The iTrix is an Omnitrix. It is currently just an idea and has no series, but things can change.



The iTrix has the form of a green iPhone. The user can carry it in his pocket or use its magnetic back to attach it to any metal (the iTrix comes with a belt which has a metal surface). It has a camera with a strong flash on the back which is used to scan aliens.

The Main Screen

The main screen consists of an Omnitrix symbol, a bottom menu and a rectangular button on the top of the screen. The rectangular button is the communication button which shows a phonebook of contacts, same as any iPhone. The bottom menu consists of: Scan Mode (Icon: An Alien silhouette with an "X" mark on it), App Mode (Icon: A Joystick silhouette), GPS Maps (Icon of a Map), Internet Mode (Internet Icon).

DNA Storage

The aliens are stored in a "memory card" which is placed inside the iTrix. One memory card can fit up to 50 aliens, but the user can use a different memory card with different aliens by just removing the old one and adding the new one.


  • Recharge Mode: The iTrix is recharged with electricity. It has a small key which is plugged to its right side. At home, The user can plug another key to the electricity and recharge it from anywhere he wants. The iTrix can recharge while used.
  • Scan Mode: The user can simply click the Scan icon (which is an alien with an "X" mark on it) from the bottom menu, then has to "picture" the alien with the camera on the back of the iTrix. The alien's species and planet will be revealed as the alien is quickly unlocked.
  • Transformation: The user has to click the hourglass on the main screen (which exists on most screens) then they could click any of the two sides to select and navigate through the playlist. The aliens have green icons on the hourglass symbol instead of holograms. The user can also simply say: "iTrix, (insert name of alien)" instead of the above method. Note that clicking the symbol will take the user to a different page with no bottom menu.
  • Apps: The iTrix consists of many applications. It is connected to the Internet.


No Series yet.


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