General Information
Species Off-the-grounder Kirlia
Age 14
Powers and Equipment
Powers Psychokinesis
Limited Cyrokinesis
Shadow Teleportation
Pokémon Info
Types Psychic
Ability Cursed Body
Voice Actor Erin Fitzgerald

Hikari is a character in Pokémon Sky. She first appeared in All That Glitters, Is Bright Lights from the Derwin 13 Shorts. She is a Off-the-grounder Kirlia from the Off-the-ground.


She has ankle length, black, curly hair with eyes hidden by her bangs. Much of her hair is often tied into a large bun. She is tall for a Kirlia and pale. She has a jagged white dress that has a spiderweb pattern on it, but she owns many other outfits.

In the episode Pride Month, her hair and leggings are a dark pink and her dress is light pink, with the spiderweb pattern orange.


She is quiet and gloomy, though not when Yami’s around. She likes creepy things a lot, but will tone it down for the less gothicly inclined. She likes making clothes with Yami.

Powers and Abilities

She has psycokinesis and cyrokinesis.

She has mastered the family technique of Shadow Teleportation.

Her Ability is Cursed Body, which has a chance to disable an attack that touches her.


Her Shadow Teleportation forces negative emotions on her.




...and then the demon-I’ll stop now.


Derwin is easily scared, and Hikari respects that. She does not go overboard with the creepyness when he is around. She teases him by calling him smol.


Stop it! You’re scaring him!


She is amicable towards her sister, but often fights because of Koumori‘s stubbornness.

Love Interests


Meet my adorable girlfriend, Yami!

–Hikari, All That Glitters, Is Bright Lights

Yami and Hikari are quite affectionate to each other, often cuddling or snuggling. They can turn any situation into a sweet nothing, including being attacked by a member of Atomix's Species.



  • Her favorite aliens are Anur Aliens.
  • Hikari’s name was originally used for an early scraped idea of a girlfreind for Derwin before being used for this character, and the girlfriend part being used on Lynn.
  • She has a black bunny pet.
  • Her akumatized self is Dark Femme.
  • She uses a ”Vampire” deck.
  • Her Alternate art is based on Zelda’s from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • During October, she puts on her best gothic fashion, finds random passerby, and says incredibly gruesome stories to them.


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