Brandon 10 Shorts
Season 1, Episode 4
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Hot or Cold is the 4th short of Brandon 10.


It is a normal sunny day in town. Everyone is doing what they usally do. Brandon and Coco are playing soccer in the park. Suddenly Coco sees a cloud of smoke appear from the forest. Brandon doesn't notice this and gets the ball in the goal due to Coco's distraction. Coco quickly informs Brandon that a fire has started in the nearby forest. Brandon and Coco head to the forest where fire marshalls and police officers stand by. Brandon goes into a hiding spot and suggests that it is a good time to use Freezefire. He transforms into Freezefire and makes his way into the forest. He spots the fire and puts it out using his ice powers. As soon as Brandon thinks that everything is fine, the tree collapses and falls on a passing car. The driver attempts to get out but the ice covering the tree froze the door shut. Freezefire shoots the tree with his fire powers and the ice melts. However the car is now on fire. Freezefire quickly jumps into the scene and throws the door off of the door. He takes the driver out using his cold hand and gets into the drivers seat. He has no idea how to drive a car but attempts to anyways. He drives the car into the lake where the fire can be put out. As everyone swarms around the area in which the car was sunken, Brandon now in human form makes his way out of the lake from the other side to avoid attention. When Coco asks Brandon what had happened, Brandon replies that fire and ice do not mix.


Aliens Used


  • None


  • This is the first time that Freezefire's powers work against each other.
  • Brandon's game of soccer as a 10 year old now may reflect on how he plays Soccer in Alien Force.
  • This short was going to be about "heating food and a house fire occurs" but this was made instead.
  • This is the second short that didn't involve any villains.
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