Hunter Morningstar is a Mutant Human from the planet Earth in Ten: The New Generation who is a part of the Plumbers Tenn. 


Many describe Hunter as being naturally and tremendously handsome and good looking. He has fairly long, flowing bllond hair with gleaming blue eyes. He also has a very youthful appearance. He usually wears a long red formal shirt with a scarf and dark blue pants with frmal shoes. He is of average height and is muscular and well built.


Hunter is the most popular guy in school and doesn't really seem to care. He excels in academics but mostly sports, namely lacrosse. He is very formal and fancy and is sporty. He is nice and friendly to others and always seems to dazzle a girl without knowing it. He is also very charismatic and sociable but isn't a loudmouth.

Powers and Abilities

 Hunter Morningstar like his ancestor, Michael, has the ability to absorb energy from any life force. However Hunter has chosen to do it in a way where it won't hurt the being that he wants for it to stay safe. His powers are extended to absorb light energy and manipulate light in various blasts and lasers. He can also drain energy from humans but have hones his skills to make it not harm the person.


He can sometimes be easily overcome in physical combat as he relies on his powers. He can also be countered by a stronger energy manipulator or by a dark manipulator.


 He grew up in a rich, wealthy family similar to Rachel Daniels his teammate.His powers developed in his teenage years and eventually he had much control over them. He sometimes used them at school while no one would look. He grew up as the popular boy in town and at school.


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