General Information
Species Vaxavaxasauriansaurian
Home World Terraterradinodino
Body Dinodinosaursaur-likelike
Alternate Counterparts Ultimate Ultimate Humungouhumungousaursaur (ultimate form)

Humungousaur (normal form)

Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Voice Actor Dee Dee Bradley Bradley Baker Baker
Users Benben Tennytennysonson (BTSF)
Series Ben 10: Stupidity Force
Ben 10: Stupidity Force: End Of Omnivangelion: Future
First Appearance Ultimatrix Hax

Humungouhumungousaursaur is a Vaxavaxasauriansaurian from the planet Terraterradinodino and a glitch alien in  Ben 10: Stupidity Force and Ben 10: Stupidity Force: End Of Omnivangelion: Future.


Humungouhumungousaursaur was unlocked by Azmuth when Ben created two Ultimatrixes in Ultimatrix Hax. While having two Ultimatrixes, Ben turned into Humungousaur, then turned again into Humungousaur, thus creating Humungouhumungousaursaur.

Humungouhumungousaursaur was later on used accidentally by Ben Prime, when he glitched the Omnitrix Kids with the Humungousaur Omniibo.


Humungouhumungousaursaur looks exactly like Humungousaur, but with two Omnitrix symbols on his chest.


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Changing Size

He's exactly like Humungousaur but he has two Omnitrix symbols.


He can't fight in small places.


Ben 10: Stupidity Force

Ben 10: Stupidity Force: End Of Omnivangelion: Future

  • Money Machine (debut, used by Ben Prime, used by glitching an Omnitrix Kids)
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