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The Omnimatrix, AKA the Hero Watch is the Omnitrix used by the Ryan McCrimmon in Dimension 23.


The Hero Watch's appearance resembles the Omnitrix prior to its upgrades except the interface is red instead of brown, and the body is a gold color.


Aside from the difference in color scheme, the Hero Watch functions identically to its mainstream counterpart, letting Ry-23 transform into a variety of aliens with all of their powers and weaknesses, as well as needing to recharge. Comparably, it's locking system seems to be simpler than the prime Omnitrix's, as Ry-23 was able to quickly figure out how to unlock and relock aliens easily.

Accessible Aliens

  1. Charcoal Man (Pyronite)
  2. Dog-Nabbit (Vulpimancer)
  3. Glass Crash (Petrosapien)
  4. Speedy-Quick (Kineceleran)
  5. Brainfrog (Galvan)
  6. Big Bug (Lepidopterran)
  7. Handy Man (Tetramand)
  8. Feedback (Conductoid)
  9. Invisighost (Ectonurite)
  10. Giant Manster (To'Kustar)
  11. Anger (Appoplexian)
  12. Knighty-Knight (Nemuina)
  13. Windy-Hindy (Chronosapien)
  14. Mr. Monkey (Arachnichimp)
  15. Trash-ferno (Methanosian)
  16. Brutasaurus (Vaxasaurian)
  17. Planetoid (Gallien)
  18. Techno-Bubble (Galvanic Mechamorph)
  19. Guyser (Orishan)
  20. Vomit Man (Gourmand)
  21. Eye Guy (Opticoid)
  22. Fish Fingers (Pisscus Volan)
  23. Copy Copy (Sonorosian)

as well as others he's locked away.