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The Homesick Trilogy is the second arc revealed in Ben 10: Alien Universe. It had only 3 parts, and the main villains were the Highbreed and the DNAliens. The story engaged after Ben and Kevin found out that they were hanging out with a DNAlien disguised as Gwen, trying to kill him because he stopped their masters' evil-doing, the Highbreed.


  • Homesick Trilogy: Part 1, the first part of the trilogy where Ben and Kevin learn that Gwen has been kidnapped and begin their search for whoever's told the DNAliens to kidnap her.
  • Homesick Trilogy: Part 2, the second part of the trilogy where Ben believes Zs'Skayr (Ghostfreak) is behind the kidnapping of his cousin Gwen, and tracks him down. Gwen is found in this episode.
  • Homesick Trilogy: Part 3, the third and final part of the trilogy where the full gang apprehend the Highbreed behind getting the DNAliens to capture Gwen and replace her with a disguised DNAlien.

Major Events[]

  • The DNAliens are stopped, and the only ones remaining after this episode are not hostile and only wish to have a cure from Ben.
  • Gwen is kidnapped in Part 1 but then found in Part 2.
  • The Highbreed appear.
  • Zs'Skayr secretly inducts Albedo as his minion and turns Albedo into Albedo Ben yet again.

Omnitrix Debuts[]

  • Diamondhead (Part 1)
  • Upchuck (Part 2)
  • Way Big (Part 2)
  • XLR8 (Part 2)
  • Ghostfreak (Part 2)
  • Brainstorm (Part 2)
  • Chromastone (Part 3)


Main Villains[]

  • The DNAliens
  • Zs'Skayr
  • Highbreed Commander Okel