General Information
Species Shyu-Jaimin
Home World Tokata
Body Large squid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Limb extension

Enhanced waterbreathing

Targeted hypnosis

Hypnosquid is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Shyu-Jaimin from the planet Tokata.


Hypnosquid takes the form of a giant squid-like alien, with skin that's navy in color, with the occasional spot that's a lighter blue. It has no clothing besides a bandolier, which houses the Omnitrix symbol on its center.

Powers and Abilties

Hypnosquid, being a squid-like lifeform, can swim incredibly well, and its body can survive being in some of the deepest waters - though even with two sets of eyes, it won't be able to see much. It can also emit a sonic pulse, either as an area-of-effect or as a targeted blast, which temporarily puts creatures in a hypnotized state, from which it can influence them with its suggestions.


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