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General Information


Home Planet:



You tell me

Other Info

Hypnotic Eyes
Alluring Eyes
Glowing Eyes
Sharp Claws
Sharp Teeth
Hooved Feet
Spinning Claws
Compression Claws
Enhanced Strength


Low Speed
Easily Toppled Over

First Appearance:


Hypnoteyes is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Equidiem from the planet Att'Rahunt in Ben 10: Time's End.


Hypnoteyes is an odd creature. He has a round body that sits atop two long legs, one of which is positioned at the front just below his head, and the other positioned at the back, each ending with a hooved-foot. His head is rectangular, and he has four spherical eyes and sharp teeth. He has three arms, two coming out from the sides of his body, and one coming out from his spine and looming over his head. Each arm ends in a claw with three phalanges. He wears black cloth on his arms and legs, which ends in white cuffs. His body is magenta, with his claws being purple and hooves being grey. His body is scalely and he has stripes on his back and shoulders.

He wears the Omnitrix on the cloth of his front leg.


  • Hypnoteyes' eyes are his main power. They are able to glow, letting him see in dark areas. This glow also has a hypnotic and alluring effect, bringing people closer to him when he wishes.
  • Hypnoteyes' claws are sharp, and are able to rotate. He is also able to quickly close thim with a high amount of pressure.
  • Hypnoteyes has sharp teeth.
  • Hypnoteyes' hooves are durable and can deliver a strong kick.
  • Hypnoteyes has enhanced strength.


  • Hypnoteyes is not very fast.
  • Hypnoteyes' body can be easily thrown off balance, causing him to fall over.






  • Hypnoteyes' name is a play on "hypnotize" and "eyes."
  • Hypnoteyes' species name is a play on the Latin words "equidem," meaning lure, and "meridiem," meaning glow.
  • Hypnoteyes' planet name comes from the Latin word "attrahunt," meaning attract.


  • Hypnoteyes' design was made with the Spore Creature Creator, and his powers were based off an idea by Aaron suggested for him on the discord.
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