General Information
Species Hunan
Home World Earth
Powers and Abilities
First Appearance The Human Freak

Human is a alien that appear in Ben 10: Opposite and he is a human version of Ghostfreak

Humanfreak is Mike's 2nd worst alien because Humanfreak is so weak and he look soo creepy    


HumanFreak can dress himself to not being naked and his current outfit are:

  • He have a yellow shirt, Blue pant and yellow shoes along with Red stock
  • He wear a fake mouth and a fake 2nd eye 
  • He wear a black hat 

Powers and Abilities

  • He have average human strength and smartness
  • He can fell other emotions and feeling
  • He can regenerate quicky than a normal human but only limited
  • He can speak in other languages and understand them


  • All of the weakness that a human can have 
  • He forgot some memory of his past life (Mike) after 30 mins
  • He can't turn back until he press his Opposmnitrix


  • He can make outfits and put it fast  
  • Mike got his DNA when he acciently bump into a Creep guy  
  • He only useful when Mike want something without his parents's permission
  • His Shirt hide his Opposmnitrix 

His outfi

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