You might have been looking for Ben 10: Hidden Universe, the movie in which this location would have first appeared.

The Hidden Universe is the Codon Stream of the Alien Universe timeline. It is located inside the prototype Omnitrix and Assault Omnitrix. It first appeared in Ben 10: Invasion of the Omnitrix when Azmuth brought Ben into the Omnitrix when Darkstar began to steal several of Ben's best transformations. Sentient versions of every alien in the watch co-exist in this world. Every species has duplicates, and every sentient form converse and live as if in real life. When transforming, the Omnitrix takes one of the sentient forms, blanks their mind and DNA to fill it in with the user's, and then lets the users use it. When the user is done with the transformation, it is sent back down with the previously lost mind and DNA intact.

Notable Inhabitants


  • Had it appeared in Ben 10: Hidden Universe first, it would have been an empty world where the sky is always pitch black. Several small grassy platforms exist there, and large grey-floored platforms exist as well.
  • It was broken into by Darkstar thanks to an exploit. This bug/exploit was fixed by Azmuth after Invasion of the Omnitrix.
  • Brainstorm, Chromastone, and Alien X have singular copies of themselves inside the Hidden Universe. Ergo, if they are taken from the Omnitrix (such as in Invasion of the Omnitrix), they cannot be selected until a new sample is taken or the old ones are replaced.
    • For some reason, Humongousaur could not be used after his sample was taken after Invasion even though plenty more copies existed in the Hidden Universe. This has not been explained.
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