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"IT'S YOUR FAULT ALBEDO" is the sixth episode of Ben 10: Peace in dimensions.


Ben wakes up in his bedroom. Albedo is also there. He is on the floor, and Ben is in his bed. Ben, before Albedo awaking, transforms into Grey Matter to escape. But Albedo as Fourarms wake up and punch Ben away.

Ben realeses that it's Albedo's fault that Ben is trapped between dimensions. Ben goes mad as Cannonbolt and rolls over him over and over again. Negative NRG melt Cannonbolt, but Ben survives as Goop and melt NRG's feets.

Mealwhile, Julie wathing Ben and Albedo fighting and she wanna help. She transform into Ship's battlearmor and fights Albedo. Negative NRG kills her, and Ben's goes totally mad.

As Humungousaur, Ben rip apart every piece of Albedo and mostly kills him. He then uses Terraspin to spin away his dust, but Albedo barely escapes as Cham-Alien. He said that Ben don't know anything. He transforms into Blox. Ben gets shocked, because he haven't seen him before. Then Albedo introduces Feedback and Gravattack. Ben uses NRG and melt Albedo.

Ben is sad about Julie's death, but she is revived by Dagon. Dagon tells Ben that he most watch out for The Creature From Beyond. Julie gives Ben a good hug, and runs home. But Albedo is revived by his mentally function. He then transforms into a negative vertion of Grandpa Max. Ben could not fight him, and Albedo uses the Dream Eater on Ben.


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Julie Yamamoto
  • Dagon


  • Albedo

Aliens used[]

By Ben:

  • Grey Matter
  • Cannonbolt
  • Goop
  • Humungousaur
  • Terraspin
  • NRG

By Albedo:

  • Fourarms
  • NRG
  • Cham-Alien
  • Blox
  • Feedback
  • Gravattack
  • Grandpa Max (copy)


  • Somehow, Albedo have acces to Grandpa Max, but with red eyes.
  • First appearence of Terraspin, Cham-Alien, Blox, Feedback and Gravattack in Peace in dimensions.