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Herosapiens are an alien species (Nova Hero's species) that inhabit the star H6-009 in the series BATO.


Nova Hero, a Herosapien


Herosapiens evolved out of living energy creatures that inhabited H6-009. These energy creatures evolved to carry a physical body of gems and molten gold from the planet itself.


Herosapiens take the appearance of golden humanoids, with green scribes going around their bodies, and several gem-like appendages on their wrists, neck, forehead, shoulders and the sort.

They have dark-colored legs and dark-colored hands.


Herosapiens are living energy conduits, and they are able to control this energy. They most prominently use this in two forms: as a defensive dome, or in the form of an energy blast.

They are able to interact with the brainwaves with other species, and are able to telekinetically control objects. In fact, their body is held together by that telekinesis.

They are capable of flight as extension of them telekinetically controlling their bodies.

They are able to create enough light around them to create blinding effects.


The word Herosapien actually means "mighty people" in their native language. They mostly speak in sign lanuage, not being capable of human speech. Not much else is known about their language.

Notable Herosapiens[]


  • Herosapiens create an unstable electric field around them that empower certain devices for long durations. A knock off device like the Omnigizer isn't able to properly absorb the effects of this field, and thus forces the wielder to stay in their current form for a long duration.