Brandon 10 - Hypnotized
Hypnotized is the 28th episode of the show, Brandon 10


When entering a mall, Brandon incounters a robbery and transfroms into Big Boo in order catch up to them. Surpizly that robbers are ninja toddlers and defeat Big Boo as they escape. The Mall cops appear thinks the robbers hired Big Boo in order to defeat the cops but Big Boo manges to escape causing the Mall cops to give Brandon a mall expansion.

Following his interest in Science, Brandon enters a science show but it turns out to be lame. He was selected a a ramdom citizen for the show but his attempts to attempt teleporting or timetravel had failed so he begins hypnotizom. Brandon gets hypnotized and attempts to transform into Ro-Warasaur but transforms into Greymatter and is covered by Coco who arrived just on time. The next day, they discover a robbery on a roller coaster motor and a sample of freezefire ice crystal. At night, Coco incounters Brandon transforming into Ro-Warasaur and stealing the Mall Clock as Mall Cops failed to stop him. After the cops gone away, Ro-Warasaur goes to the hypnotisit with the clock and gives it to him and goes back to the hotel. Coco then informs Brandon that he is stealing stuff when he is asleep but has a hard time keeping him awake when he transforms into Greymatter to sleep in a crack. Eventually Brandon sleeps and wakes as Diamondhead and head to a cable factory to chop the wires with his diamondshard arms. The Swat team then attacks but evaquants the factory because of Diamondhead shooting some propane tanks and blowing up the factory. Coco then questions the hypnotisit but incounters a giant time watch that alters people's subconsinuses and makes them his slaves. Brandon soon enters the mall to find citizens stealing from stores and driving prize card and puts and end to this madness as Wildvine. The Hynotist then is arested and Brandon fails to try and hypnotize his friend as their hotel expansion has expired.


  • Brandon 10
  • Coco
  • Citizens
  • Mall Cops/Copter Squad/Swat Team
  • Mall Manger

Aliens Used

  • Big Boo
  • Greymatter(Hypnotized)(x2)
  • Freezefire(Hypnotized)
  • Ro-Warasaur(Hypnotized)
  • Diamondhead(Hypnotized)
  • Wildvine


  • Hypnotist


  • This resembles Midnight Madness
  • This is the 3rd time, Freezefire and Ro-Warasaur appear in the same episode; 1st is A Hero is Born and 2nd is Robotic Past
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