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General Information
Species Praedartic
Home World Lumimyrsky
Body Werewolf
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Superior hunter


First Appearance Hunting Season Part I

Hunter is a Praedartic from Lumimyrsky in Ben 10: Alien Alliance. He was unlocked by Ranserker, a Praedartic Bounty Hunter, in order to grab him. He was later used in Jurassic Planet .

Physical Appearance[]

Hunter is like a werewolf, Benwolf-seize, with a dark blue fur. His upper cheek, his region under his eyes, his inner ears and his handpalms are light blue. His chest and upper legs are white, just like his beard. He has metallic bracelet on his wrists and his ankles. He has four fingers on each hand and four toes each foot. He has also a fake hand on his ponytail. He has a long dark blue tail. He has a set of large teeth and green eyes.

Powers and abilities[]

He is one of the best hunters in the galaxy. He is very strong and agile. He's also one of the greatest mantracker in the universe. He can track someone with a nearly invisible footprints. He have a well developed smelling and hearing sense. He can use his claws to climb a vertical wall and is good in creating traps. He can survive in many climates and can swim for 2 hours with breathing.He can freeze anything.He also can grow his claws and can make ice armor.


His hearing and smelling sense can be disturbed by a hard noises or incredible stench. He tries to bite something that is too hard, his teeth can shatter. He can't survive the vacüum of space and if he swims longer than two hours with breathing, he never will breath any more.


Ben 10: Alien Alliance[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]


  • Credits Picture goes to Darksilvania from DeviantArt.
  • The credits to the Omniverse design goes to MTC-Studios from DeviantArt.
    • This design will not be used in Ben 10: Alien Alliance and is just a theorical design, feel free to use it. 


Hunter Omniverse

How it would look in Omniverse

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