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Hooking Up With the K's is the twenty-sixth episode of Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Part I

[We open with a view of a digital clock, with a fairly dim blue LED light being emitted from it. It displays 3:33 am. We pan just to the left of the clock to find ourselves looking at something on the clock's perch, a wooden desk. This object begins to glow and vibrate, revealing itself to be a phone. It's grabbed by a hand offscreen to the left. We pan out and find Ben Tennyson lying in his dark room in the middle of the night, now holding his phone up to his face while under his white sheets.]

Ben (half-asleep, slightly garbled): Huh, yeah, who is it?
Gwen's voice (call): We have a problem downtown.
Ben: Are you in jail or something?
Gwen: No. Sii's on a rampage over here.

Ben blinks his eyes wide open. He throws his covers off of him and sits at the edge of his bed, revealing himself to be in a white t-shirt and underwear.

Ben: Anywhere specific?
Gwen: If you know where downtown is, you'll know where Sii is.
Ben: That big a problem? Alright, I'm on my way. He pulls his phone away from his face and presses End. He then lays his phone down on his desk once more. He gets up onto his feet and stretches. He walks over to his closet and finds a pair of jeans. I guess this is all I'll need. Whispering: It's hero time! He pops the Assault Omnitrix's tower up and immediately smacks down.
Frisbit: Frisbit! Now, there's only one quiet way out of the house. He turns around to face the window. He pulls the window up then steps back. He pulls his frisbee off of his back and launches it out of the window and a bit into the sky. After it has made it outside, he teleports to on top of the frisbee and shuts the window as the frisbee continues to glide away as it had been thrown. It eventually stops somewhere in the air, at which point Frisbit gains control of the frisbee's direction. He looks around for downtown Bellwood, only about a mile from his location. He spots Sii's large snake transformation in the distance. Sarcastically: Well, that's not obviously her.

[We move to downtown Bellwood where Gwen, and Kevin are battling the snake-formed Sii. For a moment during battle, everyone stops and simply looks up at Sii. She swings at everyone, but they manage to dodge the attack by simply leaping over the massive snake arm. A figure lowers into view on a circular hoverboard in front of Sii, the source of her opponents' distraction.]

Sii (snake): And what are you supposed to be?
Distraction: Me? I'm supposed to be Super Ben, but with the Omnitrix on my wrist, I decided "why not take Frisbit for a spin?"
Sii: Tennyson!
Frisbit/Distraction: Boy, are you slow. Or should I say "Girl, are you slow?" I always got confused with that.
Sii: Confused? Let me help. She swings down at Frisbit with her left arm, Frisbit avoiding the attack by weaving around Sii's arm and arriving on her head. He leaps off of his frisbee and lays it onto Sii's head. He rides the back of her scaly body down to the ground and joins his team. Fleeing, Tennyson? Giving up, maybe?
Frisbit: Why would I do that? You still haven't hit me yet. Sii throws out both of her arms in an attempt to swing down at Frisbit. While Frisbit's team moves aside, he stays front and center, grinning at Sii until finally, the frisbee sitting atop Sii's head is activated and sends a pulse across her body. It doesn't completely weaken her, but it does electrocute her. His teammates return to his side. By the way, thanks for helping, guys.
Gwen: We thought you had it handled, and you did.
Frisbit: But you just let me stand there. What if my thing didn't work?
Gwen: We were standing right behind you. If Sii got any closer, I would've shielded you and maybe pulled you away.
Kevin: And as long as you're alive, that *thing* will work.
Frisbit: I see you've been doing your intergalactic homework, Kev.
Kevin: More of your aliens are coming from outside of the Milky Way, so it's best we know as much as we can about them.

Sii begins to cry out in pain as she is hurt by the pulse of Frisbit's frisbee.

Frisbit: Oh, man, maybe I should just hold a back a little--
Gwen: Wait, aren't you still wired up to that plug gun?
Frisbit: Yeah? I think it's really hurting her.
Gwen: It's supposed to, but to the point where she's knocked out instantaneously as well.
Frisbit: So...there's a problem with my frisbee?
Gwen: Maybe. Don't hold back; let me just check something. She takes a stance and points her hands at Sii. Her eyes begin to glow pink. The cube core deep within Sii's body flashes pink, a glow visible even beyond Sii's snake skin. Gwen relieves herself of her stance, and her eyes cease to glow. She drops her hands. Sii's not feeling any pain at all.
Frisbit: What? But she's screaming?
Gwen: She's faking it. She's always been faking it.
Frisbit: Why? That'd mean she's just been letting us take her down time after time?
Gwen: Well we know that she was working for that Thep Khufan Commander before. Maybe she had to be 'on the inside' to get what she needed to know.
Kevin: Or maybe she was relaying a message to someone else, or some whole group on the inside.
Frisbit: Okay, but if what you're saying's true, then that means we've never really defeated her.
Kevin: Yeah, and she is an alien from another dimension, so it might be tougher to take her down.
Gwen: Actually, there's not much to it.
Kevin: How would you know, Gwen?
Gwen: Well, I did just do a pretty detailed scan on her. You guys remember the Naljian Destructor?
Frisbit: You mean that alien copycat toy?
Gwen: That's the one. Well, it turns out that Sii's kind are the basis for those toys. The Naljians actually managed to make a toy stronger than Sii's kind when they made those Destructors, because Sii's skin's actually pretty easy to penetrate on a transformation like Ssserpent.
Frisbit: So I just have to get through her skin and grab the core?
Gwen: Then find a way to knock her out without killing her.
Frisbit: Saving lives what I do.
Kevin: Except for--
Gwen: Kevin, don't say it.
Kevin: What? I was going to say Albedo.

Frisbit stands still for a moment, facing Sii. He briefly turns his head back to Kevin and raises his eye in a way that mimics raising one's eyebrow. He then looks back to Sii. He teleports to atop his frisbee, where he grabs the object and replaces it on his back. Sii then attempts to knock him off her head, which Frisbit responds to by leaping in the air and transforming. Ben becomes a blue alien with a small amount of facial hair on his chin, a long head, eyes on his multi-colored ears, a costume with a large Omnitrix symbol, and green gel-like sacs with smaller dark green blobs floating inside them appearing atop silver shoulderpads on his shoulders as well as on his cheeks and either side of his waist.

Unrecognized Alien: ALKAMINE!
Kevin (yelling, from the ground, to Ben): I THOUGHT THAT GUY WAS FROGGER.
Alkamine/Unrecognized Alien (yelling, to Kevin): THAT WAS JUST THE TEMP NAME!

Alkamine grabs the sacs from either cheek and tosses them onto Sii's snake head, still free-falling towards it after his leap as Frisbit and now regenerating his cheek sacs. Sii responds by crying out in pain.

Gwen (yelling, to Alkamine): REMEMBER, BEN: SHE DOESN'T FEEL IT!

Alkamine becomes straight-faced as he continues to fall. Feet away from landing on Sii's head, she looks up with an expression of anger, having halted her performance. She then becomes a much smaller transformation, one that sits at a 1:1 ratio in comparison to the size of what she's imitating: an evolved Arburian Pelarota. Alkamine continues to fall, with the evolved Arburian Pelarota Sii grabbing Alkamine as he does, wrapping him up inside her, and rolling off. Gwen unleashes a large blast of mana on Sii's shell, but the blast ricochets off of Sii's body, now heading for a random location in the heavens.

Kevin: My turn! Kevin absorbs the ground and lunges just in front of Sii. He creates a mace with his hand which he uses to try and knock her back, but this, like Gwen's attack, does nothing. He jumps out of the way as Sii heads for him then expands his hands in size. He again lunges in Sii's way, and this time, tries to hold her off and even push her away. Struggling: You got stronger, Sii?
Sii: No, I have merely been holding out. She rolls ahead, squishing Kevin on the ground. After rolling over him, Kevin is flat on the ground. Mere moments later, his hands revert to their normal sizes, and the layer of asphalt he had absorbed fades to his human skin. From the inside, Sii begins to feel true pain. She releases Alkamine, who leaps out of Sii's hold. Sii drops onto her back in her form while Alkamine approaches her. Not funny, Tennyson.
Alkamine: Pfft, I think it is. Sii smiles yet again, rolls up, and smacks Alkamine down the road. When that far away, she begins to head after him. Hey, you know what, Sii? This acid's tough enough to burn through some of the toughest stuff on Earth. Want a taste?

Alkamine grabs two of his sacs and tosses them at Sii in her evolved Arburian Pelarota form. Sii manages to avoid the onslaught by jumping and propelling her way into the air, now aiming to land on Alkamine. Alkamine continues to attempt to melt through Sii, but she absorbs most of of the attacks and regenerates any melted-through parts. Alkamine simply remains still after a point, watching as Sii transforms into a Tetramand and lands grabbing Alkamine's head with her upper left arm, then running with Alkamine's body into the brick exterior of a building and thrusting him deep into it. Sii lifts her hand to look at Alkamine.

Sii: What happened to Super Ben, Hero of Heroes, arriving to stop me?
Alkamine: Oh, you're gonna--
Sii: Oh, pipe down and take it like the wimp you are, Tennyson. She pulls back her right set of arms and prepares to swing at Alkamine, who even flinches as Sii screams while throwing her arm. But after a moment, Alkamine realizes a lack of pain. He looks out and finds Sii's right arms being held back by Gwen from a distance. Sii turns around. You better let go of me, Tennyson.
Gwen: Or what, Sii?

Sii squints at Gwen, then grabs her own right set of arms using her left set and thrusts it down into the ground, forcing Gwen's grip to be released. As Gwen attempts to throw her mana over to catch Sii's arms again, she becomes a Talpaedan and drills deep into the ground. Gwen looks around fervently for her, quickly finding a hole being made on the surface close to her. She hovers into the air on a mana platform and watches as Talpaedan Sii breaks into the surface, grabs Kevin, tosses him in the air, and upon landing, thrusts his body into the ground. Gwen watches with widened eyes, with Talpaedan Sii stepping back to just next to Kevin.

Sii: What are you gonna do about it?

Gwen begins to growl extremely audibly. She creates a large ball of mana in her hands then unleashes a long blast through it directly targeting Sii, pushing her into the wall of the building just next to the one Alkamine is shoved into. Gwen's Anodite side begins to take over and become visible over her human body.

Gwen (voice echoing, Anodite): You want to hurt my family and my friends? Fine; in a few minutes, you won't be able to hurt anybody.

Alkamine begins to step out of his area in the side of the building he was shoved into, healing quickly from his injuries.

Alkamine (to Gwen): Gwen, stop what you're doing!
Gwen: Why, Ben? I can win.
Alkamine: It's not winning when you're killing the enemy.
Gwen: Sure it is. That gets rid of them completely; we never have to deal with them ever again this way. I don't know why we haven't done this before.
Alkamine: That's because our way is not to kill the bad guys, but to have the Plumbers take them away--or the police, whatever.
Gwen: That's not "our" way; that's yours.
Alkamine: Gwen! Listen to yourself! Gwen does not respond, simply continuing to blast at Talpaedan Sii. C'mon, Gwen. Kevin and I, we're fine.
Gwen: You may be, (she pushes Talpaedan Sii more into her wall) but Kevin's not. Kevin is heard coughing now. Kevin?

Gwen releases Talpaedan Sii, who now sits in the wall with only half of her disguise still in place--the other part of her body clearly showing her central cube. Gwen reverts to her human form and kneels over Kevin, while Alkamine walks over to in front of Sii. He prepares to simply rip out Sii's core, but she quickly regenerates the left side of her body.

Alkamine (to Sii): Not again, Sii. He transforms into a humanoid rhinoceros with a single long horn. He gets down on all four and faces his horn to Sii's center. He blasts the horn off of his head and hits Sii right in her center. Her Talpaedan skin looks down to the horn in the center of her body as the rhinoceros alien gets up onto his legs once more.
Rhino Alien: Bullseye. The rhino alien yanks the horn out of Talpaedan Sii's center, with Sii's cube core attached to the end. Within a second, the Talpaedan skin still sitting in the wall is sucked into Sii's glowing blue heart. The heart ceases to glow. The rhinoceros alien separates the horn from Sii's heart, tossing his horn aside and walking over to Gwen with Sii's heart in hand. As he heads over to his cousin, the rhinoceros alien's horn regenerates. Gwen, is she...well--?

Gwen looks up from Kevin to Sii in the rhino alien's hands.

Gwen: She's fine, Ben.

Gwen points one hand at Sii's heart and sends a long mana beam at the heart. The beam soon turns into a ball that wraps around the heart. Gwen pulls it toward her, still hovering within the mana ball. She places it down on the ground. Kevin begins to fully come to, his eyes slowly opening.

Rhino Alien: And it look like Kevin is fine, too.
Gwen: That's a relief, Ben, or should I say...wait, what's this guy's name, Ben?
Rhino Alien: Oh, forgot introduce everybody. He poses, flexing his muscles. BRAWNOCEROS!
Gwen: Sounds like you got your Humungousaur after all then, or Rath with that grammar actually.
Brawnoceros/Rhino Alien: More like Ultimate Humungousaur or Ultimate Rath with horn on head.

Kevin begins to get up onto his feet. Gwen helps him up. Kevin wraps his right arm around Gwen, who helps Kevin to stand up straight.

Kevin: Those aliens' horns are nowhere near as strong as Ultimate Humungousaur's, Ben, trust me.
Gwen: That intergalactic homework really is paying off, isn't it?
Kevin (looking up the street, spotting a Plumber Humvee heading in this direction): Yep. Oh, you tell him, yet?

Brawnoceros reverts to human.

Ben: Tell me what? Oh, please don't tell me any bad news. I'm really not up to it.
Gwen: No, Ben, I promise it's not anything bad. The three of us--Chelsey, Kevin, and I--are just going on a trip, with Chelsey's family. They tend to visit Ledgerdomain and Anodyne a few times a year, since they--or at least Chelsey's dad, Chelsey, and some of her sisters--grew up there.
Ben: Ledgerdomain and Anodyne?
Gwen: Well, just Ledgerdomain on this trip. I'd rather not go to Anodyne yet, plus they're not going anyway. Now, while we're gone, I want you to see some people. I talked to these triplets, Kara, Kira, and Kai, that go to your school. Ben's eye lids fly open. Not Wes Green's granddaughter. Ben's eye lids fall to a standard position as Ben releases a sigh of relief. Just talk to them, alright?
Ben: Can't you just talk to me?
Gwen: No. I have to get ready to go, and so does Kevin.
Ben: Alright. Do these triplets have last names or anything?
Gwen: Why don't you know that? They're really popular at your school.

Ben chuckles.

Ben: No, Gwen, *I'm* really popular at my school.

Gwen rolls her eyes then playfully pushes Ben with her right hand.

Gwen: We'll see you soon, alright?
Ben: Alright. But wait, so why's Kevin going? Can't he stay to help out with whatever goes on in Bellwood?
Gwen: That's what the Plumbers are for, Ben.
Kevin: And in case you didn't notice, they've been doing pretty well on their own the last few months, now that you've finally given all the ones that don't have an Omnitrix a chance.
Ben: You make it sound like giving them a break is a bad thing.
Kevin: It is.
Gwen: What he means is, it is when that break lasts two years.
Ben: Hey, I wasn't *always* on the spot for things.
Gwen: It counts if the Great One's worshippers did the work for you, Ben.
Ben: Oh, well...what about after I saved the universe?
Kevin: I'm getting tired of you saying you saved the universe alone, Tennyson.
Ben: Well, I did, didn't I?
Kevin: Not without our help, and a bunch of other people's.
Ben: But if I remember it right, it was my idea that really won it, wasn't it?

Kevin gives Ben a menacing stare, while Ben simply stares back with a smug grin. Meanwhile, the Plumber Humvee screeches to a stop just behind Gwen and Kevin, the Humvee's sides now facing Gwen and Kevin's back. All of the doors quickly open and shut as the four Plumbers within step out. Whereas three of the four of them wear revealing helmets and standard Plumber suits, the leader of their team steps out of the driver's seat with a pitch black helmet with a small purple visor just over the being within's eyes.

Leader: We'll take it from here, Ten Squad.
Kevin: Wait a second. He weakly steps away from Gwen. He uses his injured right arm and hand to pull out from his right pocket and point his Plumber's badge at the four Plumbers. He holds up his right arm with his unharmed left arm and hand. After a moment, he pulls the badge back to him and looks at a hologram projected over it. Alright, they're clean.
Ben: Trust issues, Kev'?
Kevin: Nah, it's just--
Leader: It is fine. It was smart of him to perform a quick scan. Kevin begins to scroll through the four files corresponding to the four Plumbers. If we were illegitimate officers, Sii would be out and about in Bellwood again soon. And we don't need a repeat of what Aggregor did several times to acquire some of the Andromeda Galaxy's aliens.

Kevin arrives at the fourth and final file from his scan, based on the lead Plumber.

Kevin: Hey, your file says your name is 'Monty K.' That's not a real name, or at the least, a full name. Spill.
Monty K/Leader: Magister Max Tennyson has approved of my decision to keep my identity a secret, Levin. Now, stand aside.

Gwen picks up Sii's heart cube--her natural form, still held in a mana bubble. She then tosses it to the four Plumbers, with the Plumber just adjacent to Monty K catching the bubble. Monty K gestures for the bubble, does a quick analysis using purely what he sees, then hands it back to the Plumber who had caught it. He nods to the Ten Squad then returns to his driver's seat, the other three Plumbers reseating themselves in the Humvee and driving off. Gwen walks over to Kevin and continues to help him up.

Kevin: C'mon, Gwen, we gotta go.
Gwen: Yeah, but I'm going to have to drive.
Kevin: Only my arm hurts, Gwen. I can still use my legs, and my other arm. Gwen: What if we almost crash and you only have one arm? What are you supposed to do?
Kevin: I'll turn as quickly as possible with my other arm?
Gwen: What if your hand slips off?
Kevin: That'd never happen, Gwen. Gwen stares at Kevin with a raised brow. Alright. He reaches into his left pocket and pulls out his keys. He tosses it to Gwen, who catches the keys in her right arm and hand, still helping Kevin to stand with the other. Kevin looks to Ben as he speaks. I call shotgun then.
Ben: I'm headed home. He yawns. You guys may be awake 'cause you're going on a trip on a Monday, but some people have to go to school. Gwen: Hey, I'm on break this week for Alien Appreciation, and Kevin gave himself the time we'll be away off.
Kevin: You know, since being self-employed means you can do that.
Ben: Alright, alright. Don't you guys have somewhere to be?
Gwen: Yeah, yeah.

Ben watches as Gwen and Kevin turn around and head for Kevin's car which is parked somewhat on the curb nearby on the right side of the road.

Kevin: You know, for once, my car's alright after one of these enemy attacks.

We watch as Ben smiles and rolls his eyes. He then pops up the Assault Omnitrix tower and smacks down on it, our entire field of view being replaced by the green glow that is shot out.

[As the glow fades away, we find ourselves back in Ben's dark bedroom, the door still open. For a moment, we watch as Frisbit trudges into the room, shutting the door behind him. He reverts to human then jumps into bed. We pan to the clock now reading 3:42 am, transitioning to 3:43 am, for a moment. We return to Ben, who has comfortably pulled the covers over his perfectly positioned body. His eyes shut. Only seconds later, his alarm bellows. Ben slowly opens his eyes and reaches his hand over to his clock, which we pan over to read off the time 7:00 am.]

Ben: Aww, man...


Part II

[We open in front of Ben's house. The front door opens and Ben, book bag strapped onto his back, steps outside, holding onto the door as he speaks to his mother Sandra inside.]

Ben: Alright, I'm going!
Sandra (inside): Okay, Ben. Oh and by the way, your father will be home late tonight, say 10-ish.
Ben: Alright! See you, mom! He shuts the door and runs up to the DX Mark 10 parked on the curb at the end of the path from the door to the sidewalk. Hmm...(begins to rub his chin as he thinks) maybe I should take Frisbit to school today. Yeah. Might even stop talking aloud while I'm at it. He pops up the tower on the Omnitrix and scrolls past some of the aliens that appear: Combustiball, the titanium alien, Brawnoceros, and Alkamine. He arrives at Frisbit and smacks down on the tower.
Frisbit: FRISBIT! He checks his back. Awesome, I don't have to worry about the weight of my book bag either. He pulls the frisbee off of his back and lays it on the floor. He steps onto it and takes off into the skies. He looks ahead, where just a few blocks away is his school. He receives a call on his Omnitrix, as indicated by the hourglass's flashing green indicator. He taps the symbol on his chest. Hello?
Familiar Female Caller's Voice (over intercom): Hey, Ben.
Frisbit: Hey, Gwen.
Gwen/Familiar Female Caller's Voice (over intercom): You on your way to school?
Frisbit: Yeah. You on your way to Chelsey's house with Kevin?
Gwen: We already left actually.
Frisbit: How are you getting in, by the way?
Gwen: Charmcaster agreed to open a portal into Ledgerdomain that leads straight to her castle, but we need to take a drive to somewhere here on Earth where the portal ended up.
Frisbit: You know where you're going at least, right?
Gwen: Of course. Now, about you. Remember to talk to those triplets, okay, Ben?
Frisbit: I wouldn't forget it, Gwen. I've got great memory, or did you forget?
Gwen: No, but there are so many places where you could use it where you don't.
Frisbit: What's that supposed to mean?
Gwen: Your grades.
Frisbit: They're not that bad. Have you seen how great they are recently?
Gwen: Yes, but History--
Frisbit: Alright, Gwen, I'll take your advice, okay?
Gwen: Hey, you have some awesome gift, Ben. Some of us don't have that; we actually need to study before a test, and we actually forget instead of just rush through a test to get it done.
Frisbit: Alright, alright. He comes up to the school, whizzing down past a large window on the second floor and landing in front of the main entrance. He reverts to human and begins to speak into his Omnitrix.
Ben: I'm at school now.
Gwen: Alright. Remember their names: Ka--
Ben: Kara, Kira, and Kai. I know.
Gwen: Okay, cuz. Take care, and...I hope remembering Julie helps you get through your day, Ben.
Ben: Everyday, Gwen. Everyday. See ya. Gwen hangs up. Ben exhales deeply and steps through one of the four doors, which shuts on its own after entry. He enters into a long hallway with purple and lavender tiles on the floor and students lining either sides of the hall, each standing in front of a locker. Ben turns to his left and looks to two males wearing differently colored sweaters standing in front of a locker with one girl in front of each of them, one in cyanne and one in forest green. The one in cyanne stands a few inches than the one in forest green. To the two males: Luke, Mike!

Ben runs over to the males, leading their friends to disperse.

Luke (cyanne-sweatered): Hey, Ben.
Mike (forest green-sweatered): What's up?
Ben: Nothing much, guys. Do you know the triplets? Kara, --
Mike: Kira and Kai.
Luke: Them? Of course, who doesn't?
Ben: Well, just me. I didn't know who they were till today.
Luke: Seriously?
Mike: It doesn't matter--
Luke: Sure does. How could you not know them? They're like the most popular people at this school.
Ben: Hey! I'm popular, too.
Luke: Not really. You've got your aliens, but you're not the kind of popular they are. They're the kind that always hangs out with the jocks, Ben, but they're cool with whoever talks to them.
Ben: Alright, alright. Do you know where their lockers are?
Mike: Down the hall from Mr. Kennedy.
Luke: Their locker is literally the most crowded place in the morning. How do you not at least know where that is? Don't you have to be at Mr. Kennedy's first period?
Ben: I get here right before the bell everyday. The only reason I'm here early is because I have to talk to them.
Mike: Superhero stuff with regular people? What's going on, Ben?
Ben: Not necessarily superhero stuff. My cousin just said to talk to them about something.
Mike: Gwen Tennyson?

Luke bends down a bit to whisper to Ben.

Luke: Hey, if she and Levin ever break up, could you--
Ben: Sure, Luke. Doubt that'll ever happen, though.
Luke: You never know what could happen to people.
Ben: Alright, guys, please. Where are the triplets' lockers?
Mike: We could show you.
Ben: Don't you have to be in class, too?
Mike: Ben, we're in your Physics class.
Ben: Really?
Mike: Less than a month till the end of Junior year and you still haven't noticed, Ben. So, do you want us to show you the way?
Ben: Sure.
Mike: Let's make it quick; there's only two minutes till class starts.
Ben: I can fix that. He transforms into Frisbit, already aboard his frisbee, attracting the attention of everybody in the area.
Frisbit: Mike, Luke, get on. Mike and Luke jump onto the frisbee. Frisbit then blasts off to and up the staircase just to the right of the school's front entrance that leads to the second floor. Upon entering the second floor, Frisbit stops. Alright, guys, you're in control now. He dismounts the frisbee then crosses his arms. Lean in the direction you're going and fly my frisbee over to their locker. When you get to the triplets' locker, tell me.
Mike: How?
Frisbit: Just say you're there; I can hear through the frisbee.
Mike: Then, what, you'll run to us?
Frisbit: You'll see.

Mike and Luke nod. They both face the other direction and lean forward on Frisbit's frisbee, beginning to take off down open sections of the hall. We follow them as they speed past students and teachers, knocking papers out of people's hands and scratching uncongested lockers. Mike and Luke finally reach the end of the hall, a three-way intersection with two possible exits: down the stairs to the first floor or to the right. They swiftly turn right, almost crashing into Mr. Kennedy who appears at the corner. They arrive at an extremely congested set of lockers in front of a locked classroom.

Mike: Uhh, Ben? We're here?
Frisbit (through the frisbee): Please step off.

Mike and Luke's eyes widen. They look to each other and shrug, then step off.

Mike: Alright.
Frisbit: You're off?
Mike: Yeah. There are a few moments of silence from Mike, Frisbit, and Luke, with the sound of conversation from the congested lockers beginning to overwhelm. Ben?

Frisbit suddenly fades into view on top of his frisbee, landing with his fist pounding onto his frisbee, facing opposite Mike and Luke. Frisbit turns around to face his friends.

Frisbit: By the way, can't we come in like two minutes late to class for being Juniors?
Mike: Yeah. I just thought that would get you to hurry it up by using one of your aliens.

Frisbit rolls his eyes then drops onto the floor, grabbing his frisbee and strapping it onto his back. He then walks up to Mike and Luke while partially facing the crowd of upperclassmen

Frisbit: So where are they in that crowd?
Mike: Where else? Dead center of it.
Frisbit: am I going to get their attention?
Mike: Seriously, Ben?
Frisbit: What? Mike points to Frisbit's chest. What?
Mike: You're a robot alien, and you're wondering how to get two regular people who have probably never seen an alien's attention?
Frisbit: Oh. He walks up to the crowd and smacks the Omnitrix symbol on his back, just at the center of his frisbee. The bright green flash leads every member of the crowd to turn around to face the source, where Ben now stands posed with the Omnitrix in front of his face.
Ben: Oh, sorry, were you guys saying anything?
Members of the crowd (murmuring various things): Whoa, is that Ben Tennyson?...It is!...He goes to our school, what's the big whoop?...Ben, can you change into something?
Ben: Calm down everybody. I'll get to all of you. Just let me see Kara, Kira, and Kai.

Almost everybody disperses, leaving only the triplets and two males to either side of them. While the tall male to the left of them wears a red sweater and jeans and is speaking to the triplets, the one on their right stands taller in a black suit and sunglasses and simply stands by the triplets. The triplets all stand with some attention on the male talking to them as well as Ben.

Center triplet (to the male talking to them): Okay, Max, could you leave for a sec? We can talk later.

The male, Max, turns and faces Ben.

Max/Male: Why? You gotta talk to this Freshman?
Ben: I'm a Junior.
Max: Still lower than me.

Ben pops up the tower on his Omnitrix with Brawnoceros' hologram immediately appearing over the tower, but the right triplet runs up to Ben and conceals the tower.

Right Triplet: C'mon, Max. We'll talk later.

Max performs a quick visual analysis of Ben.

Max: This Freshman's going to have to learn some manners later. He bumps into Ben purposely as he walks away. I'll teach him something eventually.

The right triplet scouts the area, watching Max as he walks away.

Right Triplet: Sorry, Ben.

At this point, Ben gets a good view of the three girls. They are identical triplets, made distinct by their clothes, hairstyles (with only slightly differing hair colors, each a shade of brown), and their belts bearing their names front and center. The left triplet wears some of her hair over her face, covering her right eye and making visible only her left on her light brown skin. Her attire includes a white short-sleeved shirt and a light blue cat symbol in the center much akin to that which stood in the center of Gwen's older uniform. She wears blue jeans that reach down to her ankles and black flats without socks. Her belt bears the name "Kara." The center triplet wears her brown hair similarly to Gwen's; an orange tank top, blue jeans, and black flats; and a belt with the name tag "Kira." The right triplet, standing just in front of Ben now, wears black sunglasses, a red short-sleeved shirt, jean short shorts, and high top sneakers. Her belt bears the name "Kai." Kai wears her hair with bangs.

Ben: Uhh, Kai, right?
Kai/Right Triplet: It's fine that you don't know our names. You've never met us; we've never met you.
Ben: But you guys are, like, famous across the school?
Kai: And you're famous across the world. I think it's more important that we know than that you know us. It's fine, honestly, (turns to face her sisters) right, girls? Kai's sisters nod. See? But I saw you read our belts, so you should know us now.
Ben: Well, only kinda.
Kai: You'll figure it out soon. We'll need to hang out a bit more, though, Ben. Ben: I'm not looking for a girlfriend, but alright.
Kai: It's fine. We're dating ourselves, well, at least Kara and I are.
Kira: I don't need anyone, thank you very much.
Kai (whispering, to Ben): She just got out of a broke up. Guess which one got dumped?
Kira: I can hear you!
Ben: I think I know who. Hey, uh, Gwen said you had something tell me?
Kai: Yeah, but we can't tell you now.
Ben: We've got time. We can be late to class.
Kai: No, we need to be outside of school.
Ben: That's not what Gwen told me.
Kai: Well, this is how we planned it. Plus, Kara at least wants us to get to class on time. Kara blows her hair up a bit, but it simply falls back down. She waves to Ben and Ben waves back. She's quiet with new people. She'll cozy up eventually. Whispering to Ben: She's a great sister, oldest by one minute from Kira.
Ben: Alright. You're the youngest then?
Kai: Yep. A little over a minute after Kira.
Ben: Cool, and when can we actually talk?
Kai: After school, Ben.
Kara: Come, you two.

Kara begins to walk down the hall to Mr. Kennedy's class. Kira follows, but Kai stays back for a moment to speak to Ben.

Kai: Don't think too much about what we have to talk about. Want to walk with us to class?
Ben: You're in Mr. Kennedy's class, too?
Kai: You are absolutely clueless, Tennyson. Come on, join us.

We watch as Ben shrugs and begins to follow the K triplets down the hall to first period--Mr. Kennedy's Physics class.


Part III

[We open in Ben's first class of the day as everyone takes their seats. The bell rings and the teacher Mr. Kennedy enters. We fade in and out of scenes from the class, where Ben sometimes looks to the triplets attempting to speak to them, but Mr. Kennedy hits the board with his ruler to return the attention fully to him in the front of the classroom. We pan up to the analogue clock, hands indicating the time of 8:30. The time quickly fast-forwards to around 10:15. We pan out to find ourselves in another classroom taught by a heavy light-skinned woman in a pink dress. We pan to Ben staring boredly at the clock. We pan again to the clock, which now reads 11:10. The bell rings and Ben rushes out of class. After a walk with the K's to the next class they share, they talk their seats in another class filled with distractions from Ben attempting to speak to them. The teacher finally separates Ben and the K's. We pan to Ben's face again, boredly looking at the clock from the front row of the class. We look to the clock as it quickly moves from 11:13 to 12:00. We hear the bell ring, then again watch the clock move from 12:00 quickly to 2:15. The bells ring again. We pan away to find ourselves looking at a clock sitting above the front entrance of the school on the outside. Bursting through the four doors are an array of students, including the group consisting of Luke, Mike, Ben, and the K's. Luke and Mike wave to the remainder of the group as they go their separate ways, while Ben and the K's walk over to the parking lot.]

Ben: Oh, hey, I didn't bring my car but--
Kai: That's fine, Ben. We've got our own.
Ben: I was beginning to think I was the only 17 year old with a car in Bellwood.
Kira: Far from. Max's brother Rex has one.
Ben: Younger brother, right?
Kira: Why bring him up otherwise?
Ben: Ahh. So, where's your car? Kara reaches into her pocket and pulls out the car keys. She points to a Lamborghini Estoque sitting directly in front of them. Oh, please no. With the press of one of the buttons on her car keys, the Estoque's lights flash and the car rings. Kara walks up to the car's driver door. Really? No offense, but this thing's, well...
Kira: Ugly? We know. That's the point.
Ben: This all you guys could afford.
Kira: Nope.
Ben: Then why get something like this?
Kira: We didn't.
Kara (to the car): Access code 8050-K1.

The Estoque begins to flash between two forms until it finally stops in the form of a Lamborghini Aventador-like car. Ben's eyes widen.

Kira: We got something like this.

Ben rushes up to the car and plants his face and hands on the driver's window.

Ben (ecstatic): Whoa. You guys own *this*? The Aventadors cost a fortune.
Kira: They do, don't they? But this isn't an Aventador.
Ben: I'm pretty sure it is.
Kira: Oh, yeah? Kara, pass the keys. Kara tosses the keys to Kira, who nearly drops them upon catching them. She nudges Ben away from the driver's door and unlocks it. The door slides up to its open state. Step in, Ben.
Ben: You don't have to tell me twice. Ben jumps into the driver's seat, landing snugly in. Oh, this is awesome. Think I might become a car guy now.
Kira: It's not that simple, Ben. Now, look behind you. Ben raises his brow then looks over the back of his seat. No, between the driver and passenger seat. Ben looks to between the passenger and driver seat, finding rather than two back seats, a furry wall with something written onto a silver rectangular structure on the wall. "Reventòn 3/20". Ben's eyes widen. Still think it's an Aventador?
Ben: Reventòn? Wait, weren't those some 2008 model with only 20 in existence?
Kai: Technically, 21. One went to the museum, though. But otherwise, yeah.
Kira: Our dad tried to pay extra for the first, but they wouldn't accept. It was first-come, first-serve--literally.
Ben: I don't think my day could get any better.
Kira: We beg to differ.
Ben: I doubt anything you could do could change it.
Kira: We'll see.
Ben: Wait, how are we all supposed to drive this? There are only two seats. Kira smiles. She reaches over Ben to the central console where she presses a button with a picture of a car seat on it. The furry wall falls down onto the trunk making way for two cubes which fall onto the floor. The cubes expand into chairs and stick themselves to the ground. Whoa.
Kira: We may have a few added a few things to our car.
Ben: So, wait, this is *your* car? Not your parents?
Kira: Yeah. Dad's isn't a Reventòn, but it's still pretty epic.
Ben: You know cars?
Kira: Not really.
Ben: Not one of you three.
Kira: Kara kinda does, but it's because she wants to choose a new car.
Ben: Do you even have to pay?
Kira: Of course we do. Dad says we need to pay it all back by the time we're 30.
Ben: How old's your dad? What's he do?

Kira looks to her sisters. They all shrug.

Kai: On the way, Ben.

Kai, Kira, and Kara--in that order--file into the car. Kira and Kai take the two back seats, reached by shoving past the reclined front passenger seat, while Kara takes the front passenger seat. Three simultaneous seat belt snaps are heard as the triplets snugly buckle themselves in. Ben then straps himself in with the three-point seatbelt available adjacent to his seat and shuts his door.

Ben: So, I get to drive?
Kai: You can sit in the driver's seat, but no one ever drives this thing.
Ben: What?
Kira: Autodrive engage.
Ben: No way.

A large display appears at the top of the center console. A blue screen flashes, followed by the appearance of a computer OS's home screen. Text appears onscreen in English reading "Recognized. Engaged." The steering wheel locks in place and recedes into the dashboard, now floating just in front of the various instruments. A square piece at the end of all belt straps connected to the buckle begins to glow red for each person seated. The computer screen's text changes to read "Four seated: one driver, three passengers. Ready for location input."

Kai: Go to Uncle Bob's Café.

The car begins to hover in the area as the text on the computer screen changes once more to read "Destination set to 'Uncle Bob's Café.' Drive has begun. Pilot mode can be engaged at anytime; destination can be changed at anytime." The car automatically begins to back up, then drives out of the parking lot as if done by a regular person. As it reaches the streets, it blasts off down the roads, taking turns easily when necessary.

Ben: This, is, awesome! I need something like this in my car.
Kai: I'm sure the Plumbers would give you one just like they did to us.

Ben throws his head around to face Kai in her seat.

Ben: Why would the Plumbers give you three tech? Is it alien tech?
Kai: Yes, it's alien tech, and it's because our dad's a Plumber. He got called into the field really early this morning before he had to go to his second job. He said he met up with you. Does "Monty K" ring a bell?

Ben's eyes widen.

Ben: Oh, that is awesome. So what's the "K" stand for, if you don't mind telling me?
Kai: We don't; our dad might, though. So if you ever run into him--school or as Monty K--don't bring it up.
Ben: In school?
Kai: It stands for Kennedy. And before you ask, yes, Mr. Montclair Kennedy is our dad.
Ben: No way...that's not possible. You don't look anything like Mr. Kennedy, none of you.
Kai: We're identical triplets--we look alike, so we're all either going to be looking more like our dad...or our mom.
Ben: Why the pause? Kai doesn't say anything. Her mouth begins to shiver. Ben looks around to the other sisters, Kira now looking out the window and Kara with her head bowed. Oh...she's...Sorry you had to bring it up. Maybe we could--
Kai: It''s fine. A few tears drop from her eyes, which she hurriedly wipes. She looks back up to Ben. We can see in the background the computer having updated its text "You have arrived at 'Uncle Bob's Café,' with the car having halted completely. Looks like we're here. Ben begins to take off of his seat belt, but Kai stops her. I kinda do wanna take about our mom a bit.
Ben: Oh.'d she go?
Kai: She's not gone, or not gone how you think. She was kidnapped, twelve years ago.
Kira: Who rips a mother from five year olds?
Kai: Kira. They weren't trying to do that; they wanted to hurt dad, and they did.
Kira: Oh, and that justifies everything?
Kai: No, far from. But I say it's better to lose something, or someone, before you get too close than get too close and have it truly ripped from you.
Kira: So it's alright because we were too young to remember? We were five; of course, we'd remember, Kai.
Kara: Fighting about it's not going to bring her back.
Ben: Was that another word?
Kira: Kara, what's wrong with you? You were just as old us, and you act like mom was nothing in our lives. You loved her the most, dad says.
Kai: C'mon, Kira. She's right.
Kira: To not care?
Kai: To not fight about it.
Kira: We're not fighting.
Kai: Really?
Ben: Umm, so why?
Kai: Why what?
Ben: Why care? I mean, don't stop caring, but you lost her 12 years ago. Think about it; you can't be thinking about her and mourning for her at all times, or at least at all times where she's brought up.
Kai: We're not.
Kira: You're not. That's a terrible thing, Ben. You suggest we just forget her or something? Stop feeling emotions when mom's brought up?
Ben: No, that's not what I--
Kira: That's what you said, right?
Kai: Not really.
Kira: You just don't care either.
Kai: All three of us care, and you know that, 'I.
Kira: Stop calling me "I", we both have the letter in our names.
Kai: C'mon, Kira. I've been calling you that for years. Mom called you that, too.
Kira: Stop bringing her up, you ungrateful--
Kai: Kira. Stop. Please, calm down.
Ben: Kira, come on. Think about what you're saying. I'm not telling you to forget your mom or anything like that. I'm just saying...there comes a point where a person you love who you've lost should still have a place in you, but there's a point where you need to let it go. No amount of crying about it's going to bring them back. Move forward, and look back only on the good times. I heard all good things end eventually...

Ben begins to turn away to the steering wheel, which has popped back out for manual driving. He lowers his head a bit then feels someone's hand on his right shoulder. He looks and sees it belongs to Kara. From the back, Kai explains Kara's action.

Kai: Then take your own advice, Ben. Ben slowly turns back to look to Kira, who is no longer fueled with rage. Put Julie behind you; remember the good times, the fun times you had, but move forward. You can't forget her, but at least give her the one wish she probably had if she'd known the end was coming.
Ben: And what's that?
Kai: For you to move on. You know you'd want that for her, too.

Ben attempts to rebut, his lips opening and partially mouthing words, but no sound escapes him.

Ben: Is this what Gwen told you three to come out here to talk about?
Kai: Yes, Ben.
Kira: But there's some things we decided to do that weren't a part of the deal.
Ben: Like what?
Kira: We want you to come inside the café. There are a ton of girls in there who want to meet you.
Ben: That's what this is?
Kai: Ben, they don't know they're meeting you exactly. We just got asked some girls in the area if they were interested in a person like you. A lot of them were interested, and again, they don't know they're meeting you.
Ben: You want me to go in there and find a new girlfriend, to replace Julie?
Kai: No. Even as little as just a new friend, someone to get Julie off your mind, or at least the bad times with her off your mind.
Ben: Well, then we're done. You already agreed to hang out later.
Kira: That's not what we meant, Ben.
Kai: C'mon, Ben.
Ben: But Julie--
Kai: Would want you to do this. Do this for her, Ben. Do this for Julie.
Kira: Not a lot of high school relationships last Ben, and from what Gwen told us, she was your first real girlfriend. Don't put her out of your mind, like you said, just remember the good times. Remember what you can, and take your own advice.

Ben exhales loudly, giving off a sigh to show his torn state in deciding what to do.

Ben: Okay. Ben pushes open his door and exits the car. Kai, who was seated behind him in the car, exits by means of moving the driver's seat up. She steps out, and Kara and Kira repeat this on the other side of the car. After everyone has exited, Kara removes the keys from her pocket and touches it to the handle on the open driver door. All doors shut, the back seats return to their hidden state, the computer shuts off and disappears, and the car reverts to its original Estoque form. Ben, Kara, Kira, and Kai walk over to the sidewalk, at which point Ben brings up something. Wait...Kira, you took my advice pretty quickly...
Kai: She's in some of the plays at school, Ben. She's a great actress.
Kira (in a fake snobby voice): You were lovely, darling.
Ben: You were great yourself. So just to make sure, there are a bunch of girls are in there waiting for me?
Kai: Waiting for an anonymous guy, correct.

Ben exhales a sigh of relief.

Ben: Well, let's do this. Ladies first. Kara, Kira, Kai, and finally Ben proceed into the café. As Ben is walking toward the door, he spots something down the end of a dark alleyway between the café and the adjacent building. He swiftly rushes back to the alleyway and sees a figure in an overcoat and a black coat. He raises the Omnitrix for a scan, but by the time his left arm, the figure is gone. Omnitrix, did you get anything from that? Omnitrix: Affirmative. Video captured.

A hologram of the overcoat figure is shown, with the face of the figure obstructed.

Ben: Looks pretty sketchy...does it look like anyone we've seen before, if you can go back and check?
Omnitrix: Affirmative. Analysis complete. One match found using deprecated video format. Displaying in medium-resolution mode.

The hologram recedes into the Omnitrix as a new one takes its place, one showing a fish-like humanoid in a Plumber suit featuring a standard transparent glass-like helmet. A fuller view shows Kevin, Gwen, and Ben surrounding the laying body of this fish-like alien as it shrivels up and blue liquid drips out of a slit at the side of the alien's Plumber suit. The video stops and changes to a full biography of the video-ed dying character. The alien stands in its full form at the left of the biography hologram, with a wall of text sitting in the right column above a mash-up of several recordings from the character.

Ben: That's Magister Labrid...but he's dead. He...he died in our hands. Omnitrix: Affirmative.
Ben: What do the Plumbers say? Maybe he's still alive?
Omnitrix: Plumber database confirmation. Magister Labrid's status is deceased.

Ben sighs. Distracted, he barely realizes as someone taps him on the shoulder. He looks to his left to find Kara again. He lowers his arm, the hologram disappearing from the Omnitrix.

Kara: Come on, Ben.

Kara steps behind Ben and follows him into the café.

[We pan back over to the alleyway and see the overcoat figure pop back into view. Their purple eyes flash before they disappear back into the corner at the end of the alleyway.]


Part IV

[We open as Ben enters Uncle Bob's Café where we--including Ben--find the room loaded with girls of various shapes, sizes, and colors--some not so human colors appearing in the mix as well. Ben approaches Kai, Kira, and Kara, standing at the end of the room, passing a blonde-haired caucasian male in a green shirt and the café uniform (consisting simply of an apron with the company's logo, a big-headed caricature of the place's namesake Uncle Bob) manning and cleaning the counter.]

Ben: So how many are there?
Kai: Around thirty.
Ben: And they all realize that they're competing for me?
Kai: They realize they're competing for someone, but they just don't know who.
Ben: Should I disguise myself?
Kai: No need. They're going into a private room in the back, where they'll talk with you for a bit. They won't be allowed to exit the main way, so they won't be able to tell anybody else.
Ben: What about with their phones? Or just coming
back in through the front?
Kai: Covered. We've got a little computer set up at the door that's doing a quick scan of thoughts, checking for things like their conversation with you. Also, any communication Level 20 or below are being disabled in the best way possible.
Kira: Our dad's a Plumber after all. As long as we return it before anyone notices--
Ben: Wait, you stole something from--?

Mid-sentence, Ben begins to be shoved by Kira in through a door that blends in with the lower color of the walls: amaranth red (with a thin black line separating it from the less prominent spring green taking up an approximate third of the wall). Inside there are a line of wooden tables and mainly glass walls surrounding the room, a portion of amaranth red taking up the lower 1/5th of each 12-foot tall wall. Kira seats Ben in a wooden chair at the first table closest to the back wall, with one chair right in front of the back wall and another on the other side. Kira races back to the door and just as she begins to close it, she utters something to Ben.

Kira: Get 'em, Ben. Or at least one, even just as a friend. Or else we'll hate you for wasting our time and our dad's money.

As the door continues to be closed slowly by Kira, Kai appears over Kira and says something.

Kai: Good luck!

The door is immediately shut. Ben spots Kira appear through an entrance way at the end of the room. She stands there and looks to Ben, who mouths "Why?", questioning her decision to exit the room, walk around the counter, and enter some other way in place of simply navigating through the straightforward room. She shrugs as the first potential date enters the room from the door near Kira. The girl is pointed to Ben and as she arrives, Ben analyzes her. The caucasian female is very wide, wearing a pink shirt and purple pants. Atop her brown hair is a red bow attached to the top of a red headband worn on her head. She seats herself at the other end of the table.

Ben: Hi...
Girl: Hi, my name's Staci. Hey, do I know you? Yeah, I do! You're Ben Tennyson, that guy with the alien powers! My great great great grandmother's second cousin Jermaine was one of the first to think aliens were real. No one believed him. Did you know that aliens really did used to fly overhead in UFOs? Well, of course, you did; you're an alien yourself!
Ben: Well, not really, I'm really--
Staci/Girl: You're a regular person that got an alien watch thingy. Thank you for proving my friends wrong and me right! Take that, Beth and Sierra!

As Staci continues to speak, head facing the ceiling as she thinks as she speaks, Ben begins to lean forward and left, completely out of Staci's field of view. There, he mouths "Help me!" to Kira at the end of the room. Kira sees this, nods, and rushes over to behind Staci.

Kira (to Staci): Looks like your time is up.
Staci: Oh, that didn't feel like 15 minutes, but okay. Did you know, my great great--
Kira: We have a schedule to keep.
Staci: Okay, okay. Bye, Ben. I hope you pick me up. Did you know that--
Kira: Come on!
Staci: Okay, okay, I'm going.

Staci follows Kira to a door that blends in with the walls entirely. Kira pushes a section of the wall, revealed to be a door only as it is pushed. Staci exits--a snug fit in managing to do so. Kira shuts the door as Staci continues to speak outside, then rushes back over to Ben.

Kira: So how was she?
Ben: Staci? I'm sorry, but she wouldn't stop talking about her great great great great great grandparents' inventions. There's no way she's telling the truth.
Kira: That bad, huh?

Ben nods.

Ben: And 15 minutes with each person? Really?
Kira: Just in case you ran into someone you really liked, err, talking to, that is. It was Kara's idea, really.
Male Voice (unknown source): There's some girl I just saw in your group walking outside. Any problems in there?

As Ben raises a brow at the sound of the voice from nowhere, Kira removes a walkie-talkie from her pocket, presses a button on the side of the device, and begins to speak.

Kira (into walkie-talkie): Ben didn't exactly like the first girl.
Male Over Walkie-Talkie: I can see why. Err, I mean, uhh, look at how she dresses.
Kira: Yeah, that's definitely the only problem.
Male Over Walkie-Talkie: Well, we're ready to send in the next one.
Kira: Alright, send her.

Kira releases her finger from the voice button on the side of the walkie-talkie and replaces it in her pocket.

Ben: Who was that?
Kira: Kai's bo', Rex. You didn't see him working the counter?
Ben: I didn't know what "Rex" actually looked like. Isn't this "Uncle Bob's Café" anyway?
Kira: Well, Uncle Bob's not here right now. She turns around and faces the other end of the room, where another girl has entered the room and now stands in place looking frantically around. Please, try with these people, Ben.
Ben: I will and I am.
Kira: Alright. Good luck, Ben.

Kira heads back over to her post near the door and points her to Ben. As she walks over, Ben gets a view of her as well. This dark-skinned girl wears a blue short-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, and black heels. Her hair is black, shoulder-length, and curly. She reaches the table and seats herself opposite Ben.

Girl #2 (in a calm, peaceful tone): Hey, you're Ben Tennyson.
Ben: Yeah. And you are...?
Girl: Amber.
Ben: Got a last name?
Amber/Girl: Not that you need to know, yet.
Ben: Alright. are you doing?
Amber: Great, you?
Ben: Good,, what do you like?
Amber: Well, academic success is definitely at the top of my likes. Reading too, mainly historical fiction. But let's talk about your aliens instead.
Ben: I'm not transforming. I've really been using the battery up recently.
Amber: And that's the problem. I don't really want to see aliens of yours. They kind of creep me out, and really shouldn't exist when you think about it.
Ben: What?
Amber: I mean, I somewhat respect your heroism utilizing your extraterrestrial transformations, but I think you need to become literate as a human fighter and soldier or just step down from your "universally-renowned" position. I heard your school grades are abysmal, as well.
Ben: They *were*, but they're awesome right now; from C's at the beginning of the year to mostly A's, Amber. And I'm not going to stop using the Omnitrix to be a hero. It's who I am.
Amber: No, it's not. It's who Super Ben is. Think about it: "Ben Tennyson, renowned *real* war soldier."
Ben: No, Amber. This is what I'm used to, and I'm not just going to change like this for a friend, if that's what you are.
Amber: Well, things change, Ben. Remember that. And also remember that we're here to become far more than friends, Ben, to become boyfriend and girlfriend.
Ben: We're here to become friends, if that, and only more if I want to.
Amber: No, we're here to date, and I'm not liking your attitude. I think you have a lot of work to do to earn me, Ben.
Ben: To "earn" you, huh? Okay, you want me to change?
Amber: Of course. Now you're getting it.
Ben: Okay, here's some change! Ben pops up the Assault Omnitrix tower and smacks down on the first alien that appears.
Brawnoceros: BRAWNOCEROS!

Brawnoceros roars, and as Amber quickly rises out of her chair and runs away, he flips their table. As Amber attempts to exit the way she came in, she is directed to the hidden exit, continuing to run frantically as she continues on. Kira quickly shuts the door after Amber leaves the room, then returns to Brawnoceros once more.

Kira: Was that really necessary?
Brawnoceros: Maybe.

Brawnoceros begins to fix the one thrown table back into place with its chairs.

Kira: What was wrong with this one?

Brawnoceros reverts to human and proceeds to his chair, but speaks still standing up.

Ben: She hates my aliens; she wanted me to take off the Omnitrix and become some military soldier or something.
Kira: Ouch. Tough crowd, so far.
Ben: Please tell me there are some better girls out there.
Kira: Well, we never really had a chance to have a real conversation with them. I guess we'll eventually get bored and start, but for now, we know nothing about them, other than that they supposedly have some things in common with you.
Ben: Doesn't look like they do to me.
Kira: Well, just hope for better. Her speech begins to lower in tone and be more dragged out as she turns her ahead and look out the window. We can't guarantee anymore...

Ben raises a brow and looks to where Kira is, spotting the overcoat figure again. Ben quickly raises his Omnitrix in the direction of the figure in an attempt to get a clearer scan, but as he does, the overcoat figure disappears again.

Ben: He's not gonna get away again.
Kira: Who's "he?"
Ben: Dunno. Without touching the Omnitrix, he transforms into Combustiball.
Combustiball: But I'm about to find out. He rolls up into his yo-yo form, obscuring his arms, legs, and center piece. He races out of the room, navigating around the tables and exiting through the well-hidden wall door. He heads out the direction of the alleyway figure. After leaving, Kira realizes a trail of the flames that quickly spreads to the tables. The fire alarm goes off, but the ceiling-mounted sprinklers quickly put them out, also leading Kira's hair to droop. Voluntarily, she drops her head as well.

[We move to outside, finding ourselves past the visible corner of the alleyway where Combustiball is apprehending the quick-running alleyway figure.]

Omnitrix: New data available. Refined analysis complete.
Combustiball: Don't need it, not unless I lose him again.
Omnitrix: Recorded.
Combustiball: I'm gonna get it over right now. Combustiball picks up his speed, zooming ahead leaving a large trail of flames behind him and reaching the target quickly, who begins to pick up speed. Combustiball transforms into Alkamine and begins pelting the overcoat figure green pieces of gel similar to those included all his own body. After a time, all but the figure's head is covered in the gel, stopping him completely just before reaching the dead end of the alleyway.
Alkamine: Good thing I stopped you. Remotely controlling the large green bubble, the overcoat figure is spun around to face Alkamine. Who are you? The figure says nothing, but their purple eyes glow under their hat. Oh, thanks for that. I can relieve myself of any thought that you're just a regular person living in this alleyway. He approaches the figure in the gel. Now just who are you?

[We move to the entrance to the alleyway just beside the café. A Plumber Humvee pulls into view just in front of the entrance, and we spot down the alleyway, a large purple glow. We focus now at the foot of the Plumber Humvee, where the literal foot of the Plumber driving the Humvee steps out and touches the asphalt.]


Part V

[We open minutes before we left off, where Alkamine stands before the overcoat enemy constricted in Alkamine's green gel-like bubble.]

Alkamine: Now who are you? He hears the screeching tires of a Plumber Humvee pulling up nearby. Sounds like the Plumbers are here already. Let's get this over with.

Alkamine reaches for the overcoat character's hat. He removes it and stumbles back a bit, still managing to stand up straight in spite of the surprise. We move our view and focus on the overcoat figure's face: a Thep Khufan's, with now glowing eyes. Two extra Thep Khufan arms, unfortunately unconcealed by textra overcoat sleeves, appear below the Thep Khufan's regular set. Alkamine's eyes widen just as the Thep Khufan blasts a purple beam from his chest, ripping a hole straight through Alkamine's own chest and knocking him onto the floor. We watch from Alkamine's eyes as the Thep Khufan manages to escape the bubble by prying it open from the inside with his extra arms then escape by leaping into the air, shadow-casting hat back on his head. We return to a third-person perspective as Plumbers from the Humvee nearby arrive at Ben's side, with the lead being none other than Monty K holding Ben by his back to keep him up.

Monty K: We're going to rush you to the nearest infirmary, Mr. Tennyson. Men,--

Alkamine clenches his hand into a fist and begins to regenerate his chest as green gel, with his blue skin and his uniform absent from the regeneration process.

Alkamine: Can you guys just quickly put some bandages over this?

Monty K gestures one of the Plumbers to return to the Humvee. That Plumber is quick to run to it and come back with a Plumber's emergency kit with the Universal Peace Symbol taking the place of the standard red plus. The Plumber kneels before Ben and pulls out white bandages.

Plumber #1 (patching Ben up): Don't worry, you'll be alright.

The Plumber medic perfectly covers up the green regenerated with white bandages, then lifts Alkamine up onto his feet. Alkamine reverts to human with the white patch of bandages covering the center of his chest. Part of his skin is visible through the tear in his shirt which expanded proportional to Alkamine's uniform tear whereas the bandages did not. The Plumber medic closes up his emergency kit and helps raise Ben up to his feet alongside the other Plumbers, including Monty K.

Why are you here? I never--ouch--sent a call, and I'm pretty sure the Omnitrix didn't either.
Monty K: We were in the area. A fire broke out at the café and all Plumbers are sent distress calls in these cases. Even if simply incognito, some of us are always to check to make sure of whether we're needed or not. Now, what just happened *here*?
Ben: On the way here, I saw some suspicious-looking guy in an overcoat down this alley, just watching me until I tried to get some info on him with the Omnitrix. After I went into the café, at some point, I saw him out the window looking at me with glowing eyes and decided to go after him. I finally got him just now with Alkamine, my Jade Fibroozell, but he blasted me somehow and left. I'm sure this is the most important part: He was a Thep Khufan.

Monty K's eyes widen.

Monty K: Do you have any leads?
Ben: I do, but I want to be absolutely sure. He outstretches his Omnitrix arm, the hourglass face pointing upward. Please just prove me wrong, Omnitrix. He swallows heavily. Omnitrix, who was that?
Omnitrix: Analysis complete. Displaying in highest resolution.

A hologram appears overhead the Omnitrix, displaying Articguana standing in a dark room and inhaling deeply, to the point where he shows his stomach and other parts of his innards. We pan to see a four-armed Thep Khufan standing before him that is individually ripping out the Cyogen crystals sitting within Articguana's stomach. Articguana's eyes lose their color, turning white from green.

Ben: No...

Thep Khufan (video): To think, it was this easy to both conquer Earth and to defeat the great teen hero of legend, "Super Ben." Pathetic. Vilgax, so-called Conqueror of 10 Worlds, has nothing on me now.

The Thep Khufan watches Articguana slip down onto the floor. Paralyzed, Articguana simply continues to watch as the Thep Khufan places an ID Mask on his face, turning into the overcoat figure and stepping out of the room through a massive hole in it, now revealed to be Ben's bedroom. We hear the creaking sound of a door being opened in the background, then the video cuts and ends. It pans out and takes up now only the bottom right corner of the hologram, the remainder part of the hologram becoming focused on the Thep Khufan culprit's full biography.

Ben: Scarogus.

Every Plumber's eyes widen.

Monty K: I will alert Max promptly.
Ben: Don't. I'll do it. If Scarogus comes in the way again, I'll have to stop him. It's been a long time coming.
Monty K: I will have to believe you're capable of taking the message to Max yourself. Will you be able to head back in the café?
Ben: Uncle Bob's will have to wait. I'm coming with you back to headquarters.
Monty K: Ben, don't you need to stay, though?
Ben: I don't. My friends can rearrange what we're doing. This is far more important, now come on.

Monty K sighs.

Monty K: Take the front passenger. You other three, take the back.
Plumbers #1, #2, and #3 (in unison): Affirmative.

We pan over to the Plumber Humvee, where two Plumbers enter into the two back seats, while the spare Plumber enters into the rear jail transport seats. We return to Ben and Monty K in the alleyway.

Monty K: I'll help you back, Ben.
Ben: No, I'm--(abruptly clenches his chest as he attempts to stand up straight) fine.

Ben begins to walk off, Monty K being sure not to question Ben's decision. We pan back over to the Plumber Humvee where Ben attempts to pull open the front passenger door, but it refuses to open. Ben now attempts to pop up the Assault Omnitrix tower, but is stopped by the timed-out status denoted by its red hourglass and other normally green features. Monty K arrives at Ben's side.

Monty K: It requires verification from the designated driver, the squad leader. He opens the door with a simple pull of its handle. See?
Ben: That was locked before.
Monty K: I said that.

Ben steps into the car and throws himself into the passenger seat. After Ben snaps on his seat belt, the seat automatically adjusts to a comfortable state by pushing itself forward. Ben shuts the door and watches Monty K run around to the driver's seat and seat himself. Monty shuts his own door, straps himself in, and holds the steering wheel at 10 and 2. Lights and the center console's computer flash on immediately. Blue glows become prevalent in the car.

Humvee Computer Voice: Engine ready, vehicle heated appropriately, seats adjusted, all passengers fastened in. All doors closed. No windows currently open. Autodrive and autopilot functions available. Is this wrong?
Monty K: Everything's right, Krystal.

Ben: Krystal? Monty K: Yes. All vehicles are given designated names, which must all start with the same letter as the squad they belong to. Of course, you are able to use other vehicles, but I prefer this one's AI.
Ben: Did you, uh, pick the name yourself?
Monty K: As a matter of fact, yes.
Ben: Does it come from anyone you know? Maybe a girlfriend or...wife?

Monty K sighs.

Monty K: No. Absolutely not. Krystal, alert Max of our being on the way. And tell him we're bringing Ben.
Krystal: Acknowledged. Message sent.
Monty K: You okay to be in this vehicle? We may come across some bumps.
Ben: I'm fine. Let's go.

Monty K nods. We can hear him move his foot to the clutch pedal as he switches up gears from neutral to first. He picks up speed gradually as he makes a U-turn in the wide street and head toward Max's Plumbing a few blocks away. We watch as a fire truck arrives at the scene at last, which passes by the side of the café, where one of the K triplets--Kira--had just watched the Plumber Humvee take off.

[A few minutes later, as the Humvee arrives at the Max's Plumbing building, we watch as Monty K removes his vibrating phone from his pocket. While no name appears on screen, the phone number of the caller does appear, one he recognizes. He takes the call.]

Monty K: Hey. You know this isn't the right time. Is this important?
Caller (female voice): It really is. Was that you in the alley?
Monty K: Yes. Why?
Caller (female voice): You know we were doing something with Ben. It's taking your money to pay for organizing this.
Monty K: Which you'll pay back in due time. I understand there is a problem with this, so once Ben comes back, I promise you you can reorganize this for another day, and I won't put it on your tabs.
Caller (female voice): Thanks, I guess. I'm going to have to manage to get them all to come back sometime.
Monty K: We'll figure it out, alright?
Caller (female voice): Alright. Bye.
Monty K: See ya.

Monty hears a beep then puts away his phone. He looks over to the front passenger seat, which Ben had managed to escape from during Monty's call. The front door of the Max's Plumbing is seen sliding closed. We pan out of the car as Monty and his fellow Plumbers step out of the Humvee, closing their doors, and entering Max's Plumbing. After a bright green glow within the Max's Plumbing building, a portion of the ground under the Humvee slides away to make way for the underground garage which blends into the road, taking the Humvee into the ground then replacing the disguised garage platform.

[We transition to the inside of the underground Plumber base where Max is standing in front of the long tube through which Plumbers enter. Ben appears first, followed by Monty K and the rest of his sector of Kilo squad. They all salute Max, who simply stands there with his arms crossed.]

Max: I got your message, Monty.
Monty K: Sorry, Max, but this is what Ben and his Omnitrix have proven to be at the scene.
Max: Show me, Ben.

Ben stretches out his arm.

Ben: Show the clip, Omnitrix.
Omnitrix: That feature is currently unavailable.
Max: What's wrong with your Omnitrix, Ben? I can't just go out and announce these guys' return unless I have proof.
Monty K: Wait, I may have the video. Monty K removes the red badge on his chest, under which wires which are intended to be hidden are shown. I'm sure this isn't supposed to be removed, but last I checked, it actively keeps recordings.
Max: And sends them to your badges. You didn't need to remove it, but I guess we'll make do and have Blukic and Driba repair your suit when you're off-duty. Cooper, Adam, Graham, you're free to go. Monty, Ben, follow me. The three other Plumbers in Monty's squad salute Max before dispersing. Max then begins to walk towards one of the unmanned computers, with Monty K and Ben following close behind. Max places Monty K's red chest badge onto a circular port next to the computer's flat keyboard. As the computer quickly beats up, Max seats himself, and while still facing the computer, speaks to Ben behind him. What happened to you, Ben?
Ben: He shot some kind of beam at me while I was Alkamine. It went straight through me. I was able to rebuild it, but not even with skin.
Max: Did that transfer over to you in your regular form?
Ben: I don't think so, but--ow--it's still painful.
Max: Alkamine? One of your new transformations?
Ben: Yeah, a Jade Fibroozell.
Max: I see. If you want, we can keep you in a stasis pod. It should take about a day to heal.
Ben: It's the middle of a school week. I couldn't just--
Max: This is a medical issue, Ben. Your school can't force you to be in when you need to heal.
Ben: Grandpa, it's fine. I just need a shirt or something to cover it up.
Max: Are you sure?
Ben: I'm sure, Grandpa.
Max: Do you have any more at home?
Ben: Yeah...Julie got me them all, in exchange for some new shirts of her own.
Max: Then I'm sure while you're beating Scarogus again, you'll be proud to wear shirts she bought for you.
Ben: It's not Scare who did that to her. It was Albedo. And he's already done...whether we wanted him to end that way or not...
Max: You did what you had to do, Ben. There are some times when there really is only one way to get the job done. Gratefully, you're the kind of hero who uses it sparsely, truly utilizing it as the last ditch effort. And he was going to take lives--more than he already had. You saved two planets at that point, one destroyed and one that would have been conquered had you and your team fallen. You did good, Ben.
Ben: It still doesn't feel right, though.
Max: It never does, Ben.
Ben: The way you put it, it's like you've had to yourself. Have you, Grandpa?

Max stays silent for a moment.

Max: Sometimes you have to do what you have to do, Ben. He spins around in his chair and tosses the red badge to Monty K. Well, that confirms it.
Ben: You watched the video already?
Max: I just was while we were talking. This is an important matter that must be dealt with. Max stands up and holds Ben's arm as he looks at the Omnitrix, which is still timed out. Your Omnitrix was able to at least respond to commands earlier, even though it's timed out. That doesn't make any sense.
Ben: Maybe it's, like, selectively timed out?
Max: It's possible. You told me last week that Azmuth gave you this Omnitrix with all new aliens?
Ben: And Streak.
Max: And Streak. And if your Omnitrix truly did take that alien as Scarogus, then that means that truly was a Thep Khufan.
Ben: Yeah...
Max: You don't have Benmummy at the moment, Ben. I believe you're getting it scanned.
Ben: Great. Only, like, 60 left to get back, more if the Ultimates are separate.
Max: Let's hope not. Ben, you're going to need your full arsenal back. When your Omnitrix is recharged, call Azmuth and tell him about the situation.
Ben: But Grandpa--
Max: No buts. This is far more important than anything. We know how powerful the Commander was, and we are fully aware of how cunning Scarogus is. The Commander may be gone, but Scarogus could prove to be a worse threat as the Thep Khufan Armada's leader.
Monty K: I'm willing to help in any way possible, Max.
Max: You're going to need a functional suit then, Monty. Head down to Blukic and Driba.

Monty K nods then salutes Max with the red badge in his hand. He walks away.

Ben: Grandpa, Azmuth won't give me my aliens back, I know it already.
Max: Why not?
Ben: He wants to test me, to make sure I'm able to actually fight with new aliens.
Max: That's crazy. Get to him as soon as possible and make sure he reactivates all of your aliens. I don't want to hear any more until then.
Ben: Alright, Grandpa. He holds up his Omnitrix arm. Omnitrix, call Azmuth.
Omnitrix: That feature is currently unavailable.
Ben: Guess not.
Max: Then wait until your Omnitrix is recharged. I'll want to hear back from you later.
Ben: And if Azmuth won't give me my aliens?
Max: Then he better hope Scarogus doesn't have anything up his sleeves that's as powerful as the Tritadagen.

Ben nods.

Ben: Can I get a ride back to the café first?
Max: Sure. ROOK!

Rook Blonko runs into the area promptly.

Rook: Yes, Magister?
Max: Take Ben to Uncle Bob's Café, it's just up the street.
Rook: Is there something wrong with Ben? Max points to Ben's chest. That looks like a nasty injury. Maybe he should be brought to an infirmary?
Max: He refuses to, and that's fine. Let him heal on his own, or figure something else out if we end up doomed again.
Rook: Umm...okay?
Max: Well, what are you waiting for? Go!

Rook nods, then helps Ben walk over to the vehicle hold.

[We transition to Uncle Bob's Café as a fire truck leaves the area and many either return to the inside or disperse, leaving the area completely. The Proto-TRUK pulls up in front of the café. Ben leaps out of the front passenger seat, then Rook makes a U-turn and drives back. Ben walks up to the café entrance and enters. He finds himself in a fairly empty room, populated only by Rex, the K triplets, and a black-haired teenage girl in a black sweater seated at the bar area at the counter. Ben approaches the K triplets.]

Kira: Great job, hero. Everyone left. You're lucky dad said he'd let us do this again for free.
Ben: Sorry, I--(he is distracted by the girl seated at the bar) Hey, you said everyone's gone?
Kira: Yes. Or are you seeing people?
Ben (beginning to walk towards the counter): What about her?
Kira: She--

Kara slaps her hand over Kira's mouth as Ben approaches the teenage girl and seats himself next to her, realizing that while the TV at the bar is tuned to the Will Harangue Nation, her full attention is on a video game she is playing on a Game Boy-esque device.

Ben: Whoa. Super Sumo Slammers IV?
Girl: Yeah.
Ben: Not paying any attention to Harangue's rant?
Girl: I am. The overcoat alien, Scarogus, is an alien enemy. He needs to be stopped.
Ben: Well, I might just be of assistance. He's a bad guy I'm already after. He puts his hand out to shake the girl's. Ben Tennyson.
Girl: Not right now. Busy.

The girl focuses on her game while overhearing Will Harangue's TV rant.

Will Harangue (TV): So we've got word that Ben Tennyson was just found fighting with the overcoat alien "Scarogus." And guess who won? Definitely not the one you think is a hero, the one who's obviously working with this alien to continue the plot for our downfall! That's right, people, Ben Tennyson.

The girl pauses her game.

Girl: Wait, you ran into him...and failed?
Ben: Yeah, but next time, he's not getting away so easily. I've got Benmummy back, and I intend to get all my aliens back to beat him.
Girl: I'm not a huge fan. I don't hate you, though, but I want to see him out of the way.
Ben: Any reason why you want him gone so badly?
Girl: Personal stuff.
Ben: And your name?
Girl: What about it?
Ben: Is it too personal to share?
Girl:, I don't think it is. It's Mercedes, Mercedes Barnes.



Gwen enlists in the K triplets from Ben's school to help him overcome a recent tragedy.

Major Events

  • The K triplets (Kara, Kira, and Kai) debut.
  • One of Ben's professors, Montclair Kennedy, is revealed to be a Plumber who goes by the alias "Monty K."
  • Mercedes Barnes returns after Welcome to Chronospect.

Assault Omnitrix Alien Debuts



Aliens Used (by Ben)

Disguised Used (by Sii)

  • Ssserpent/Alien Snake
  • Evolved Arburian Pelarota
  • Tetramand
  • Talpaedan



  • The episode title and location in the series was inadvertently let out with the announcement of the alien "Frogger", who was confirmed to first appear in the same episode.
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