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Previously,on Carl 10...

Carl:Hey,why are you and dad eating sausages?For breakfest?

Mia:We wanted to order a pizza,but because you earned an F,you will not have anything to eat.

Carl's teacher:Your problem.TO BE CONTINUED...

(School bell rings)

Carl:Oh,that's so unfair!

Leonard:It is fair,BTW,i am in the next...(Bank robbers runs out of the bank,with money)...street.

Carl:(prepares Ultramatrix)Hero Time!

(3 shadows appear in smoke)

Carl:More robbers???

Alex:(to Sam and Clover)Let's kick their butt!

Carl:(Shocked)Clover,Sam and Alex?I am so their fan!(Transforms)Magne-Tud?Really?

Clover:Who or what is that?

Magne-Tud:Um...I am your...Biggest fan!


Magne-Tud:Gonna magnetism!(Magnetizes robbers and ands hardly puts them down)

Alex:Nice move,um...Who's your friend,Clover?


Clover:Well,i really don't...(Carl retransforms back)...know?

Alex:Hey,you're cute!

Sam and Clover:-_-

Sam:So,you are also a hero?Or a spy?

Carl:Well,WOOHP spy,active superhero and...that's it.

Clover:You seem familiar.What's your name?How old are you?

Carl:Really?Am i in a quiz?

Clover:Just answer.

Carl:Carl,12 years old.You?

Clover:Well i am Clover...

Carl:I know that...

Clover:And 15 years old.

Leonard:Um,Carl?(Carl turns to Leonard)Should'nt you go home?

Carl:Go to your home,i will go home later.


Clover:So,what now?

Carl:How about we go to my home?

Clover:Such a good idea!

Sam:Well,let's go!

At Carl's house[]

Carl:Here,ONLY MY house.(sees a spot)Girls?

Sam,Clover and Alex:Yeah?

Carl:WOOHP coming right up.

Sam:That means...(all of them fall in hole)

Clover:I hate this!

Carl:(transforms)But Cannonbolt loves it!(rolls into sphere)

(Girls fall down)

Jerry:Good afternoon,girls.(Sees them looking up)Girls?

Clover,Sam and Alex:INCOMING!!(Splits)

Carl:(falls on butt,retransforms)Hi,Jer!

Jerry:Carl?Is this really you?

Carl:Believe it or not,yes.This is me.

5 years before...

Carl(7 years):Helix,you are no match for...(Xtratrix charges down)

Helix:What is the matter?Afraid of me?

Carl(7 years):Not even a bit.

Helix:(grabs Carl)Really?Now?

Carl:A bit...(Xtratrix puts out electricity,killing Helix)...Wow!That was so lame fight...