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Previously,on Carl 10... Carl:Time to go home.Carl:Colorman!...TO BE CONTINUED

Carl:WTH do you want?


Carl:(Transforms)Whoa,a new alien!!!Nice!(Shoots knifes at Colorman)

Colorman:That is THE BEST YOU CAN DO???

UnknownAlien:Well,i even don't know how this alien is called,so...(Transforms)Ghostfreak!

Colorman:Ghosts?I am not afraid of ghosts!

Ghostfreak:Then you will see something very scary.(Rips off his skin,possesses him)

Colorman:(Being possesd) in the air)

Ghostfreak:That is what he...NO!lLIGHT!!!(Retransforms)


Tommorow,in the morning

Mia:(Yelling at Carl to get out of bedl)CARL!GET OUT OF BED!!

Carl:But mom...

Mia:No but!Even that is friday,last day,GET OUT!!!THIS INSTANT!(Closes door)

Carl:Ow,allright!(Gets out of bed)Going to brush teeth,wash my face,get day clothing and go eat breakfest.It seems like 10 minutes,but it is like 10 hours.Okay,to bathroom.

On breakfest...

Carl:Hey,why are you and dad eating sausages?For breakfest?

Mia:We wanted to order a pizza,but because you earned an F,you will not have anything to eat.

Carl:I knew you hated me!

Mia:Your problem,young man.Now school.

At school...

Carl's teacher:3 F?Nicely earned,Charlie.I GO TO A VACATION JUST FOR 2 DAYS,AND YOU GET 3 F FROM SCIENCE!


Carl's teacher:Your problem.