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Ben 10: Hero Destinies
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 19th March 2012
Written by Rex
Directed by Rex
Episode Guide
Journey Into The Cosmos Void!

Hero Destiny is the pilot of BT: HDs.


Ben, Gwen, Kevin & Max are going to Galvan Mark II.

Ben: Getting a new Omnitrix! Gonna show the world I'm AWESOME!

Kevin: Yo, Benji! I'm trying to put in the nicest way: SHUT UP!

Gwen: Yeah, dork!

Max: They're right. Be quiet.

Ben: You're... all gaining up on me!

Max: We are here!

They walked into Azmuth's Lab.

Ben: AZMUTH! Hello-ooo? EW!!!!!!!!!!!

The others looked!

Kevin: Esh! Someone has been busy(!)

Max: It's Myaxx! She has been killed!

Ben took a blood-covered note.

Ben: It says "Dear Ben Tennyson, I, Azmuth, is writing this to you. By now I'll be very far. A villain, called Infinite Aggregor, has kidnapped me. I left the Metatrix there for you. I watched the horror of him killing Myaxx. My own assistant! He forgot the Metatrix. Use it to conquer him & stop him from getting the Star Cosmos: The Star that Holds The Universe. From Azmuth. PS: The world's in your hands!!

Kevin: Aggregor! Remember that day I told you a bit about him!

Ben: Yeah, a year ago!

Gwen: We have to save him. NOW.

Max: Myaxx is dead! What can we do?

???: Call an old friend!

It was Nile!

Ben: Nile! You're back! After gone missing!

Nile: You don't think I'm still happy. You crashed my future car writing "U AM LAME!" on the side!

Ben: Oh, yeah. Heh Heh.

Kevin: Nile, we need you. The Universe's is in our hands!

Nile: Fine. But you own me $2,000!

Ben: Okay...

Max: We have to go to Cosmos IV!