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Simien 10: Blood Monkey

A Hexatrix is a Omnitrix-like device in Simien 10: Blood Monkey.


A Hexatrix is typically a black gauntlet-like device with a hexagonal Omnitrix symbol on its plate.

The Hexatrix attaches differently to aliens of different species, for instance it attaches as a belt for Cerebrocrustaceans and attaches to the aliens core in case of a fluid/non-solid alien such as a Thep Khufan or a Lenopan.


Hexatrixes randomly began appearing around 10 years before the beginning of Blood Monkey. They usually come out of wormholes in random places throughout the galaxy.

The current origin and creator of the Hexatrix remains unknown.


A Hexatrix's function resembles a basic version of an Omnitrix, allowing the user to transform into up to 6 aliens by selecting an alien from a silhouette in the hexagon. The alien form can be changed mid-transformation, although it takes more of the Hexatrix's energy, shortening the next transformations time.

These aliens can be choosed by sampling their DNA if the Hexatrix has empty slots, which it usually will have if newly spawned. An alien can be scanned by activating the Hexatrix's scan feature. Aliens which have already been scanned onto the Hexatrix cannot be removed and as such the alien list cannot be changed after 6 aliens have been selected.

Hexatrixes require neural detachment before they can be removed, which isn't a simple process. Removed Hexatrixes can be reattached with ease, but changing Hexatrix users can change the new users DNA massively, either changing the user's DNA into a random alien species or fusing both. As such used Hexatrixes carry a massive risk to the user.

Hexatrixes can be tinkered, however the six alien limit cannot be passed.

Once tinkered with correctly, more than one Hexatrix can be equipped, increasing the alien number by 6 for each Hex.

Other Features

Besides the obvious Omnitrix-like ability, the Hexatrix also serves as a Universal Translator, automatically translating all languages spoken for the user.

A Hexatrix can also be modified to include other devices, such as a telephone, tracker, or a GPS.


Known Firsthand Users

Known Dual Hexatrix Users

Known Secondhand Users

Known Proto-Hexatrix Users

  • Chance Rolloc
  • Erdan Iogibb

Known Alien DNA

Name Species Home Planet DNA Sample Users
Acidrain Derreteir Fundirse Unknown (Simien)

King Xiv (Deimios)

Simien Tumbilly

Deimios Miedo

Aerofin Baharian Espacio Enorme Unknown Simien Tumbilly
Bonecrusher Esqueletan Espiritu Unknown Simien Tumbilly
Brainfreeze Cervellon Glace Cerveaun Unknown Simien Tumbilly
Crushtacean Cangrejon Espacio Enorme Unknown Simien Tumbilly
Dark Hole Calabozon Buconeron Chance Rolloc Simien Tumbilly

Zynon Cripton

Drillbit Terrageonian Geon Unknown Simien Tumbilly
Forestfire Xylopyron Incendiebois Unknown Simien Tumbilly
Magnetosphere Imonian Acqua Succhaire Unknown Simien Tumbilly
Megabite Mordidan Selva Cibus Simien Tumbilly
Soundwave Aguasonidan Acqua Succhaire Unknown Simien Tumbilly

Aiken Veeblepister

Whirlwind Escrocker Aimsir Unknown Simien Tumbilly
Apefruit Greipaldin Jamong Unknown Vorkus ComidasFood Dude
Rockplant Pleiospilos Nelii Kwaggavy Unknown Vorkus Comidas
Icecube Glacon Eiswurfel Unknown Vorkus Comidas
Cannonbolt Arburian Pelarota Arburia Unknown Vorkus Comidas
Spitter Spheroid Scalpasc Unknown Vorkus ComidasAiken Veeblepister
Forcefield Silovoe Kraftfield Unknown Vorkus Comidas
Arachnophobia Aranan Araignee Unknown Ic Cryoheilo
Icescream Ultrices Ipsum Glida Unknown Ic Cryoheilo
Airbug Airthropod Coleopteria Unknown Ic Cryoheilo
Slicor Cultellus Sakkin Unknown Ic Cryoheilo
Blackout Apagon Tenebris Unknown Ic Cryoheilo

Phobius Miedo

Klepto Voler Furtum Unknown Ic Cryoheilo
Lightning Dust Rodesteenian Singbleth Unknown Zynon CriptonThe Lightning Storm
Shrinktech Encoger Klein Unknown Zynon CriptonThe Lightning Storm
MindMatter Sentient Chemicoal Chemicon X Unknown Zynon Cripton
Electromagnet Maighnead Elektromagnes Unknown Zynon Cripton
Upgrade Galvanic Mechomorph Galvan B Unknown Zynon Cripton

Allen Greyson

Heatblast Pyronite Pyros Unknown Allen Greyson
Four Arms Tetramand Khoros Unknown Allen Greyson
XLR8 Kinneceleran Kinet Unknown Allen Greyson
Diamondhead Petrosapien Petropia Unknown Allen Greyson
Stinkfly Lepidopterran Lepidopterra Unknown Allen Greyson
Chainsaw Troconneuse Kettensage Unknown Pegajoso
AmpFibian Amperi Unknown Unknown Pegajoso
Overheal Voltarian Epoulothoun Unknown Pegajoso
Greasemonkey Mecanicon Mecano Unknown Pegajoso
Lodestar Biosovortian Unknown Unknown Pegajoso
Brainstorm Cerebrocrustacean Encephalonus IV Unknown Pegajoso
Atomizer Angstrom Chembe Unknown Zyrokks Cripton
Biohazard Bionian Biopia Ipnotizzare Zyrokks Cripton
Clockwise Vremyan Buconeron Unknown Zyrokks Cripton
Destroyer Heresian Harisia Unknown Zyrokks Cripton
Sunstorm Stellarsapien Proxima Solaris Unknown Zyrokks Cripton
??? Xormand Unknown Unknown Zyrokks Cripton
Snipershot Nozakres Mundee Unknown Set Ramses
Spikeback Espinan Selva Unknown Set Ramses
Sandbox Erodinian Non Precipi Unknown Set Ramses
ChamAlien Merlinisapien Unknown Unknown Set Ramses
Dinosword Velosabre Terradino Unknown Set Ramses
Velocityraptor Nopea Lisko Snabbodla Unknown Set Ramses
Gas Planet Astrocollosan Astrocollosus Unknown Anuke Ressan
Gravattack Galilean Keplorr Unknown Anuke Ressan
Barrier Reef Coral Titanoform Aquillis Unknown Anuke Ressan
Smashhammer Martellon Malleus Unknown Anuke Ressan
Sandstone Peschanik Ammopetra Unknown Anuke Ressan

Aiken Veeblepister

NRG Prypiatosian-B Unknown Unknown The Pyro-Knight
Starfall Malphuri Rakiah Unknown The Pyro-Knight
Lava Lamp Ravu-Aranpu Solumque Lucerna Unknown The Pyro-Knight
Dragonfly Libelulan Demoiselle Unknown The Pyro-Knight
Kugelblitz Feuer Brandstelle Unknown The Pyro-Knight
Bombastic Vomvan Zhadan Unknown The Pyro-Knight

Deimios Miedo

Swampfire Methanosian Methanos Unknown The Pyro-Knight
Pesky Dust Nemuina Nemunimos IV Unknown Phobius Miedo
Toepick Unknown Unknown Unknown Phobius Miedo
Ghostfreak Ectonurite Anur Phaetos Unknown Phobius Miedo
Bronzoon Metacho Exrantios Unknown Phobius Miedo
Mindswap Cajamovilian Rescorporis Unknown Phobius Miedo
Overkill Esqueletan Dominus Espiritu Unknown Deimios Miedo
Toxic Strahlung Uran Unknown Deimios Miedo
Eruption Vilkanon Alpha Solaranlage Unknown Deimios MiedoAiken Veeblepister
Whampire Vladat Anur Transyl Lord Transyl Deimios Miedo
Flashback Dejavian Dejavia Unknown Vender Rodriguez
Over The Rainbow Superiris Insulam Unknown Vender Rodriguez
Moustachio Moustachian Harustache Unknown Vender Rodriguez
Lightyear Solanian Alpha Solaranlage Unknown Vender Rodriguez
Tongue Twister Lucertolan Selva Unknown Vender Rodriguez
Sideways Schwerian Tyazhesti Unknown Vender Rodriguez
Goop Polymorph Viscosia Unknown Aiken Veeblepister
Superglue Cyanocrylatian Colle Unknown Aiken Veeblepister
Arcade Fire Laikash Kwebektor Unknown Chance Rolloc
Arctic Monkey Bydgiloft Wanpiwit Unknown Chance Rolloc
Death Grips Esqueletan Ex Espiritu Unknown Chance Rolloc
Modest Mouse Brokksaac Quiassah Unknown Chance Rolloc
Radiohead Canetis York Xodrof B Unknown Chance Rolloc
Run The Jewels Artijay Aurum III Unknown Chance Rolloc
Blur Daemon Mahir Faquacis Unknown Erdan Iogibb
The Creator Flo'repuer Phlognau Unknown Erdan Iogibb
Lizard Wizard Drazignik Arrebnak Unknown Erdan Iogibb
Mount Eerie Cornex Intuebantur Murevel Unknown Erdan Iogibb
Smash Mouth Umbadi Wanstold Unknown Erdan Iogibb
Smashing Pumpkin Syameez Kufrevlis II Unknown Erdan Iogibb
Cheesewheel Caravane Snofrisk Unknown Food Dude
Ek Lf Kj Unknown Food Dude
REO Oreonite Oreon Unknown Food Dude
Toastfreak Ectoastnurite Anur Phaetoast Unknown Food Dude
Western Corn Rootworm Diabrotican Cornotopia Unknown Food Dude
Buzzshock Nosedeenian Nosedeen Quasar Unknown The Lightning Storm
Eelectricity Teslamorpha Aquillis Unknown The Lightning Storm
Feedback Conductoid Teslavorr Unknown The Lightning Storm
Frankenstrike Transylian Anur Transyl Unknown The Lightning Storm


  • Closer examination of the Hexatrix's inside workings reveals multiple wormholes which might be connected to its random appearance throughout the galaxy.
  • Alien DNA and the 6 alien limit cannot be changed due to the alien DNA being stored potentially in another dimension, as the DNA is stored through the portals which are one sided.
  • The Hexatrix's energy source is also tied to the portals within it, as it cannot be charged using electricity or any other energy source.