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General Information
Species Vaxasaurian
Home World Terradino
Body Humanoid Dinosaur
Ultimate Form Ultimate Humungousaur
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Jumping
Stegosauride Features
Size Alteration
Strength Enhancement (when growing)
Powerful Roar
Powerful Tail
Strong Teeth
Sonic Clap
Shock Waves
Earthquake Generation
Wind Resistance
Heat Resistance
Limited Space Survivability
Slime Spit (via Cold Virus)
Voice Actor David Kaye

Humungousaur is the Infinimatrix's DNA sample of a Vaxasaurian from the planet Terradino in Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse. He is the Timeline 1 equivalent of the canon Humungousaur.


Humungousaur has his Heroes United appearance, but with a smaller torso and longer legs, making him less disproportionate. He now has black pupils, and he wears black pants with a green outline. He has black spikes running down his spine.

Transformation Sequence

Ben slams down the Infinimatrix's dial and is engulfed in a green light.

As the transformation track begins playing, Ben hovers in a dark green background with light green bubbles pulsating rapidly behind him.

Powers and Abilities

Humungousaur possesses incredible strength, being able to lift and throw objects (heavy or light) up to a high altitude, even into near-earth orbit. Technically speaking, he is physically stronger than Methanosians and Crystalsapiens, but weaker than Tetramands, some Highbreed, and Evolved Vaxasaurians, the latter of whom is able to lift a To'kustar in record timing.

Humungousaur possesses a thick, armored hide, which has proven to be durable enough to withstand blaster fire and heavy impacts. His skin is also resistant to heat.

Humungousaur has the power to increase or decrease his own body size and mass. He can grow bigger up to nearly 60 feet at will, increasing his natural strength as he grows. He can also shrink down to about 10 feet.

When Humungousaur grows, his dinosaur features become more pronounced, growing Stegosauride features such as plates on his back, a crest on his forehead, and spikes on his tail. The plates on his shoulders and arms also separate and grow, giving him a more ferocious look. These features give him an extra edge in battle both defensively and offensively. Humungousaur can also generate his Stegosauride features without changing size.

Humungousaur is durable enough to survive in the vacuum of space for a few minutes and pass through dangerous force fields.

Humungousaur is capable of jumping extremely high despite his size and weight. His tail is also powerful enough to easily knock away Malware's third form.

Humungousaur can run on all fours in a similar fashion to a bull or a rhinoceros.

Humungousaur is quite agile for his size.

Humungousaur has powerful jaws that are strong enough to cause pain to a Highbreed.

Humungousaur's immense size and weight make him very useful for moving against strong suction forces and powerful winds.

Humungousaur has a powerful roar, which he once used to scare away a large group of reporters.

Similar to Four Arms, Humungousaur is strong enough to create shock waves by clapping his hands together.

Also like Four Arms, when infected with a cold, Humungousaur gains the ability to spit slime.


Humungousaur is very slow and combined with his naturally large physique, it makes him a very easy target for enemy attacks. Even his base size makes it impossible for him to fit into small spaces.

Humungousaur can be discomforted by an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts.

Humungousaur is weak against electricity, such as that generated by an Amperi.

Being a Vaxasaurian, Humungousaur is vulnerable to being trapped by a Kaosseffexx Ultimasauria.

Humungousaur is more of a land-based alien, meaning he cannot breathe underwater. Furthermore, due to his immense size and weight he can sink in water.

Humungousaur can be harmed by a Methanosian's fire attacks. Similarly, he can be harmed by a Pyronite's fire attacks even while he has his Stegosauride armor.

Like Four Arms, if Humungousaur is under the effects of a cold virus, his strength and stamina will be severely reduced.


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  • Credit to Echoson for the infobox images and the image in the gallery.
  • Humungousaur was Ben's favorite alien when he was 15.


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