The Herotrix is Kai's main device in Kai: The Hero's Adventure.

The Herotrix
The 'Heroic Omnimatrix'


Kai Hercule

Number of Aliens:

At the moment, 10



First Appearance:

It Came From The Galvan


When Ben Tennyson decided to retire from being a hero by destroying the Omnitrix, Azmuth wanted a new hero so he randomly picked Kai to be it. He couldn't give Kai any of his old ones so he created the Herotrix. He wanted to give it to give it Kai when he was matured so when Kai was at least 14 he gave it away. Now Kai currently wields it.


At the moment Kai only has 10 aliens but will get additional aliens;

  1. CrAsh
  2. Jet Stream
  3. Kaibat
  4. Grey Matter
  5. Kaiyan
  6. Sonic Boom
  7. Thin Ice
  8. Sludge Slug
  9. Majin Kai
  10. Bengoyle
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