This is the first episode of the first season of Ben 10: Omni-Alien.


Ben, Gwen and Kevin were sitting on a couch in Ben's living room.

[Ben]: I'm bored.

[Kevin]: Wanna hack the new Omnitrix.

[Gwen]: No.

[Kevin]: Wanna train?

[Ben]: Sure.

They go outside.

[Gwen]: This should be interesting.

[Ben]: It's training time! (transforms) HEATBLAST!

He takes a chunck of the road and flies around on it, blasting Kevin. Kevin dodges it and shoots ice at him. Heatblast runs up to him and uppercuts him into a car, which he absorbs. Kevin then throws the car into Heatblast, damaging him causing him to revert.

[Ben]: Jerk.

[Kevin]: Bring it on Tennyson!

[Ben]: (transforms) HUMUNGOUSAUR!

[Kevin]: That all you got?

[Ben]: No, this is!

He grew up to sixty feet.

[Kevin]: Now we are talking.

He grabs his tail and breathes then slowly, he drags him along and throws him into the woods. Humungousaur gets up, breaking many of the trees and charges. He tackles him and crushes him.

[Gwen]: Ben! You're hurting him!

Kevin lifted the beast up and tossed him a side.

[Kevin]: My powers are getting stronger.

[Humungousaur]: Well, so are mine! (transforms) JURY RIGG!

[Kevin]: Ha, what is that little twerp gonna do?

[Jury Rigg]: You are a mechinal device. Break break break break break break break break!

He started chasing Kevin.

[Kevin]: Aaaah!

He grabbed onto Kevin's leg and broke off the car metal until Kevin was in his human form.

[Kevin]: Why I oughta-

[Jury Rigg]: (transforms) WAY BIG!

[Kevin]: Uh, nevermind.

[Way Big]: That is what I thought.

He timed out.

[Ben]: I'm bored.


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