Hypnotick is the Nemetrix's DNA sample of a Psycholeopterran from the planet Kylmyys.

Hypnotick's species, the Psycholeopterran, is the predatory species of Necrofriggians.


Hypnotick is a large insectoid creature resembling a bee or moth. It is blueish-grey in color, has sharp fangs, two legs, two sharp teeth, a stinger on her tail, two antennae on her head, and two wings.

Hypnotick wears a black collar with the Nemetrix on it.

Powers and Abilities

Hypnotick can fly as fast as Big Chill, if not a little bit faster.

Hypnotick has a long tongue that helps her grab the prey.

When spraying a red mist and rapidly flapping its wings, Hypnotick creates a red colored pattern of concentric and overlapping circles. These circles can hypnotize anyone who looks at them.

Hypnotick can become intangible and survive in extremely cold areas, similar to Big Chill, and has gained an immunity to cold-based powers.


Like the smuggled Psycholeopterran that is his DNA donor, Hypnotick can be contained in a super tangible container.



  1. Double Trouble


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