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Hydrokinetic alien of Imad 10

Hydro-Shell is the prime Hydrokinetic alien of Imad 10. He\s the DNA sample of an Aquamurex (Aqua and Murex) from the planet Hydroreef (hydro and coral reef).

Ability-wise, Hydro-Shell is a carbon copy of Water Hazard; they both possess Hydrokinesis, can fire high pressure water blasts, have an extremely resistant shell exoskeleton, can absorb humidity from air...

Aquamurex are known to be calm, quiet and reserved; they're very resourceful thinkers, able to figure out solutions for any jam they encounter even when under (metaphorical and physical) pressure.

Ultimate Form[]

Ultimate Hydro-Shell is its evolved form.

Appearance wise, the alien\s shell armor changes from a bluish grey to a bright green, becoming edgier and gaining more spikes. The organic helmet and arm pads become quite sharper, shifting the overlook look from defensive to offensive. The alien's main and squishier black body can be seen through the armor.


Powers: Ultimate Hydro-Shell is very dangerous in close range combat even without Hydrokinesis; this evolved form gains considerable strength compared to its base one, as well as sharp shells to use to slice any enemy to pieces. UH also has his Hydrokinesis powers amplified, becoming able to fire jets of water at much higher pressure, even becoming able to create solid objects out of water, including but not limited to weapons. Finally, the organic shell armor becomes much tougher and nigh-impossible to damage, let alone destroy.