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The List of episodes for season 2 of History Of Heroes


#1 - Fusimatrix Overload[]

When Kevin 11 robs a warehouse, Kurt and Ben must join forces to take him out. Explains the origin of Ultimate Kevin 11. Takes place between And Then There Was Kurt 10 and Reality Check

#2 - Elementals[]

Aggregor kidnaps Bivalvan, Galapagus, Ra'ad, P'andor and Andreas. They try to escape but only cause Aggregor's ship to crash in front of Kurt's house. Can Kurt and bounty hunter Dreg stop Aggregor form succeeding in kidnapping the five? Takes place between Animo's Ultimate Ray and Eve 10.

#3 - OmniCreation[]

Kurt must track down the three orbs needed to make the Malefictrix, Arcanatrix, and Goditrix. Takes place between Lightning Quick and Meet The Saturdays

#4- No More Lava[]

Kurt and George try to find a way to make Eve turn back to Human from her Lava mutated form. Takes place between "Sharkboy" and "Lavagirl" Part 2 and Hunters

#5- OmniMutation[]

How George was mutated into a Talpanean. Takes place between Ghastly Surprise and Fused Part 1

#6 - Negason[]

The story of Kurt's Negason's origins, from how his mother died to when he was adopted by the Negasons, to live what would have been a normal life. Takes place between Glitched and Girl Curse

#7 - Crown Of Pisciss[]

Kruti is called to go to Pisciss to see her father - her REAL father! On the way, she finds out why she was sent to Earth as a baby. Takes place between Girl Curse and Hunted...Again