Brandon 10 (Reboot)
Season 2, Episode 6
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Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Heroes is the 19th episode of the rebooted series, Brandon 10.


In space, a station can be seen orbiting around an alien planet emitting powerful waves of radiation that fluctuates between green and orange. On board the station, a crew of humanoid aliens can be seen operating and maintaining the controls. One of them is wearing more formal attire, similar to a Captain's uniform.

Crew Member: The transference device is working at optimal capacity, sir!

Captain: Excellent. At this rate, we'll be able to harvest enough energy from this planet to power up all the cities.

Crew Member 2: Still, I find it quite fascinating that such a planet can exist within this galaxy. A planet capable of producing megatons of energy...

Captain: That's because the core of the planet leaks excessive radiation and, because of its ionized atmosphere and gravitational anomalies, the radiation is amplified and turned into a suitable energy source. I'm just pleased that you were able to rig up something that can harness the power of this planet.

Crew Scientist: Well, I do my best. I was just lucky to get the resources we needed for such a device. The transference module was specifically designed to draw the energy from this very planet and harness its energy. It's extremely invaluable.

Captain: Don't worry too much about it. As long as its our possession, the device is perfectly-

An alert rings through the command room of the ship. The crew members look around as a red light flashes around the room.

Crew Member, watching the monitors: Sir, we've got an incoming vessel approaching at close proximity!

Crew Scientist: Captain, if that vessel gets too close, it could disturb the harnessing procedure!

Captain: Relax, I have this under control. (to the crew member) Patch me in on a transmission to the oncoming vessel.

Crew Member, pressing some buttons on the controls: You're connected, sir.

Captain: This is Captain Sevrog of the Fernos. Identify yourself and explain your purpose here. Otherwise, we will have no other choice but to fire upon you.

Out in space, there is a small ship approaching, with thrusters in the back propelling the ship ahead. Inside the ship, the metallic interior clanks against each other. There are signs of grey powder and fuses lined up on the dashboard.

Captain Sevrog, via transmission: I repeat, this is a reserved zone for energy harvesting. We do not present you any harm but we will fire if you disturb the operation or present any harm to our well being.

A metallic hand then raises up and flips a switch against the controls.

Voice: Activating radiation shield. (huffs)

On the Fernos, the Captain looks out of the main window sternly.

Crew Member: Sir, it looks like he activated his radiation shielding. He isn't planning on turning away.

Captain Servrog: Alright, this is your last chance. Turn away or we will fire. Will you comply?

A moment passes in silence but there is no response.

Crew Member: Sir, we're getting some unidentified objects approaching us at increasing speeds.

Captain Servog: Where did they come from?

Crew Member: It looks like it came from- ...Oh no.

Crew Scientist: From where? Tell us! From where?!

Crew Member: From the ship...

Captain Servog: Quick, get the blast shields up before-!

An explosion cuts him off as the ship rocks. From space, the smaller approaching ship can be seen firing more explosives at the Fernos. The energy transference seems to have been disturbed as the Fenros starts to drift away from the planet's orbit. The smaller ship then lands roughly on top of the Fenros and metallic claws spring up from underneath the ship. They then activate, firing lasers into the Fenros and cutting a circular hole into the exterior. A figure is then seen dropping quickly from the smaller ship into the newly created hole. On board, Captain Sevrog weakly gets up, holding his side.

Captain Sevrog: Is everyone alright?

Crew Scientist: Yes, I checked in. Only minor injuries but the ship is crippled. However, that's not the worst of it. The transference module... it's been disconnected. I think someone's trying to remove it.

Captain Sevrog: Alright, stay here. (pulls out blaster)

Sevrog goes further into the ship, his blaster pointed ahead of him. He then places his hand against a panel besides a door and it opens it before him. Sevrog turns his head to face the door but is struck backwards. He rubs his face and looks up, seeing a fiery room and a metallic figure stepping out. He's bulky and built like a tank with purple lenses on certain parts of his armor.

Captain Sevrog: You... I should have known. Only the likes of you could do something so- so-

Figure: Explosive? I'm flattered that you know of my work, Captain.

Captain Sevrog: Of course. Everyone in this half of the galaxy knows about the Bounty Hunter. But what are you doing on board my ship? We have no quarrels with you.

Bounty Hunter: No. You don't. But I have a personal mission that I have set out to complete. And I require your transference module in order to get my mission done.

Captain Sevrog: Well, I'm sorry but I can't let that happen. It's about time someone put you down for good.

Bounty Hunter: Heh. A challenge? I would love to but I'm on a tight schedule. Lots of explosives to make and worlds to blow up. Speaking of which...

The Bounty Hunter presses down on a detonator, causing an explosion to set off around him. Captain Sevrog quickly reaches into his belt and throws out a small device which activates a force field before him. Not only does it protect it from the blast but it also keeps in the air as there is now a gap in the ship exposing it to space. The Bounty Hunter picks up the transference module and floats over to his ship. The door opens behind the Captain and the crew scientist steps out, putting her hand on the Captain.

Crew Scientist: Captain, are you alright?!

Captain Sevrog: The Bounty Hunter... he stole the transference device.

Crew Scientist: But we can't go after him. Our ship... it's crippled.

Captain Sevrog: There's only one thing we can do now. Call the Planetary Force...

The Captain says this as he watches the Bounty Hunter leave in his ship.

Theme Song

Now on Earth, in a small park, Brandon can be seen sitting on a wooden bench, reading a comic book with the title, "Bug Guy VS Power Dude" and a subtitle reading, "Fantastic Team-Up!."

Brandon, reading to himself: "Oh no! It's the dastardly, villainous Eye Ball Monster!" (placing hand over forehead) "If only there was a hero that can save us!" (imitates heroic laughter) "No need to hear citizens-"

He then throws down the comic book and hops onto the bench he was sitting on, posing heroically.

Brandon, as himself: Because I am hero. The world's greatest hero!

Coco, unseen: Yeah, that's great and all but-

Coco is seen on top of a slide, looking over at Brandon.

Coco: But can we get back to training now?

Brandon: Yeah, yeah- we'll get to training in a bit but what's a better way of becoming better heroes than doing our research on actual super heroes?

Brandon hops down from the bench and snatches up his comic book, showing it off to Coco. The back of the comic shows some kind of contest to win a golden monkey toy.

Coco: Yeah, except super heroes don't exist. They're only real inside of comic books.

Brandon, with such determination: So that's what we have to do. We have to get inside of the comic book!

Coco, sliding down the slide: Or we can do something possible and continue with training.

Brandon: Hey, we do the impossible all the time. We transform into alien heroes and kick bad guy butt!

Coco: And yet somehow that's not enough.

Brandon: It's not that. I'm just saying that we can always get better. I mean there's never such a thing about being too much of a hero, is there? It's like Metal Head says, "A true hero isn't bound by their challenges but by their spirit within."

Coco: Please tell me you're not getting your super hero rules from comic books.

Brandon: Where else do you get tips on being heroes?

Coco: How about the library?

Brandon, sarcastically: Those places exist?

The moment is shortly interrupted by a explosion in the distance. Cries and screams are distinctly heard following the explosion. Brandon and Coco turn their heads, seeing the smoke rising from the distance.

Coco: What was that?!

Brandon: I don't know but it sounds like trouble. You ready to continue training?

Coco: Huh? Oh- yeah! Let's do this.

Brandon dashes ahead, followed by Coco. They run into some bushes, rustling through them as they approach the other side. However, in the middle of the journey, a large green flash occurs within the bushes. Gasadactyl then flies out from the bushes, soaring up into the sky, while Four Arms bursts out in a roar shortly after, causing leaves to scatter around him. Four Arms then squats down slightly and pounces off from the ground, leaping through the air. Gasadactyl looks over the city from his bird's eye view and sees the source of the explosion in the middle of a street. He then dives downwards towards the street. Four Arms lands on top of a building and sees Gasadactyl diving down. He then runs over to the edge of the building and jumps down, following after him. On the street, the Bounty Hunter can be seen standing before his space craft, firing explosives before him. He then laughs.

Bounty Hunter: Oh I love the smell of smoke and ash in the morning! (laughs)

Gasadactyl: So you like funny smells, huh?

Bounty Hunter: Eh?

Gasadactyl flies over, releasing a gas from his beak which surrounds the Bounty Hunter. The Bounty Hunter gacks and attempts to wave the gas away from him.

Gasadactyl: Then how do you like that smell?

The Bounty Hunter reaches and presses some buttons on his metallic suit. The purple lenses then bright up and additional shielding shifts over his armor. The lenses then act like vents, venting out any of the gas already within the armor. The Bounty Hunter then steps out of the gas, readying his weapon.

Bounty Hunter: Nice try but it's going to take a lot more than that to stop me.

Gasadactyl: What do you even want? Money? World domination? A better looking spaceship?

Bounty Hunter: What do I want? Heh, funny you should ask. Because all I want to blow this planet up real good! (laughs)

Gasadactly: Well some aliens just want to see the world blow up, I guess... too bad that plan of yours is going to blow up in your face instead.

Bounty Hunter: Why? Because you're here to stop me.

Gasadactyl: Not exactly.

Bounty Hunter shifts his head slightly, as if he was confused, when a shadow takes to overcome him. He looks up and is slammed down by Four Arms, who crashes down onto the street. The breeze from the impact even pushes Gasadactyl back a little, as he flaps his wings, hovering in the air.

Four Arms: Now that's what I call a Street Beat-Down!

He smiles but his grin is soon wiped from his face when Four Arms shakes slightly. The rubble underneath Four Arms then explodes, knocking him up into the air.

Four Arms: WHOA!

Four Arms then crashes down before the space craft and lays on the street. He weakly raises his head and sees the Bounty Hunter climb up from the small crater.

Bounty Hunter: Do you primitives not know who I am?! I am the Bounty Hunter! One of the most feared and prominent assassins in the galaxy.

Gasadactyl: Definitely prominent, alright. But not in the way you think.

Bounty Hunter: Gah! Mock me if you want but it matters not. I will destroy this planet and you two can't stop me!

Voice: No, but we can!

Bounty Hunter: Huh?

The Bounty Hunter turns around, assumingly in surprise, and looks up, seeing an advanced white and gold colored space ship fly down and hover over the Bounty Hunter's space craft. Three figures then teleport before the Bounty Hunter. The one at the center of the three is a red, muscular figure with a pompadour jet black hairstyle and yellow eyes. He's wearing a blue uniform with the initials 'P.F.' on the center in orange. The uniform is short sleeved and has yellow and black bands around the ends, including the belt connected to his black shorts. The figure on the right is a grey skinned, hunched over humanoid alien with red eyes dressed in a dark blue cloak; he has large razor blades in each hand. The figure on the left is a floating, light-skinned humanoid female with bright green eyes. She has long orange hair styled in unique looking pig tails. She's wearing a white-green uniform and has a blue/orange emblem at the center of her chest.

Muscular Alien: Your reign of chaos ends today, Bounty Hunter. Because we are here! The Planetary Force!

They strike heroic poses as beams of light make them more prominent.

Gasadactyl, starstruck: Whoa! Those guys look awesome!

Four Arms, rubbing his head: Ugh... where'd that lighting come from?

They abruptly break their posing and dash into action, with the muscular member of the Planetary Force flying ahead and knocking the Bounty Hunter back. The dark cloaked member darts from behind and slices at vital points in the Bounty Hunter's armor, damaging it.

Bounty Hunter: Gah!

The Bounty Hunter goes to strike but the dark cloaked member leaps, dodging the attack. The floating female member hovers over and extends her hand out, a green force summoning around it as if to indicate the use of her powers. The same green aura surrounds the Bounty Hunter as she levitates him into the air and slams him back down into the small crater. He hits the edge of the crater however and skids down the street until he slams into his space craft. He weakly gets up and turns seeing the Planetary Force reassemble together to face off against the Bounty Hunter.

Muscular Force: Had enough?

Bounty Hunter: Heh. Hardly.

He presses another button on his suit, triggering the space craft's automatic defenses. A turret powers up. Four Arms looks alert and gets onto his feet. He charges for the female member and tackles her out of the way.

Four Arms: Look out!

The turret fires a yellow blast at the Planetary Force, who became caught off guard by Four Arms' sudden entrance. The muscular alien, who appears to be the leader, steps before the dark cloaked one and takes the blast as it impacts against him. The blast appears to explode on impact as well, knocking the two of them back. The turret readies another shot. Gasadactyl swoops in and releases another gas from his beak, covering the turret. The sensors on the turret seem to deactivate.

Bounty Hunter: My turret can't locate you through all that gas!

Gasadactyl, landing down: That's the idea.

Bounty Hunter: Fine! You may have set back my plans but I'm not done with this planet. Not yet...

The Bounty Hunter climbs on board his ship and takes off. Soon afterwards, Gasadactyl helps the muscular and cloaked aliens up from the ground. Meanwhile, Four Arms continues covering the female member.

Female Member: You can get off of me now...

Four Arms: Huh? Oh right. Heh, sorry about that.

Muscular Alien: T-Thank you for the assistance.

Cloaked Alien: Assistance? You call that assistance?! Those two nearly got us all destroyed!

Muscular Alien: Nonsense. They were just trying to be good Samaritans. Although, something tells me they're not quite from around here.

Gasadactyl: Actually, we're quite closer than you think.

Both Omnitrixes start to beep and flash red before a red flash transforms Gasadactyl and Four Arms back into their Human counterparts.

Muscular Alien: Egad! So it seems our theory was right along, team. You two must be the alien heroes we've been hearing about.

Brandon: Well, ye- Wait, you've heard about us? How is that even possible. No one else really knows about us.

Muscular Alien: You've fought a great deal of enemies from both Earth and space and your good deeds have not fallen on deaf ears. Tales of your heroics were spread across the galaxy. And while most believe it to be rumors and tall tales, we have taken a liking to these so-called stories and believed that one day we may meet these beings who call themselves heroes and offer our assistance we needed.

Cloaked Alien: And it seems that we've finally had the chance to do so...

Brandon: I don't mean to be rude but just who are you guys anyway?

Muscular Alien: Right! Forgive me, young Earthling. Where are my manners? Allow me to introduce ourselves. From deep within the far reaches of the galaxy, a call to arms was placed within each of our grasps. We answered that call with such a strive passion and joined together as the heroes that this galaxy so desperately needs.

The female member floats up, posing dramatically.

Muscular Alien: This is Pathena! She has the ability to move objects with her mind, breach into the subconscious of any foe and calculate thousands of equations and solutions at once!

The dark cloaked member crouches down, displaying his razor blades in another dramatic pose.

Muscular Alien: This is Dark Harness! An expert swordsman, capable of summoning hordes of dark energy and manipulating it into netting and weaponized veils.

The muscular alien then places his hands on his hips after stepping forwards. The pose intensifies as the whole trinity is seen, within the basting light; all posing dramatically and heroically in unison.

Muscular Alien: And I am Alpha Delta, leader of the team. I make the commands, execute the operations and crush the face of evil ten times over with my enhanced strength, durability, stamina and a whole cluster of associated abilities! We are... the Planetary Force!

Brandon looks escatic.

Brandon: Wow! You guys are just- so- wow! You're like real life super heroes! This is amazing.

Coco, confused: Seriously, where is that lighting coming from?

Pathena floats down and examines Coco, placing her hands at the side of his face and looking into his eyes.

Pathena: Interesting...

Coco remains still; he seems too surprised too moved or just mesmerized by the woman before him.

Alpha Delta: Pathena, we've talked about this.

Pathena: Huh? Oh, yes, forgive me. I take an interest in fascinating specimen with unique properties.

Alpha Delta walking over to Coco.

Alpha Delta: I must thank you in particular. For going out of your way to save Pathena. She is not particularly combat ready but she is most powerful, never-the-less.

Coco: Well, I just did what any other guy would do and save her because it was the right thing to do.

Pathena: I don't believe that's what's on your mind. It seems like the more apparent answer is that you simply thought I was attractive.

Coco: Wha-

Dark Harness: Pathena also has telepathy. She can read your mind.

Brandon: Pft-!

Coco: Don't even start.

Alpha Delta: Yes, it seems to be a good time to wind down and socialize but unfortunately that must wait. The Bounty Hunter is still on the loose and planning the destruction of this planet. (slams fist into the palm of his hand) We must not let it come to that, Planetary Force!

Dark Harness: Agreed. We have to locate the Bounty Hunter and defeat him once and for all.

Brandon: How do you plan on doing that? Do you have a way of tracking him some how?

Pathena: Not particularly. We simply received a report from an attacked vessel about his whereabouts and traced him back to Earth.

Dark Harness, looking around: Hmph. I don't feel comfortable talking about the mission details out in public like this. We're exposed to this planet's indigenous lifeforms and other sorts of environmental elements.

Brandon and Coco look over and sees citizens looking out at the floating spaceship and super alien heroes standing in the middle of the street. Some of them are taking pictures with their phones and cameras.

Brandon: Yeah, we should probably talk about this somewhere else before we make the front page.

Pathena: Not to worry, all evidence of us being here won't remain here for very much longer.

Pathena's eyes widen slightly as her eyes grow brighter. She extends out, both her hands, and her green aura surrounds them again. She then releases a wave of green energy which comes over the citizens, shortening out their phones and cameras. The citizens mutter amongst themselves, complaining about their gadgets.

Pathena: That should do the trick. A short-ranged current shift.

Coco: Cool...

Alpha Delta: Alright, then. Let us begin our strategy planning, shall we?

Alpha Delta presses the buckle on his belt which glows orange. They then teleport, all of them including Brandon and Coco. Soon the space ship takes off, flying over the city. On board, a door opens and the Planetary Force enter the room casually while Brandon and Coco look around, bewildered.

Coco: Did- Did we just teleport onto a super cool looking super hero space ship?

Brandon: Yep...

Coco: Okay, just making sure.

Alpha Delta: Welcome new-comers to our ship, the Star-Tracer.

Alpha Delta extends his arm out as if to showcase the command room of their ship behind him. The interior appears in pristine condition with high tech and advanced machinery.

Brandon: Cool name! So you guys travel across the galaxy, saving civilizations, in this?

Alpha Delta: Heh, something like that. Here's the Command Center, where we pilot this beauty. Perhaps you two would like to try!

Brandon, grinning: S-Seriously?!

Coco: Piloting a spaceship? Ha! How much cooler can this get?

Dark Harness: Ahem! Perhaps we should focus on more pressing concerns.

Pathena: Agreed. That does appear to be more important.

Alpha Delta: O-Of course. Forgive me, team mates. Right! The Bounty Hunter...

Coco: Aww... I wanted to fly a spaceship.

Brandon looks away from Coco with a soft smile then looks a little more seriously at Alpha Delta.

Brandon: Tell us more about the Bounty Hunter. You guys seem to know more about him than we do.

Alpha Delta: The Bounty Hunter is perhaps one of the most feared beings in the galaxy. He's efficient and always combat-ready. Rumors say that he even managed to destroy an entire armada.

Dark Harness: Rumors aside... The Bounty Hunter is just that. A Bounty Hunter, an assassin for hire. For each mission he completes, he earns a high pay. But rather than using that to buy planets, or even a better space craft, he uses it on explosives; those appear to be his weapon of choice.

Pathena: Which brings up the question. Why would he steal a transference module from the Fenros ship?

Coco: Fenros ship? What's that?

Pathena: A research vessel who had embarked on harnessing energy from a planet which leaked waves of radiation that they were able to use to power their cities. Unfortunately for them, the mission went awry when the Bounty Hunter had attacked their ship with explosives and stole their module. According to their crew, the module can be used to drain the energy from the planet they were targeting.

Brandon: Targeting a planet? Shouldn't we be going after these guys too?

Pathena: It was completely uninhabited, no life can exist on such a planet which made it perfect for their mission.

Brandon: Hm... But what would happen if the planet was inhabited? Is it possible to use the transference module on an inhabited planet?

Pathena is about to say something but stops to think about her response. This hesitation causes her other team mates to look over at her.

Dark Harness: Well? Is it possible?

Pathena: If the Bounty Hunter could modify the module then... yes, I suppose he can. But Sol 3 does not have an energy source unlike the other planet, Endustria.

Brandon: No... but the module does store energy as well as take it, right?

Pathena: Well, yes, of course.

Brandon: Then that's it! That much energy redirected into the Earth could probably create a large explosion. He did say that he wanted to blow up planets and was attacking the ground earlier when we stopped him.

Pathena suddenly looks surprised. She turns to her team mates and floats over to them.

Pathena: The child is correct. The Bounty Hunter has just become plenty more powerful than before if he has modified the module to explode. That much energy... could rip the Earth apart.

Brandon and Coco look surprised. Alpha Delta and Dark Harness enter a deep thought.

Alpha Delta: So the situation has seemed to have escalated. (slams fist into hand and looks up) We have to stop the Bounty Hunter! As soon as we can! Before the Earth... urgh...

Brandon: Y-Yeah. Don't worry, we'll do what we can.

Coco: Yeah, the Earth is our home. We won't let that guy just blow it up.

Alpha Delta: Heh. I admire your enthusiasm. Alright, let's get to work then, shall we?

Dark Harness: You know what this means, Alpha Delta...

Alpha Delta: We'll get to that if we need to. (clears throat) In the mean time, the Earth is in a deep crisis and the situation has arisen beyond what we had initially imagined. Would you two young heroes care to join the likes of us- the Planetary Force- in order to save your world?

Brandon turns to Coco who gives him a confident nod. He then turns to Alpha Delta.

Brandon: Alpha Delta, it would be our honor.

Alpha Delta: (laughs heroically) Well then, let's get you two suited up!

Brandon and Coco look a little surprised then turn to each other, smiling eagerly. Later, a door is seen opening with steam leaving. Soon, Brandon and Coco emerge from the room dressed in an orange and blue uniform with gold-colored capes and blue domino masks. The P.F. emblem are located on their left shoulders. They then attempt to pose heroically but in reality it looks like they're either struggling with their uniforms on or unable to pick which pose they want to perform.

Alpha Delta, scratching the back of his head: Uh yeah... we'll have to work on the posing later. But the uniforms are more than just for appearances. They allow you to communicate with other members of the team and open an interface that acts as both navigation and a information database. All you have to do is the press the emblem on your shoulder, ha ha!

Brandon and Coco both look at their shoulders and press the emblems. The suit then displays a holographic interface like Alpha Delta said just a moment ago.

Both Brandon and Coco: Whoa! Cool!

Dark Harness: (sigh) We're wasting time here. Have we discovered the location of the Bounty Hunter yet?

Pathena floats over to the controls and checks them. A holographic screen then appears before her, showing a diagram of the Earth. Several red dots then appear on the diagram.

Pathena: The drones you've sent have located several places worth investigating for signs of him.

Coco, walking over to Pathena: Have you tried searching in places with digging sites? I think there's one close to town somewhere.

Pathena: Nearby your previous location, hm?

Pathena types onto the control panel and re-configures the drone's positions. There is then one dot on the diagram.

Pathena: Yes, it appears that there is a canyon with a excavation site close by. (turning to the others) That is surely worth an investigation.

Alpha Delta: Then let us take our leave, heroes. Activate the teleporter!

Coco: Wait, did he say-

The five of them are then teleported off of the ship. Elsewhere, in a canyon with an excavation site localized there, they arrive via teleportation within the canyon.

Coco: Teleporter?

Dark Harness: Yes... He did.

Dark Harness flaps his cloak in the passing breeze as he moves away from Coco. Dark Harness scales up the side of the canyon ever so slightly and looks out to scan the area from his newly acquired vantage point.

Alpha Delta: Have you located him, Dark Harness?

Dark Harness: I see him. You two were right about the location.

Pathena: As usual...

Alpha Delta: Alright, let's do our thing and be heroes, everyone! Planetary Force Unite!

The three members rush ahead, forming together and head towards the Bounty Hunter at the end of the canyon. Brandon and Coco run after them from behind.

Coco: So, this is what it's like to be real heroes, huh?

Brandon: Yeah... heh, I- I guess so.

Brandon smiles but not reassuringly; his eyes seem to be semi-thoughtful as he continues running ahead. Meanwhile, the Bounty Hunter continues utilizing his equipment until he stops to turn his head, seeing the Planetary Force approaching.

Bounty Hunter: Heh, I should've known they would try and find me. Destroying the Planetary Force and this miserable planet in one... couldn't have asked for a better goal to reach.

The Bounty Hunter grabs his explosives-launcher and fires it at the Planetary Force. Alpha Delta flies ahead of the other two and takes the explosion's impact. His enhanced durability prevents the explosion from harming him or the others. Dark Harness then leaps out from behind the veil of smoke and scales across the side of the canyon before leaping ahead, razors ready to attack. The Bounty Hunter throws up some smaller explosives which ignite in mid-air, the blast sends Dark Harness flying backwards. Coco stops and sees the explosions occur above him. He then looks down and activates his Omnitrix.

Coco, scrolling through the available transformations: Alright, gotta pick the right guy for this... um...

Brandon: Coco, look out!

Coco looks up but before he can really react Dark Harness crashes into him from above. The two of them collide into the side of the canyon and fall unconscious.

Bounty Hunter: Two down. Three more to go. And I've got plenty of explosives left. (laughs)

Alpha Delta: You will pay for that, you villain!

Alpha Delta charges forwards, preparing a powerful strike. He then slams his fist into the Bounty Hunter but the impact is shifted upwards joined with an explosive force. Alpha Delta looks ahead, bearing his teeth and sees the Bounty Hunter's fist aligned with his.

Bounty Hunter: You're not the only one with super punches, Alpha Delta.

Alpha Delta: You think you're pathetic armor can match up to my strength? Well, you have another thing coming!

Alpha Delta charges up another strike and slams his fist forward, into the Bounty Hunter; but the Bounty Hunter slams his fist into Alpha Delta's fist yet again causing another explosive impact. Alpha Delta repeats, only for the same thing to happen. They continuously strike each other causing one explosive impact after another. Brandon and Pathena watch from a close distance but Brandon looks down as the ground starts to shake slightly. The ground is actually starting to break up.

Brandon: The ground... it's cracking!

Pathena turns and notices Brandon's observation. She suddenly looks surprised and turns to Alpha Delta.

Pathena: Alpha Delta, stop!

Alpha Delta: No! I must avenge our fallen comrades! Especially the boy... he- he's in this situation because of me! I invited these Earthlings onto the team and I can not let anything happen to them!

Pathena: I know what you're thinking but more importantly I understand how you feel, Alpha Delta. But your actions are causing serious consequences. Just stop and look at the ground around you. The Bounty Hunter may be a villain but he is not an imbecile. He's playing you and leading you into doing his dirty work for him.

Alpha Delta stops and looks around him, seeing the ground cracking up due to the impact of his punches.

Alpha Delta, surprised: N- No... I- I didn't mean to-

Before he utter another word out, he is sucker-punched by the Bounty Hunter, tossing his body across the canyon. He crashes into the rock wall and lays against the ground, struggling to get up.

Bounty Hunter: A correct observation but even though he didn't finish the excavation, your so-called glorious leader did just enough for me to complete my plan.

Pathena: Many of us may have fallen but as long as us two stand against you, your plan will never succeed, Bounty Hunter!

Bounty Hunter: And what are you going to do about it?

Brandon: You hurt my friend and punched the closest thing to a real hero in my life. What do you think I'm going to do?

Brandon activates the Omnitrix, turns the dial a couple of times and smacks down the column. His arm grows and soon the changes spread to his back as he starts to grow a large shell and a pointed tail. His skin then turns green and the face plate symbol then appears on his chest as his body then grows at dinosaur-like size and stature. Within a flash, Brandon transforms into Ro-Warasaur who roars out. Ro-Warasaur then turns to the Bounty Hunter, an angered expression on his face now.

Ro-Warasaur: You wanted a hero to fight... Well, congratulations. You've got one.

Bounty Hunter: This ought to be fun. Heh.

The Bounty Hunter charges forwards. Ro-Warasaur cracks his knuckles and charges forwards as well. The two of them then come close to each other and leap forwards. Ro-Warasaur fires cannons from his shoulders at the Bounty Hunter who tosses small chips ahead of him. Each chip targets and attaches itself onto each and every cannonball that Ro-Warasaur has launched. The Bounty Hunter then twirls through the air, retrieving his handy detonator and activates it. Each cannonball aimed at his general direction then explodes before him. He then soars through the smoke in the air and delivers a kick in Ro-Warasaur's chest, knocking him and into the ground. The ground continues to crack from the impact. Ro-Warasaur then puts his hand on the ground and lifts himself up. He then looks ahead, seeing the Bounty Hunter walk away.

Ro-Warasaur: Where... Where do you think you're going?

Bounty Hunter, turning his head back only: Out of the blast radius.

Ro-Warasaur: Huh?

A beeping sound is then heard. Ro-Warasaur looks down, seeing explosives attached to his chest. He reaches for them but the explode before him. A ringing is then heard as Ro-Warasaur looks a little light-headed after the detonation. He then steps back, smoke emitting from the blast from his chest. He then wobbles back and forth. Pathena floats over and extends her arm out, a green aura surrounding it as he begins to use her abilities. The green aura lightly surrounds Ro-Warasaur but just barely. Pathena then extends both her arms out and concentrates more. The aura around Ro-Warasaur increases, pulling him forwards and to a more stable position. However, Pathena struggles to remain in that position.

Pathena: Brandon, please! You must focus!

Ro-Warasaur: Fo... cus... ugh...

The Bounty Hunter raises his explosive launcher from the ground and carries it over his shoulder. He aims at Pathena.

Bounty Hunter: Another obstacle. But not for much longer.

The Bounty Hunter pulls the trigger and an explosive is fired towards Pathena.

Ro-Warasaur: L-Look... Out...

Pathena turns but she barely has any time to react before she is blasted out of the sky. A smoke trail crashes down the ground where Pathena's body rolls. She struggles to get up, still holding out one arm at Ro-Warasaur but she too starts to look light-headed and soon falls unconscious as well. The aura around Ro-Warasaur then fades and he begins to fall back towards the cracked up ground.

Ro-Warasaur, as he falls back: No...

His large body then crashes into the ground, the impact finally breaking through. A light cloud of smoke and dust rises up into the air, a red flash appearing through it briefly. The Bounty Hunter then walks through the cloud but stops when nearly losing his balance. He then looks down, seeing a tunnel leading further into the Earth.

Bounty Hunter: Jackpot...

The Bounty Hunter turns and sees Brandon- in Human form again- laying on the ground, groaning.

Bounty Hunter: Thanks for the help, kid. Couldn't have gotten this far without you heroes.

The Bounty Hunter then moves to the side, grabbing the transference module from behind a rock and starts to descend into the tunnel. Brandon's already barely open eyes then blink until they close. Darkness is seen until eyes are seen opening with a muffled voice calling to the unseen figure.

Blurred Figure, with muffled voice: Br-don... Are you- Hello?

The figure starts to look and sound more clearer as the eyes open widen.

Coco: Brandon, are you alright? Talk to me, man.

Brandon weakly opens his eyes then raises his hand to hold his head.

Brandon: Coco? Wh-What happened?

Coco: We got our butts kicked, man. That's what happened.

Dark Harness: While the Earthling does put it crudely, he is correct. We were bested by the Bounty Hunter. One of the galaxy's lowest pieces of scum- a downright villain who performs his crimes in exchange for pay. It sickens me that we were defeated by such a being.

Alpha Delta: I am less sickened than I am disappointed.

Coco: Yeah, we failed you guys.

Alpha Delta: No. We failed you. Your planet is gone now. The real reasons I invited you on to the Planetary Force was not so you can assist us with taking down the Bounty Hunter but also so that your lives would be insured in case we have failed to save your planet. And it appears that- that is the case.

Brandon: So you wanted to- what? Adopt us?

Pathena: What else would a noble hero do but to save someone in need?

Brandon: Look, Alpha Delta, I appreciate it. But there's something else a hero must do before it even comes to that. A hero must never give up.

Alpha Delta: I am a powerful being, Brandon. But it was because of my power that the Bounty Hunter has bested us. He used our power against us. And without our power, we can not be heroes. This is not a challenge we can overcome!

Brandon: A true hero isn't bound by their challenges... but by their spirit within. At first, I just thought that something cool and heroic to say when the time was right. But it's more than that, I can see that now. It means that we can't let something like this hold us back and prevent us from being heroes. We became heroes because we wanted to do the right thing, to stand by people when in need and help out when there's no one else. That's the true hero spirit right there. So what if he used your powers against you? That's because he knows what he's dealing with. But what if he didn't go up against the Planetary Force?

Pathena's eyes widen after a brief moment.

Pathena: Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?

Brandon smiles and turns to Coco.

Brandon: Let's show the Bounty Hunter how real heroes get things done, shall we?

Coco looks confused for a moment but soon catches on and smiles back, delivering a nod. Down underground, in a cavern, the Bounty Hunter has set up machinery and rigged it up to the transference module, which has been opened and tampered with. Inside the module, is a glowing and ambient crystal.

Bounty Hunter: Yes... With the crystal exposed to Gamma Radiation emitted from this device, it should begin to overload and create a feedback loop until the module, itself, becomes primed and ready to ignite; setting off a chain-reaction that'll tear this puny planet apart! (laughs) All thanks to those heroes.

Alpha Delta, unseen: Did someone say hero?

The Bounty Hunter turns and sees the Planetary Force standing behind him, posing dramatically.

Bounty Hunter: You fools decided to chase me down here. No matter, the device is already charging up and soon there won't be a planet left for you to save! You might as well save yourself the effort and just explode! (laughs)

The Bounty Hunter presses his detonator and the ground around the Planetary Force explodes, throwing them into a cloud of smoke and dust. The Bounty Hunter continues laughing until he is struck from behind by Alpha Delta. He crashes off of the machinary and looks up from the ground, seeing Alpha Delta and Pathena floating above him with Dark Harness climbing up on the machinary.

Bounty Hunter: Ho-How? How is this even possible?!

Brandon, unseen: Just a little misdirection.

The Bounty Hunter looks up, seeing Brandon on top of a cavern platform above him. He's using the Planetary Force emblem's interface. The Bounty Hunter turns and sees the interface is actually projecting a hologram of the Planetary Force which soon fades.

Brandon: I figured you were prepared for the Planetary Force being a hardened criminal and all. So we faked their entrance in order to get the drop on you.

Bounty Hunter: Well now you no longer have the element of surprise, boy! Prepare to get blasted to pieces!

The Bounty Hunter raises his explosive launcher at Brandon but before he can fire he is slammed to the side by a yellow ball. The Bounty Hunter crashes into the wall and turns his head, seeing Cannonbolt unfold, standing before him.

Cannonbolt: Bet you didn't see that one coming.

Alpha Delta: Alright team, let's wrap this up. Together!

The other two members nod and rush over to the Bounty Hunter. The Bounty Hunter strikes back but is shrouded in a cloak of dark energy from Dark Harness. Pathena uses this as an opportunity to lift the explosive launcher away from the Bounty Hunter and on to the ground where Cannonbolt rolls over it, crushing it to pieces. The Bounty Hunter steps out of the cloak and bumps into Alpha Delta, standing there with his hands on his hips. Alpha Delta strikes the Bounty Hunter and knocks him back into the machinery which starts to spark up. Pathena turns her attention to the machinery and attempts to maintain it.

Dark Harness: The module! Is it-

Pathena: It's starting to overload. I'll do my best as to overwrite the programming and deactivate the sequence. But you will have to defend me from any attack.

The Bounty Hunter tosses explosive spheres which make small explosions around the cavern floor. Dark Harness stabs his razor blade into the ground and leaps up into the air, throwing his other blade. It slices a few stalactites and causes them to crash down before Pathena, acting as a barrier from the explosives. Dark Harness touches down with a kick to knock back the Bounty Hunter. He then pushes off from him and lands on his feet, catching his blade which has flung back to him.

Dark Harness: Not this time, Bounty Hunter.

The Bounty Hunter turns his head slightly. Cannonbolt is seen rolling towards the Bounty Hunter is increasing speeds. The Bounty Hunter then prepares to throw an explosive at Dark Harness but then throws it backwards while still looking ahead of him. Cannonbolt then skids unexpectedly but the explosive impacts already, knocking him across the cavern and into the cave wall.

Alpha Delta: The plan's not working.

Brandon: It'll work, you just need more heroes.

Brandon leaps from the platform and dives down towards the cavern floor. He activates his Omnitrix and smacks down the column. He raises his arm and then it starts to liquefy. This effect spreads from his arm to his back; he also starts to look more blue- like water. His legs also sploosh into a puddle but, from the puddle, he grows larger and gains more of a blob-shape physique. His now-skinny arms whip around as he strikes a pose. Within a flash, Aqualad appears- splooshing downwards to the floor. He then splatters against the cavern floor and reforms into his default shape.

Aqualad: Ready to take this villain down?

Alpha Delta: Heh, it would be my honor.

The two of them then turn to the Bounty Hunter and rush ahead, towards him. The Bounty Hunter readies an explosive and tosses it ahead, but Aqualad catches it and flings it back at him. The Bounty Hunter is knocked upwards by the explosion. As he comes down, Alpha Delta jumps up and strikes the Bounty Hunter downwards, causing him to crash into the ground. The Bounty Hunter attempts to get up but Aqualad whips around him, wrapping himself around the Bounty Hunter's body until he can no longer move. The Bounty Hunter drops to his knees before Alpha Delta.

Bounty Hunter: You- You beat me? But- I'm the Bounty Hunter! I am feared by half of the galaxy!

Alpha Delta: You may be the Bounty Hunter but that's all you'll ever be. Not even true villains can look at you without knowing that there's more pride in their work than there'll ever be in yours. It's no wonder that you were beaten in the end.

Bounty Hunter: I don't think so, Alpha Delta. Not after I tear this planet into shreds! (laughs)

Pathena, dropping the module before him: With this?

Cannonbolt, walking over, rubbing his head: Did you-?

Dark Harness: She did it. She stopped the module from overloading.

Alpha Delta: Looks like I was right after all, Bounty Hunter.

Bounty Hunter: I.. hate heroes...

The Bounty Hunter tries to head butt Alpha Delta but he instead whacks him on the head, knocking him out. Aqualad then unwraps around him and reforms, standing with the other heroes.

Aqualad: Now that's how you train to be a hero.

Later, Pathena and Dark Harness are seen escorting the Bounty Hunter onto the Star-Tracer with Alpha Delta talking with Brandon and Coco, who are now in their normal clothing again.

Alpha Delta: Thank you again for your assistance. Without the two of you, we might have lost a planet to the villainous clutches on the Bounty Hunter.

Coco: Don't sweat it. It was fun working with actual heroes.

Brandon: What am I? Chopped liver?

Coco: No, why? What does chopped liver have to do with anything?

Brandon: Ugh, nevermind. But Coco was right. It was just awesome meeting actual heroes. Are you more of you out there in the galaxy?

Alpha Delta: Maybe. Perhaps we should be finding that out for ourselves. The galaxy is a big place and it could always use more heroes. I'm just glad to have came across you two young heroes. To see you protect the Earth with not only your unique powers... but your true heroic spirit. That's not only impressive... but inspiring even for a pro like me. Heh.

Dark Harness and Pathena find their way to Alpha Delta's side.

Dark Harness: The prisoner has been secured in the holding cell. We'll get him into a real cell at the Planetary Prison soon enough.

Pathena: We should make our trip soon. We wouldn't want to keep a felon like him on board our ship for too long.

Coco: Aww, do you really have to go? I barely got to get to know you.

Pathena: It appears that you were genuine with your thoughts. I admire that.

She gives him a soft smile. Coco smiles back.

Dark Harness: Yeah, you might be annoying and an Earthling but you're not too bad.

Coco: T-Thanks. Wow, I'm being complimented by actual heroes. Does that mean I'm close to being an actual legend, Brandon?

Brandon: Dude, after this, we're both legendary.

Alpha Delta: Heh, about that. Since you two have helped us so much, and taught us more than we could ever hope to learn from our own experiences in deep space, we were all hoping that you would join our team as permanent members.

Brandon: Permanent members?

Coco: Whoa... Come on, Brandon, what do you say?

Brandon: I'll say... I'll pass.

Alpha Delta: Huh?

Brandon: Look, being a hero is everything I ever wanted. And when the Omnitrix was created, I felt like that was my chance to be that hero. And I have been doing some pretty heroic stuff but I don't think I'm there yet, guys. You three know what you are and what you have to do but me and Coco- we're still figuring that out... plus we're kids and don't wanna miss out on dinner time.

Alpha Delta: Hm... I see. Well then take this.

Alpha Delta reaches into his belt and retrieves two Planetary Force emblems. He hands them to both Brandon and Coco who take them into their hands.

Alpha Delta: In case we ever meet again or should you need the help of the Planetary Force, you can use those emblems to contact us.

Brandon nods.

Brandon: Thanks, Alpha Delta. Have fun being heroes.

Alpha Delta: Ha ha, you too. Both of you. Planetary Force...

All three of them pose with the light shining onto them.

Alpha Delta: Away!

The three of them then teleport away. The star-tracer door then closes and the ship takes off soon afterwards, soaring through the sky until it flies off into space, out of sight. Brandon and Coco look up at the sky, watching the ship fly off.

Coco: And I the only one who seriously is noticing that light? I mean where IS that coming from?

Brandon chuckles and puts his hand on Coco's back, leading him away from the canyon.

Brandon: Come on, buddy, let's go be heroes.

The two of them then walk off heading back to where they came from.

Coco: Maybe it's a spotlight.

Brandon: Coco-

Coco: Or- Or one of their powers is to shine light on them.

Brandon: Coco.

Coco: Or maybe it's a feature within their uniforms, yeah that could be it!

Brandon: Coco!

Coco: What?

Brandon: Give it a rest already, dude? (laughs)



  • Brandon
  • Coco
  • The Planetary Force (First Appearance)
    • Alpha Delta (First Appearance)
    • Dark Harness (First Appearance)
    • Pathena (First Appearance)
  • Captain Sevrog (First Appearance)
  • Fernos Crew Members (First Appearance)
  • Citizens


Aliens Used

Used by Brandon

Used by Coco

  • Four Arms
  • Cannonbolt


  • Originally only Brandon had appeared in this episode but, for the rebooted version, Coco was added in. The reason behind this was to give them both an experience in heroics; something that could help develop Coco as not only a character but a hero.
  • While all the aliens used in the original episode remained the rebooted one, the canon aliens were shifted over to Coco and Gasadactyl was added in as well.
  • Originally, the Bounty Hunter steals a crystal with the power to drain energy from a planet however the crystal is actually what's powering the transference device which both he and the Fenros crew use to drain energy from planets.
  • The comic that Brandon reads at near the beginning of the episode is a reference to two comic-related things. The title of the comic being a reference to Superman vs the Amazing Spider-Man and the subtitle being a reference to both the Fantastic Four and Marvel team-ups.
  • Captain Superemos from Conquest of the Conqueror Part 1 was considered to be a member of the Planetary Force in this episode however his appearance in that episode did not specify that he had appeared in the series before then. So to avoid adding content beyond the Original Series into the reboot, he was not added into this episode. However, it could be implied that he became a member after this episode, especially since he's a super powered Human in outer space.
  • The Planetary Force in the reboot are inspired by the Legion of Superheroes with Pathena even based on Saturn Girl and Phantom Girl.
    • Her name, however, is based on Telepathy and Athena, the Greek goddess.
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