Homesick is the third comic of Young Plumbers.

Young Plumbers Comics
Set 1, Issue 2
Production Code: A02
Release Date: November 17, 2012
Written By: Paper
Artist: Paper
Directed By: Paper
Set 1 List
"Partners in Crime"
"On the Hunt"


Plumbers' Academy
August 14, 2012, 9:11 AM EDT

[Paper, Sci, Toon, and Bink are walking down the hallway.]

[Sci]: Are we sure about this?

[Toon]: I'm sure...

[Bink]: Well are you sure you're sure...

[Toon]: Yes, I'm sure I'm sure...

[Paper]: We need a vacation. We need some alone time before the next term starts. I mean, we've been here since mid May. It's been 3 months away from home.

[Sci]: I can finally get back to Midnight City...

[Toon]: Midnight City? Is that some kind of a joke?

[Sci]: It's actually where I live...

[Toon]: That would sound like a cool city to live in... I'm stuck with Newport.

[Bink]: At least your not Arington.

[Toon]: That does sound pretty boring...

[Sci]: What about you Paper...

[Paper]: Fellson City. It's a small city... You've probably never heard of it...

[Sci]: Nope...

[Bink]: Heh heh, so now that we pretty much know where the other's live, me might as well be going...


[A panel shows them arriving in the lobby where Hornbok is waiting for them.]

[Hornbok]: I've loaded your things onto the ship. Now let's get going.

[The four recruits and Hornbok board the ship. A moment later it takes off and heads for Earth.]

[Hornbok]: So Ben is waiting for you back on Earth. You'll arrive at night, stay in a hotel outside of Cape Canaveral and then depart for your own home cities.

[Paper]: Sounds good to me...

[Hornbok]: Remember that the next term begins Monday, September 17, so you have just over a month to do whatever you want.

[Sci]: Sounds good to me...

[Hornbok]: Just as long as you don't get into any trouble...

[Toon]: Have we ever gotten into trouble?

[Hornbok]: Oh, plenty of times...

[On the next page, a panel shows the ship arriving and the recruits getting out. Ben Tennyson is waiting for them.]

Cape Canaveral
August 14, 2012, 6:19 PM EDT

[Ben Tennyson]: How have you guys been? Long time no see?

[Bink]: It's only been like a month...

[Ben Tennyson]: Yeah... I'm assuming Hornbok told you the plans...

[Toon]: Hotel; split up; meet back here on the 16th so we can be at the academy by the 17th...

[Ben Tennyson]: Correct... Now let's go to that hotel...

[They exit the facility and walk into town. After walking down the street for a while, some of the locals welcome them simply by saying hi our waving. Ben Tennyson looks around at the different people of the town and smiles at them.]

[Ben Tennyson]: See what it's like to travel with a famous person?

[Paper]: Yeah, I see it alright...

[The recruits and Tennyson continue to walk along.]


[On the next, a panel showing a dog-like creature is shown. It runs down a back alley and then bursts into the street in front of Tennyson and the others.]

[Ben Tennyson]: Get down...

[Tennyson transforms into Crashhopper. He jumps at the dog and lands on him, crushing him into the ground. He jumps off as the dog gets up and turns into a Mucilator.]

[Crashhopper]: Exactly what I didn't want to happen... STOP IT!

[Paper takes out a bow and fires an exploding arrow at the Mucilator. Sci and Toon blast fire at it as Bink throws magic attacks at it. Crashhopper transforms into Lodestar and sends a bunch of metal scraps flying at the Mucilator, flipping it over. It turns back into a dog and jumps at Lodestar, knocking him back. Sci sends a rock fist at the dog, making it slide across the ground.]

[Sci]: What is this thing?

[Lodestar]: Just keep attacking...

[Sci and Toon throw more fireballs at the dog. It eventually gets up and starts to run away. Lodestar detransforms.]

[Toon]: What was that...?

[Ben Tennyson]: That was Khyber's dog?

[Bink]: And who is Khyber?

[Ben Tennyson]: An alien hunter that you've never met... And hopefully you never will...

[Sci]: Well shouldn't we look into it?

[Ben Tennyson]: I suppose we could...


[The four recruits are walking down the street. Ben Tennyson is way ahead of them talking to the townspeople. Some say they've seen the pet before, but none know anything about it.]

[Ben Tennyson]: This is hopeless!

[Paper]: Or maybe not!

[He points to an angry cluster of people standing in the center of the road.]

[Man #1]: We want our children back!

[Man #2]: The beast cannot get away with this any longer?

[Sci]: Children? Beast?

[Man #2]: You haven't heard of the kidnappings? An alien dog has been taking children every third night...

[Ben Tennyson]: We've heard of it... This alien dog attacked as just now... We've got a plan to capture it...

[Toon]: We do?

[Ben Tennyson]: Well we do now... Just wait for three days...

Cape Canaveral
August 17, 2012, 8:19 PM EDT

[Ben Tennyson and the others have set a trap for Khyber's dog. They've placed a stuffed doll and a large slab of meet inside a cage. They've placed it at the edge of town and are waiting in an alley so that they can watch without being too close. Khyber's dog can now be seen running down the hill outside of town. It slowly walks up to the cage and growls at it. It jumps at the cage and knocks it over. It quickly eats the meat and then spends a little time growling at the doll.]

[Bink]: It didn't work?

[Paper]: Get it!


[Paper fires an exploding arrow at the dog. It gets knocked out the cage, which somehow remains intact. Sci prepares a large whirlwind and then throws it at the dog, knocking it far back. Ben Tennyson transforms into Armadrillo and then punches the dog into the ground. The dog turns into a Slamworm and then burrows into the ground. It comes up underneath Armadrillo and throws him into air. Bink blasts magic attacks at the Slamworm, knocking it down to the ground and turning it back into the dog. Toon runs out and grabs the cage. Sci throws fireballs at the dog, making it run back, but as it turns around, Toon jumps forward and traps the dog in the cage, closing the door behind it.]

[Toon]: Hopefully this holds...

[He places the cage on the ground and then collapses. Armadrillo detransforms.]

[Ben Tennyson]: Well that's quite a relief...

[He picks up the cage and places it down on a hovering cart. He drags the cart behind him as he begins to walk back to the base.]

[Ben Tennyson]: You should follow me to the base, just to make sure puppy here doesn't escape.

[Paper]: And we absolutely can't let that happen.


[The next page shows the closed cage. Ben Tennyson and the recruits are standing across from it.]

[Sci]: So you can take it back to the Plumber's base. We can find our own ways to get to our cities...

[Toon]: Sounds good to me...

[Ben Tennyson]: Well can you at least help me load it onto the ship...?

[Bink]: Sure...

[Ben Tennyson walks forward to pick up the cage but suddenly the door bursts open and Khyber's dog bursts out of it.]

[Ben Tennyson]: No, bad puppy!

[Khyber's dog jumps at Ben Tennyson and knocks him to the ground. It makes a break for the exit and then runs into town as the recruits chase after it. They run all the way into town, and by the time they make it to the edge, the dog is long gone.]


[Man #1]: Hopefully it doesn't come back...

[Paper]: Don't worry, sir. If it does come back, we'll come back, too.

[Man #2]: And thank you for all your help these past few days...

[Sci]: Don't mention it...

[Toon]: Seriously, don't mention it...

[The two men nod to each other and then nod to the recruits. A panel shows the recruits entering the facility again.]

[Ben Tennyson]: It got away?

[Bink]: It sure did..

[Sci]: Well I doubt it will come back... But we never did find those children...

[Toon]: Don't worry, we'll find them eventually...

[Ben Tennyson steps outside and looks into the village. He notices that a bunch of children have returned to the village.]

[Ben Tennyson]: Somehow I don't think that will be necessary...

[Bink]: Well lucky us...

[Paper]: Lucky us indeed...

[The final panel shows the four recruits and Tennyson sharing a laugh.]

[The End]

Partners in Crime

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