Holy Diver

Holy Diver

Unholy Diver

General Information
Species Sanquor
Home World Spaqua
Body Anthropomorphic Diving Suit
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Water Breathing
Drill Creation
Super Strength
Equipment Diving Armor
Classification Fauna/Automata
Alien Number 6
Namesake Holy Diver by Dio
First Appearance The Hero

Holy Diver is an alien from the series Tech 10: Star Spirit.

He also appears in Ben 10: New Age.


Holy Diver's abilities include:

  • Water Breathing
  • Pressure Resistance
  • Drill Creation
  • Super Strength
  • Enhanced Armor


Holy Diver is a biomechanical, humanoid alien with the appearance of a bronze old diving suit. Several lights dot his helmet, and a pressurized tank is attached to the right side of his back. He has several Intergalactic Peace Symbols on his leg armor and his tank.

His right eye is visible from under a circular viewport covered by two support bars, and his left eye is covered by a three-point zooming apparatus. His fingers are arranged around the outside of his arm to allow for his Drill Creation. The StarTrix symbol is on the left side of his chest.


Holy Diver is rather slow and inflexible, and is unable to keep with with faster opponents.

Projection Transformation

When used as a Projection Transformation, Holy Diver's main directive is to mine through barriers and protect the user at all costs.

Unholy Diver

An alternate version of Holy Diver known as 'Unholy Diver' first appeared in Mad World. His appearance is generally the same, save for an inverted color scheme, the support bars above his right eye being absent, and the StarTrix symbol being replaced with that of an unknown Omnitrix.

Appearances (Star Spirit)

Holy Diver

Unholy Diver

Appearances (Ben 10: New Age)


  • Holy Diver's appearance was based mostly on the various types of Big Daddies from the Bioshock series, with a few elements based on Kopaka Nuva from Bionicle.

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