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General Information
Species Oscarmeyeran
Home World Grillus
Body Sausage
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Power Jamming

Hot Dog Creation

Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal

Hotdawg is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Oscarmeyeran from the planet Grillus in Pokémon Sky.


He is a humanoid hot dog with four-fingered hands and boot-like feet. A hot dog bun encases his body.

Powers and Abilities

Hotdawg has a mysterious energy that when used, will mess up the powers of those he touches, much like a speech jammer. He can also imbue this energy into inanimate objects, so that the powers of anyone who touches the thing next gets jammed. He has reactivate the charge once used, though.

He can produce sausages of various sizes, from a tiny appetizer, to a large bratwurst. Normally, using them to attack is as useless as you’d think hitting someone with a sausage could be. However, they are great conduits for his power jamming, and can be used to increase its range.

He is naturally immune to having his powers affected by outside sources.

He is quite nimble.


Hotdawg can not stand still, and will constantly bop and shimmy around when not doing anything.

When he primes his power jamming, he will lose his charge if it hits someone he doesn’t intend. This doesn’t affect inanimate objects charged with his power, so he can just pick it back up.

His foes’ powers aren’t always going to glitch out in his favor.

If he’s fighting an non-living thing, like a robot, he can not jam its powers. If he tries, he’ll just charge it with his power.


  • TBA


Hotdawg is a misspelling of hot dog.


  • The name was made by Ethan.
  • The art was made by Dreamer.
  • The species and planet names come from when Duncan Rouleau was asked about them on Twitter.
  • Other ideas I had for Hotdawg’s powers is firing ketchup and mustard from his right and left hands respectively, and having a “Kielbasa Krusher” super attack.
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