The Hollowtrix is an item used by Jenny Tennyson,the main character of the fanmade series Ben 10:HollowVerse,a fiction created by Toookao,that happens in an alternate universe were most of female and male Ben 10 characters 

Vital statistics
Type Item


Effects Alien transforming device

Turn its owner into different aliens

Source Galvan Prime
Cost to buy Over millions of Spacialos
Cost to sell Over millions of Spacialos

This version of the Omnitrix has many

errors and glitches,as it turns Jenny

in a different alien than she wants or turns into an alien at the most stupid situations possible.

It has over 100.000.000 alien DNA in it,such as the original 10 and other new aliens,than in the most Ben 10 series.

Jenny hates this version of The Omnitrix because of its glitches and errors,even so Azmuth doesn't want to take it back,because he wants to see Jenny maturizing,and not anymore act like a spoiled brat,as Azmuth says.

Even so it will take more time than the original Ben did,as she got her omnitrix when she was 13 years old,not 10 like her original counterpart.

This second version of Jenny's Omnitrix was created by Azmuth in time of one year after the destructon of the original Omnitrixium after her fight with Vilgax,he created it because of Jenny's insuportable calls to the little Galvan from the the Plumbers headquarters.


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