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The High Override
HO Army.png
General Information
Species Superior Fulmini
Home World Fulmas
Dimension Delta Dimension
Occupations Fulmini Ruler (formerly)
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Fulmini Control
Body Alteration
Weapon Manifestation
Force Field Generation
Energy Absorption
Energy Redirection
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Allies Timekiller
First Appearance Striking Twice

The High Override is a villain from the Delta Dimension in Earth-1010. He is a Superior Fulmini from the planet Fulmas. In Earth-1010, he first appeared in the episode Striking Twice in Ben 10: Delta Days.


The High Override is a tall purple Fulmini with regal adornments built into his body, including a cape made of energy, tall sharp crown-like horns, and a high collar. He stands at nearly twice the size of Shock Rock.


High Override is a prideful and authoritative character, who will always seek to maintain power and control over a situation and will always take the path that best suits his path to gain greater power.

Power and Abilities

High Override possesses all of the abilities of the rest of his race with the added benefit of being a Superior Fulmini, and therefore able to exert his own mind over the minds of other members of his race. This ability can only be contested by other Superior Fulmini, those of incredible individuality or empowered by the servitude of lesser Fulmini. He has repeatedly proven this ability over Shock Rock.


Due to his defeat on Earth, his control over the Fulmini has swayed. His ability to control the minds of the Fulmini has been countermanded by Supreme Controller.


High Override attempted to use the active DNA chamber of Shock Rock to invade the Earth. However, thanks to the efforts of Ben, Gwen, Max, and Glitch, he was defeated and hurled back through his portal to Fulmas.

Ben 10: Delta Days

Due to his defeat on Earth, the High Override has been overthrown by a new power- the Supreme Controller! While fleeing from the Supreme Controller, in the episode Striking Twice, High Override was sent to Earth by Timekiller, where he fought Ben and Kevin Levin before being recruited by Timekiller to become a willing Time Breaker.


Ben 10: Delta Days


  • This was the first High Override page to be created for BTFF, and was the first version of the character to appear in any series on this wiki.
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