.]

Ethan: Argost…

V.V. Argost: Hand over Maggie Totoro, or my army and I will blow your base to pieces.

Sif: Argost, who is that?

Ethan: Before we recruited Maggie, let’s just say her and I ran into a few encounters with this guy.

Sif: Encounters? Like what?!

Ethan: No time. Agent set up the base’s security defenses, maybe we can hold him off long enough to equip ourselves with weapons.

Agent: No problem.

[He clicked on his mouse and the scene turned back outside to Argost, speaking.]

V.V. Argost: You have less than ten minutes to bring her out to me.

[Meanwhile at the security bridge, an officer was guarding it, shaking like a coward.]

V.V. Argost: Oh? Hello. Would you be so kind and open up the bridge for us? I promise things won’t get too messy.

Officer: Ye-ye-ye-yes sir… R-r-right away…

[The officer opened the bridge.]

V.V. Argost: Ah, thank you.

[Before Argost’s army can walk in, walls started to close the entrance.]

V.V. Argost: Gah! You pests. Destroy it, my Coalbacker!

[The coalbacker sitting under Argost moved its head up and breathed lava. It started melting through the doorway and the soldiers moved in. The base security defenses started opening its weapons from the gutters and fired laser beams. V.V. Argost grabbed a small staff from his pocket and held it near his face.]

V.V. Argost: Magnus Storupton, hear my words, do as I say and destroy all the defensive systems!

[A large magnetic wave started circulating around the entire base. The weapons shutted down, everything began to turn off. The supercomputer went berserk and turned off on its own, as well as the light switches.]

Agent: Dammit. If I knew we were going to get invaded so soon I would’ve set up a better defense system. I only had a few weeks to do it. Not like I have a time machine or anything.

Ethan: You did the best you could. For now, let’s do the best we can and stop Argost and his army.

[Ethan, Sif equipped in his Drillbit armor, and the Agent start stepping out of the garage way.]

Agent: You two go on ahead. I’ll guard inside the base in case they attempt to take Maggie.

Ethan, Sif (Drillbit): Understood.

[Soon they made their way to Argost as they met halfway towards the gate.]

V.V. Argost: My, my, isn’t this a pleasure surprise, and here I thought I’d never see you again. My have you grown.

Sif (Drillbit): Skip the small talk you masked hairy freak.

V.V. Argost: My, your friend has such a way with words. But alright since you wanna cut to the chase, I believe you have something of mine.

Sif (Drillbit): Yeah. Maggie. I know.

V.V. Argost: Wow, smart and stubborn. I like the way your team works Ethan.

Ethan: Why are you after Maggie anyway? I thought you weren’t the type to take orders from people.

V.V. Argost: I’m not. But I do want Maggie and Pyrexia’s power, and the only way I know I’m going to get it is if I take her back to Azteca. You know how it is.

Sif (Drillbit): How do you know she’s going to give you the power?

V.V. Argost: Oh-ho-ho, I know she’s not going to give me the power.

Ethan: You’re going to take it from her…

[The minions started mumbling in surprise.]

V.V. Argost: Oh zip it, like you can steal her without me! [They stopped.] And yes my boy, I do. Soon I will be ruler of this world as the High Cryptid King. You know why I stole the Alpha Sapphire from you and now you know why I must have Maggie.

Ethan: And you think you’re going to get away with it that easily, I mean have you seen what I can do?

V.V. Argost: Yes, and although that is an interesting treasure, I know now isn’t the time to take your Omnitrix.

Ethan: You know…

V.V. Argost: You don’t think I haven’t been watching you for some time now? I know why you have that thing on your wrist. Because of a fortunate turn of events… But I’m not here for that now am I? Give me the girl and I may just spare your lives.

[Ethan looked around as he saw most of Argost’s henchman were wearing metal, Ethan started dialing an alien as he began to speak.]

Ethan: I won’t need to since I can beat you all with one big blast!

[Ethan slammed down on the Omnitrix and transformed. As he raised out his arms in the air, he realized he became Diamondhead by mistake.]

Diamondhead: Aw man, I really thought I’d get the new guy…

[The knights and ninjas started running over toward Sif and Diamondhead. Sif used his jackhammer arms to hit the ground and create a trimmer, everybody started to fall over. Argost grabbed his Magnus Storupton to shut down Sif’s armor but it barely did the trick.]

Sif (Drillbit): Hah! If you think I create most of my armors through Earth’s metals, you must be joking.

[Argost smirked and pressed a switch, Sif started screaming as his armor started tearing him to pieces. He fell to the ground.]

V.V. Argost: [Snickered] You really think I wouldn’t have come up with something for that poor little strategy, you fool. This break all elements of metal, even ones from outside Earth’s sector. I grabbed this back in 2013. You’re really stupid if you think that could stop me.

[Sif’s screams got louder as it crushed him even more. Diamondhead created a gigantic diamond wall and carried Sif.]

Diamondhead: Come on, we have to retreat back to base.

[Diamondhead ran Sif over back to the base, and sat him down on the couch.]

Agent: What’s wrong with Sif?

Diamondhead: Argost has some kind of weapon that can pierce through any source of metal.

Agent: Not good.

Diamondhead: Yeah, that’s what I’m saying.

Agent: I’ll see if I can get Sif out of his suit, then I’ll grab some equipment from downstairs to see if I can use to hold them off.

Diamondhead: Great, but wake Maggie up first, we’re going to need all the help we can get.

[Everything zoomed out a few feet to the soldiers and Argost’s creatures making their way towards the base. Diamondhead created a shard mine that started throwing the soldiers back. Some attempted to pierce through Diamondhead but threw them back with spikes. Each soldier that tried to run inside the base, Diamondhead would punch and throw them back. The Agent released Sif from his armor and Sif dropped to the ground.]

Sif: Thanks.

Agent: Try this, it could be useful against Argost’s army.

[Sif sat up and put on the Agent’s artifact. It was a golden gauntlet with a gem sticking out of it in the center of the forearm. A giant crystal shield was generated out of it.]

Sif: The Shield of Ziegel…

[Sif was also handed his power glove and ran off. The Agent ran downstairs. He went into his TARDIS to grab a weapon and ran out, he looked at Maggie and yelled at her.]

Agent: Hey bitch, get moving!

[Maggie turned over, slowly waking up.]

Agent: It’s all out war front over there, I know this is coming from the guy who gets hungover every other day, but if you don’t do something now, the whole base will tear itself apart. Didn’t you say you didn’t wanna see your friends die for you?

[Maggie’s eyes widened.]

Agent: Well now’s your chance to do something about it. Get your lazy ass up and fight.

[He ran up the stairs and walked outside, holding a brown, odd-looking staff. He aimed it at one of the knights running toward him. A ray fired at the Knight and it turned him into a piece of wood. The other henchman started to freak.]

Henchman: WITCH! HE’S A WITCH!

Agent: If the Staff of Convertunt makes me a witch, then fuck it, I’m a fucking witch.

[The other henchman started to run back.]

V.V. Argost: What? Oh for heaven’s sakes…

[Argost aimed the staff at the Agent, but the Agent fired back with his staff. Argost’s staff ended up turning into a fishstick.]

V.V. Argost: What!? A crummy fish stick!

[He groaned and threw the fish stick to the ground. Argost then commanded the Coalbacker to start spewing lava everywhere. The Agent began running, he blasted them again. The Coalbacker was transformed into a small puppy, and whimpered before running away. A blast hit Argost, transforming him into a Citrakayah. He looked down at his new form, smiling, before running off.]

Agent: Goddamn it.

[Maggie ended up making outside, seeing the group fight for her battles. In stilts, Diamondhead was laying one punch at the henchman. The next stilt showed Sif shielding himself from one of the ninja’s blades, attempting to stab him. The last stilt showed the Agent fired rays from his staff, transforming people into objects. Then everything zoomed in on Maggie concerned, her eyes glew. Eventually her eyes began glowing, she floated in the air and a swirling vortex made of water started to surround her as she screamed from the top of her lungs. Everybody turned to her by surprise.]

Diamondhead: Maggie?

Silver Stream: All of you intruders… leave!

[Maggie unleashed the vortex at everybody and they all began to run for their lives. Eventually everything went dark until suddenly… Bang.]

[Later as the setting turned to nightfall, Ethan slowly started getting back up, as he was already back to normal. He coughed out dust and his body was soaking wet. He felt a chill in the air and started to shiver. He stood up and noticed the entire storage center was damaged. Puddles were everywhere, destroyed pieces of metal were scattered everywhere. Post lights looked busted, Ethan started looking around.]

Ethan: Guys? GUYS!

Agent: Over here.

[Ethan looked over and saw the Agent and Sif talking with the police, he ran over as the cops were starting to leave.]

Ethan: What happened? Is everyone okay?

Sif: No we’re fine.

Agent: But everything else got fucked up.

Ethan: I know, I can tell. But the cops and what not, what happened?

Agent: We had to clear up the mess with Argost and his army. We were too late to erase most of the security footage, now everyone knows about his strike here.

Ethan: Do they know about… [Covering his Omnitrix.]

Agent: No. We’re all safe, including Maggie. But Argost however, now people are calling him a threat and a terrorist.

Sif: And they know what he’s capable of.

Ethan: Did he just get locked away?

Agent: No, my weapon uh… it turned him into a Citrakayah and he ran off. Now we don’t know where he is. Yeah… I fucked up.

Ethan: What about Maggie?

Sif: We don’t know. We haven’t heard from her since she last used Silver Stream. We tried searching for a body but we couldn’t find anything.

Ethan: Oh no…

[Ethan ran off, and started searching throughout the entire storage center.]

Ethan: Maggie! Maggie where are you!? Maggie!

[Ethan searched everywhere and then stopped to catch his breath. Soon as he went back inside the base, he found a note on the desk. Ethan read it. Maggie narrates the final piece of dialogue in the episode as the actions continued further.]

Maggie’s Note: Dear Ethan, Agent and Sif, I’m sorry about everything. You were right, this is something I can’t just sit back and do by myself. But… I can’t say if it weren’t for you guys I would’ve been taken, since I’m the one that took to stop them. I don’t want to drag you guys into this any further. I know you made a promise Ethan, but I don’t want to see you die, nor anyone else. So I’m going back to Azteca and I’m going to save my people. Ethan, I know you have good judgement but this is the one thing I ask of you. Please don’t follow me, I don’t want to see you hurt too, I know you guys are just as powerful as I am, but I have to do this. Just me. I’m sorry. If somehow I do manage to survive this, I’ll let you know first thing that I’m okay.

[Ethan started running and continued to search for Maggie. The Agent and Sif ran toward him. Ethan showed them the note and the group continued to search as well in the night sky. Meanwhile in a far away forest, Argost had changed back into himself and took deep breaths and looked at himself. He groaned and continued further down the path. Meanwhile back at the base, Maggie watched over Ethan and the group from afar, she looked at them and wiped her tear away. Maggie then used Kotchya’s powers to fly away, flying from rooftop to rooftop.]

Maggie: With all my love, Maggie.


E-10 ED02 - Episode 15.png

Major Events

  • The Mysterious Woman seen in a few previous episodes reveals to be Madam Pyrexia.
  • V.V. Argost is sent to Dellsview to retrieve Maggie.
  • Maggie's origin is revealed to the group.
  • Maggie runs away to defeat Madam Pyrexia in order to save her village and prevent the others from being harmed.



Aliens Used

Armors Used

  • Bullet Time (debut)
  • Slasher
  • Drillbit


  • The title of this episode is a reference to the song “I May Fall” from RWBY.
  • The Agent breaks the fourth wall when he begs them not to make any Yelp jokes from the South Park episode You're Not Yelping.
  • Heatblast makes a quote to the Smashmouth song Everyday Superhero.
  • The weapon the Agent wields is the Staff of the Convertunt. This staff is a reference to the Wabbajack from The Elder Scrolls franchise. It is also a reference to the Convertunts, a species from The Alan 10 Adventures which was inspired by Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness from The Elder Scrolls franchise, and is the one who gives the player the Wabbajack in several games.
    • The Staff of Convertunt turning Argost's staff into a fishstick is a reference to one of Sheogorath's lines of dialogue: "Do you mind? I'm busy doing the fish stick! It's a very delicate state of mind!"


  • When Ethan runs after Maggie using Wildmutt, it pays a homage to her debut episode.
  • Since the event of A Storm Is Coming, Mr. 10, The Agent set up a temporary defense system around the storage center.
  • Some of the Agent's equipment featured in this episode features Vilgax's Shield of Ziegel.
  • It was a last minute decision to feature Sif's new armor Bullet Time, Slapstrike's scene and the Agent and Sif using new weapons in the battle with Argost.
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