General Information
Species Hupnotoid
Home World Somnus
Body Shellfish-like Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hypnosis, Throwing Fire Bolts, Control fire, Tap into other people's dream or memories, Agility and Stealth
Hypnoblaze is a Hupnotoid from planet Somnus. This is one of Ben's new unlocked alien.

Ascess Code

  • Transformation: 8211614 Ascess to the Alien
  • Transformation: Ultratrix H-U-P-N-O-S Transfomation

Unlocked in

Alien Abilities

  • Hypnosis
  • Firing fire bolts
  • Control Fire
  • Tap into people's memory
  • Agility and Stealth

Hypnoblaze's lego form


  • If he does the tapping of memories too many times, he will get trapped in the memory thus destroying both the person and Hypnoblaze
  • If he uses Fire too much, he will lose his powers


  • He resembles the Perplexahedron Guards from Perplexahedron (episodes)
  • The Lego version is made by Omernoy121.

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