Dark Imad

Dark Imad (aka Dami) is the being who has invented the original Hybrids Form, both his most powerful creation and his greatest mistake

The Hybrids Form Is undoubtedly the most Powerful DNA form used by any of the alternate Imads. Here is it's story:

When alternate Imad was given the task to eliminate Necros using the mind connecting gloves, he feared he wasn't strong enough on the inside for this task, so he thought of a backup plan. He took one of his own DNA strands, a DNA strand from a Psychysapien he kept in his laboratory ( He used to keep DNA samples of every specimen he encounters), hacked successfully the Psychytrix , evolved both strands into their Ultimate Forms and fused them in one single DNA Strand he dubbed the :"Hybrids Form", "Ultimate DNA Strand"... This Special DNA would tap into the Ultimate Human's incredible adptability to make the user being able to directly use Ultimate Masquerade's Reality Warping without risk of erasure. Also, it would enable him to increase his gradually, including reality bending, when facing an opponent with similar equal or superior strength, making the user unstoppable should he resist long enough against an opponent to grow gradually strong enough to beat him.

However, such power comes at a great price: The tremendous power of the Hybrids Form Gravely corrupts the mind and increases all existing darkness and evil, greatly amplifying it if there is already some, and creating it if there was almost none. That is why Dark Imad became insanely evil. However, a being with much superior reality warping power, or two or more beings uniting their to form such an entity, should they act quick, could deliver the decesive blow to the user of the Hybrids Form.

Even though Ultimate Masquerade is safer to use with the Psychytrix than this form, he still comes second to the Hybrids Form in terms of instant Power and Potential. However, another special yet irregular form has been used and has proven to be safer and even more powerful than the Hybrids Form: It is Imad's Special Ultimate Human Form, a form THAT IS INFUSED with Ultimate Masquerade's (his regular human form became infused with such power too) thanks to Omnipotent Pearl (Pearl's future self): It Allows Imad to directly use reality warping without the risk of being erased or even losing his mind to the darkness, and it allows a more efficient adaptability that increases his not only when facing a powerful opponent, but whenever Imad remains in his special Ultimate Human Form, and the increase is much more efficient.

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