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General Information
Species Scintylo
Body Animalistic
Prey Chamalien
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Sharp Teeth
Sharp Tips
360 Vision
Infrared Vision
Light Generation
Slime Dissolution
Venom Immunity

Highlight is the Nemetrix's DNA sample of a Scintylo from an unknown planet and the predatory species of Merlinisapiens.


Highlight is a small, animalistic alien covered in black fur. Its limbs end on sharp tips and are coated by red scales. It has a large mouth filled with irregularly shaped teeth. It possesses five stalks, two coming out from each side of its head and one from the top, ending in glowing red eyes.

Highlight wears the Nemetrix on a spiked red belt around its waist.

Powers and Abilities

Highlight possesses sharp teeth, able to tear through many materials.

Its tips at the end of its limbs are also sharp enough to pierce through concrete.

Highlight's eye stalks allow it to practically see in every direction.

Highlight's infrared vision allows it to detect the thermal signature of Merlinisapiens, even when camouflaged.

Highlight's eyes can produce a blinding flash that can incapicate a Merlinisapien for several seconds.

Highlight is able to produce a substance that dissolves the slime layer naturally covering Merlinisapiens, making them easy to catch and grip.

Highlight is immune to the paralyzing venom secreted by a Merlinisapien's tail barb.


Highlight's eye stalks are thin and if stretched past a certain point can cause it great discomfort.



  • This predator was adapted from the 17th Nemetrix predator concept design created by Tom Perkins, in a collaboration between Ulti and Ultra.