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Hilo-Hilo Makas are a species from the planet Hilo Pagpatay.


Hilo-Hilo Makas are large, humanoid bug-like creatures. They have stubby limbs, and large eyes.


Hilo-Hilo Makas live dangerous, tribal lives. For a while, they had a human-like civilization, but the introduction of anarchy destroyed this, and their world has returned to a natural state.


  • Hilo-Hilo Makas have a variety of toxic abilities, such as a poisonous skin, pores, and spit, along with venomous teeth and claws.


  • Hilo-Hilo Makas have stubby limbs that make it difficult to reach far away.

Notable Hilo-Hilo Makas

  • Poison Dart (The Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Hilo-Hilo Maka)
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