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Megasaurus: "What Da Heck?" (Anti AL slowly morphs into a humanoid dinosaur) Anti Alex (Looking at himself) Megasaurus: "What are you?! You look like Megasaurus except more like a predators like. Like-" Anti AL: "A TYRANNOSAUR!! T.Rex Roar=RRRRRRAAAAAAA!!!" Megasaurus:"Guessing T.rex isn't good enough for a name like that huh?"

Humungoraptor (Also called Tyrannosaur or Megaraptor) is an alien hybrid of a Vaxasaurian and an unknown species. Use only on the Antitrix.


Shares the same appearance as in the Ben 10 Reboot series.

A hind-legged theropod humanoid dinosaur with long arms covered in golden armor platting.


It shares the same personality with its users Kevin and Anti Alex.




Shockwaves: Blade like energy waves.

Energy Beam Breath:

Armor: There is plating on its arms.

Strength: Stronger and more powerful than Humungosaur.

Speed: Faster than Humungosaur.


Kevin made alterations to the Antitrix, making every alien too powerful and inexperienced with the any of the forms. (Except for one psychotic maniac who says otherwise)

Shares the same weakness with any Vaxasaurian; large size making him a perfect target and he can't even fit in small spaces.


Season 4

AL 12 VS ANTI AL (or CLASH OF JUGGERNAUTS) (First Appearance)


Humungoraptor is an amalgam of Humungo and Raptor. Humungo means Humongous, which is an alternative word for huge and enormous. Raptor is a name describing large predatory birds and/or ancient dinosaurs that are part of the Dromaeosaurids species.


Tyrannosaur, meaning Tyrant Lizard, is a famous well-known dinosaur predator and scavenger.


  • It's based on the real Humungoraptor.
  • SPOILER ALERT: You all been wonder how Future Kevin Levin got his Antitrix back; like did he build another Antitrix. This is part of my take of how Kevin got his Antitrix back.
  • Since Humungoraptor is a rival name of Humungosaur. I remember naming my Vaxasaurian Megasaurus and Megaraptor (already a used Nickname for Rush) makes a perfect rival name for Megasaurus.

From AL 12 Reboot