General Information
Species Placosapien
Home World Chrondros
DNA source Poseidon
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hydrokinesis
Super Human Strength
Breathing Underwater
Equipment Suit of Armor
First Appearance The Awakening

Hydro-Man is an alien transformation in the series, Brandon 10.


Hydro-Man has a humanoid appearance and resembles a brown old diver's suit. He has no visable eyes as his helmet overs his head. The helmet has a circular grill in its center at the front to provide sight. He has a bulky build and barnicle-like substances upon his shoulders. His hands seem to have black gloves as his feet are like armored boots. The Ultimatrix symbol is on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

He has the ability to produce water from his hands with adjustable pressures from small water blasts to floods. He can also control water like stop it in mid-air or use it as water platforms. He can also breath and walk underwater and has Super Human strength as well as durability.


Hydro-Man can be quite slow in his suit of armor which makes him incapable of running quickly or jumping higher. He can also be pulled downwards by gravity more than lighter objects/people. As seen in James Saves the Day, Hydro-Man can be electrocuted which would weaken him severely.


In The Awakening, Hydro-Man battles against The Great One however he fails.

In Fame's Game, Hydro-Man defends guests from an attacking helicopter.

In Welcome to Atlantis, Hydro-Man battles Khan but is defeated.

In James Saves the Day, Hydro-Man was mind controlled into attacking James.

In Return of the Lycosidians, Hydro-Man uses water to chase away the Lycosidian swarm.

In Planet X, Hydro-Man helped put out a big fire.

In Greetings from Area 51, Hydro-Man used his water attack to short-circuit Ana's armor.


Ultimate Hero

Video Games

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  • Hydro-Man is the first new alien to appear on Ultimate Hero.
  • Hydro-Man, along with the rest of the new UH starter aliens, was created during the creation of The Original Series.
    • In fact, he was meant to be in The Original Series but was saved for a later series that was planned which eventually became Ultimate Hero.
  • Hydro-Man was going to appear in A Hero is Known, the pilot episode of Ultimate Hero, but it felt out of place to have him fight Poseidon, the source of his DNA sample.
  • Hydro-Man is not a reference to the Marvel character, Hydro-Man. They just share the same name.
  • Hydro-Man's name is a reference to Hydrogen which is what makes up two thirds of a water molecule.


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