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ID Mask
ID Mask.png
Creator Unknown
User(s) Various
Type Hologram Generator
First Appearance Ben 10: Reboot Revolution
Chapter 4

ID Masks are a form of alien technology used to form disguises for the wearer, employed in Earth-1010.


They are blank grey metal masks vaguely resembling an indistinct human face. They can be made to fit any race, but this shape is most common.


ID Masks are simple, fragile, holograph-generating computers. They can be programmed with a specific form in mind and will disguise either the wearer or itself as that form.


It is limited to the proportions of the intended form, and cannot create holograms wildly out of proportion with its target. For example, it would not create a convincing hologram if a human tried to disguise as a Vaxasaurian with one.

ID Masks are fairly fragile, able to be crushed underfoot easily.


series User Impersonation
Ben 10: Reboot Revolution Time Breaker Ben Ben Prime
Ben 10: Road Trip Timekiller Tempoch (with red metal)


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