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Scene: Dr. Animo's hideout in the Null Void

Albedo: Hello Animo.

Dr. Animo: Greetings.


Secret Hide Out

Albedo: Is your genetic enhancer ready?

Dr. Animo: It is will be complete soon.

Albedo: How long?

Dr. Animo: A few days.

Albedo: Come on!

Dr. Animo: Patience. You must have patience.


Scene: Forest in Ledgerdomain

Stryker: How did you sneak out?

Miracle: I told my parents that I was going to the mall.

Stryker: Good cover.

Miracle: You know that you are a wanted man.

Stryker: Really?

Miracle: Ben and Rook are looking for you as we speak.

Stryker: Good.

Miracle: Good?

Stryker: It will be easier for me to kill your Uncle.

Miracle: Stop! I love you but I also love my Uncle Ben!

Stryker: Sorry.

Miracle: Its okay.

Fleen Cake

Stryker: I brought some of my mom's cookies.

Miracle: Oh yeah?! I brought some Fleen Cake!

Stryker: How did you get it?!

Miracle: My Dads secret stash.

Stryker: Stash?

Miracle: He hides them from Mom because she thinks that they make him fat.

Stryker: Oh.

Miracle: I sense something.

Stryker: Sense what?

Miracle: That we are being watched.

(They both hear a roar)

Stryker: Did you hear that?

Miracle: Yeah.

Stryker: All of the beast of Ledgerdomain are under my control so we don't have anything to worry about.

Miracle: Look!

(They both see a huge beast)


Stryker: That is not from Ledgerdomain.

Pet: ROAR! (He transforms into a giant beetle looking creature and charges)

Miracle: (She creates a shield of manna around them) What is that thing?!

Stryker: I don't know but he is about to meet his match! (He slams the Omnitrix)

Benmummy: Get out of here or I'm gonna kick your ankh!

Miracle: Huh?

Benmummy: You know. An ankh is an Egyptian Hieroglyphic.

Miracle: That was a bad pun but can we get back on track!

Benmummy: Right! (He wraps bandages around the horn of the beast)


Pet: (He jerks around trying to get Benmummy off his horn)

Miracle: (She absorbs the wood of a tree and grabs the right leg of the beast) We got him!

Pet: (He kicks Miracle off of him and rams into a tree to knock Benmummy off of him)

Benmummy: Are you okay?

Miracle: Yeah but he's not! Turbo! (She uses the spell and the beast is knocked into a lake)

Benmummy: I think we got him!

Pet: (Transforms into a smaller more agile beast and gets out of the water)

Miracle: Whoa

Pet: (He pounces at Miracle)

Benmummy: No! (He streches and grabs the beast before he can hit her)

Pet: (Rips Benmummys bandages off with his teeth and then slashes him in the face)

Benmummy: Ouch!

Miracle: I got him! (She creates a wall of manna around the beast)

Pet: (He slams through the shield and retreats into the woods)


Benmummy: (Transforms back into Stryker) What was that?!

Miracle: I feel like Ive seen that thing before but I am not sure where.

Stryker: Yeah. Well I feel like he was testing us.

Miracle: Why?

Stryker: Trust me I know.


Pet: (Transforms back to his natural state)

Khyber: Good boy. (He scratches his pets head) They are perfect for my next hunt. Rest easy my pet. Because there will soon be a blood bath!

To be continued.......


  • Stryker Morningstar
  • Miracle Tennyson Levin
  • Khyber
  • Khyber's Pet
  • Doctor Aloysius James Animo
  • Albedo

Aliens Used[]

  • Benmummy