ID Helm
Users: Zonarians


Tech Level: 5
Type: Tool
Creator: Unknown
Additional Information: Camouflages the User into any type of person/alien
The ID Helm is a device used in Brandon 10.


The ID Helm first resembled a bracelet which can be wore around the wrists of the user.

When Coco modified it, the ID Helm resembled a sort of circular head wear similar to a headband but more attractive.




The ID Helm can be activated by simply placing it upon the user's head. It will then make the appearance of the ID Helm change through the eyes/sensors of other people/Technology. It can be programmed to change appearances.


Alien Force

Video Games

Online Games


  •  The ID Helm can only change the user's appearance, It doesn't give them the abilities of the selected appearance.
  • The ID Helm was originally called the ID Bracelet but it seems like a terrible name for a device.
  • The ID Helm was originally supposed to be created by the Zonarians but the idea continuously changes.
  • The ID Helm can be damaged and it takes a while to repair it.
  • Although it may change the user's appearance, it does not change their voice, personality or anything else.
  • It basically creates an illusion around the user.


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