Hydro-Tide OmniHero.png
General Information
Species Tsunitians
Home World Tsunai
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hydrokinesis, moderate strength, agility
First Appearance Breaking Bounds

Hydro-Tide is one of Joe's alien DNA samples that he can transform into when using the KeyTrix in The Hero Generation.


In The Hero Generation, Hydro-Tide has a single stripe running down his chest to his stomach. He also now wears a pair of black shorts. Also, his hands and arms are noticably larger than they used to be and are now connected to his body. Hydro-Tide has the KeyTrix symbol on his chest in The Hero Generation. In the new version, the symbol is shown to be in a hexagonal shape.


Hydro-Tide's main power is hydrokinesis- whether it be shooting it from his palms, or controlling it with telekenises. The tubes connecting his arms and torso together group water that is collected from the moisture in the air, then sending it through an internal tube within his arm, allowing him to spray streams of water from the palms of his hands. Hydro-Tide can as well breathe underwater, as gills will form on the side of his neck when exposed to the depths of water.


Unlike Ripjaws, Hydro-Tide can breathe out of water and still survive. However, if there is no moisture in the air, Hydro-Tide cannot conduct water from the palms of his hands, since he must absorb the moisture in the air to create water. Hydro-Tide is also not good around fire, since there is no moisture in the air when there's a fire.

Appearances in The Hero Generation


  • Hydro-Tide is the winner of Forum:Featured Alien for the month of March.
  • The idea for Hydro-Tide came from Sun Scream, the original design for BioHazard.
  • Hydro-Tide is a fast swimmer, and can breathe underwater.
  • Hydro-Tide is the only water-based alien Joe currently has in his KeyTrix's active playlist.
  • As shown in recent Character Design Sheets for "Sludge'd," Hydro-Tide has a nose, but it is almost never visible.
  • Hydro-Tide is the most recognized alien in The Hero Generation, along with HayWire.


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