General Information
Species Thesisian
Home World Encephalonus X
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Fire Purple orbs and manipulate energy, will things to live

Hypothesis is an Thesisian from Planet Encephalonus X. He is a predicted alien that will appear in the Ultimate Omnitrix Franschise.


  • Fire Purple energy rays
  • Create whips of energy
  • Levitation
  • Will anything to life (if he had will)
  • Control Nothingness
  • Become part with nothingness
  • Make the opponent non-existent (TOO POWERFUL)

Ability in Shade 10: Evolutions

  • All of his powers are still existent
  • He can bring thoughts and thinkings to life
  • He has the power to hypnotize people

The Picture

Actually, this was created by the user/artist - Binkatong.


  • He always thinks before doing anything.
  • He isn't fast enough
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