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Hypno-Tick is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Merturian from the planet Orthos Comas.


Hypno-Tick has the appearance of an earthly tick, with a small rounded, brown body, six legs on the sides of his abdomen and his head has only two features, his mandibles and his one green eye, which has a spiraled iris. Hypno-Tick wears a green and white vest, and the Omnitrix symbol is located on top of it. He is around the size of a human adult hand.

Powers and Abilities

As his name implies, Hypno-Tick has hypnotic abilities. With his eye, he can induce anyone to sleep, making them let him come up their body and then control them as a puppet. The connection is severed if he is removed, making the creature he was controlling wake from this stasis. Without crawling on someone, he can also read the information on one's mind and transfer it directly to the mind of his allies at will.


Despite being able to transfer information from one person to another, Hypno-Tick however lacks the ability to speak, just like a Vulpimancer, and cannot be understood even with the help of a Universal Translator. He is also useless against beings whose minds cannot be comprehended, just like the Contumellia.




  • Hypno-Tick was one of the ten aliens unlocked after the War of the Worlds, but was once more locked after the Omnitrix was hacked.
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