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Horloge Gant Moyen is a Chronosapien-Evolved Tokustar fusion from no planet in Ben 10: De-Evolution.


Horloge Gant Moyen is a blue robotic humanoid. He wields a bo staff in one hand and wears a gauntlet on the other. On his chest is a green pattern.

Horloge talks very little, and likes to destroy a lot of things.


Horloge was originally a RandomABC. But he was tired of having many forms. So he went to an Orishan that gave him many other forms. He liked the Chronosapien form the most. But since he had been an Evolved Tokustar twice, he slowly morphed into a fusion.

He heard a rumor about wielding a bo staff would get rid of the morphing, but it was untrue. He kept the bo staff and practiced with it, but one day accidentally hit his hand and broke it. Horloge thought that the morphing would be really cool, and when it was complete, Horloge's uncle gave Horloge a gauntlet in place of his broken hand. He was neither good nor bad, and he decided to be bad since he thought it was easier. The gauntlet had several switches and buttons, and after 3 years, he learned how to operate it by thought.

One day, when Ben Tennyson stopped Horloge Gant Moyen from robbing a bank, he promised himself that he would destroy Ben Tennyson.


Destroying Ben Tennyson.


  • Clockwork's powers
  • Ultimate Way Big's powers
  • Bo staff
  • Shooting lasers from the gauntlet
  • His whole body is a defense system
  • Making a forcefield with the gauntlet
  • Flight
  • Several other things


  • Unknown