Here Come the 10 is the first episode of Ben 10: Another Reboot.

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Ben Tennyson is running out of school for summer vacation. He runs to his grandfather's RV, the Rustbucket. His Grandpa Max and cousin Gwen are waiting inside.

Max: Are you all set Ben.

Ben: Yep.

Gwen: We're ready, Grandpa!

They set off to go camping.,


In space, a ship was flying. An alien woman named Xylene was inside.

Xylene: I have to get the omnitrix to earth!

A larger ship arrives and starts shooting the first one.

Xylene: Agh! Vilgax found me!

She tries to steer the ship away from the big one, but it follows and does severe damage. The smaller ship starts to explode.

Xylene: It's no use! I'll have to send the omnitrix in an escape pod.

A pod launches from the ship and towards the planet we know as earth.

Xylene: Hopefully it will be put in good hands.


A drone and an alien watch the pod from the large ship.

Drone: The omnitrix has been transported to planet earth, lord Vilgax.

Vilgax: Send a team of drones to retrieve it.


In the forest Gwen and Max are putting up a tent. Ben is playing on a handheld console.

Max: Ben, could you make yourself useful and go collect firewood.

Ben sighs and puts down his game.

Ben: Fine.

Ben wanders off into the woods. It's not long before he sees a shooting star. He stares in awe, but his expression changed to that of fear when he realised it was coming towards him. He screamed and ran in the opposite direction. The "shooting star" crashes into the ground behind him creating a meteor. He stops and turns. He runs down into the crater, seeing something in the middle.

Ben: What's this? It doesn't look like a shooting star.

It was a sphere, the pod Xylene had sent to earth. It opened and a strange watch jumped out onto Ben's wrist.

Ben: Whoa! Is it a magic watch?

Suddenly a blast hit the ground next to his foot. Two drones were hovering above the crater, with blasters aimed at Ben.

Ben: I'm guessing you aren't good guys.

One of the two drones blasts Ben. He lifts his arms up to protect himself, but the blast hits the watch. Ben grows, then flames engulf his body. He realises he has become a tall fiery being.

Ben: Agh! I'm on fire! This is weird. comic books guys made out of fire can usually shoot fireballs. Maybe I can do the same.

Ben throws his fist forwards and a fireball bursts out from his knuckle. It destroys one of the drones on impact. The other blasts him, but he leaps back and aims his palms forward. Fire came out of them and hit the drone. It went up in flames.

Ben: This is awesome! I should definitely give this guy a name. Something like...charcoal man or...Heatblast. Yeah! Heatblast!

Heatblast felt something hit the back of his head. He turned and saw Gwen holding a handful of rocks.

Gwen: What are you doing here, monster?

Heatblast: Calm down, Dweeb.

Gwen: Ben?

Heatblast: Yeah, it's me. Who else?

Gwen: But you're...

Heatblast: Yeah, I know. I think it's because of this alien watch I found.

Gwen: Cool. Now we can light a fire easier!

A beeping sound is heard and Heatblast reverts into Ben.

Gwen: Or not.

Ben: Well, I suppose I couldn't have stayed Heatblast forever.

Gwen: You named him?

Ben: Yeah. You got a problem with that?

Gwen: No, not at all. I think it's cool.

Suddenly a noise is heard, followed by an elder screaming.

Ben/Gwen: Grandpa!

Ben and Gwen run back to their RV to find a large robot, about 20 feet tall, with Grandpa Max in its clutches.

Max: Ben, Gwen, stay back!

Ben: We can't let it kill you!

Gwen: Ben, couldn't Heatblast melt this thing?

Ben: Oh, yeah.

Max was confused when Ben pressed the watch dial and he transformed. However, instead of the fire alien, Ben had become a 10-foot-tall four-armed humanoid.

Ben: Whoa! This isn't Heatblast!

Gwen: The watch can turn you into more than one creature?

Max: Ben, what happened to you?

Ben: I'll explain later! Now it's time for Four Arms to turn this tin can into a scrap heap!

Gwen: Four Arms? Heatblast is cool, but Four Arms? That's so not creative.

Four Arms ignores his cousin and runs towards the robot.

Drone: Omnitrix located. Defence mode activated.

The drone held up its palm, revealing a cannon built into it. Four Arms widened his eyes in shock as it fired an energy beam, knocking him back 30 feet. He landed among some trees. The drone dropped Max and chased its target. Four Arms sat up and rubbed his head. The drone picked him up and slammed him back into the ground. Four Arms scrambled away, then jumped towards the drone and punched the drone in the face. It stumbled back, about to fall on Gwen.

Four Arms: Gwen, look out!

Four Arms grabbed the drone's leg and pulled it away before it fell on Gwen. Then he threw it in the air. It came back down, spinning it's legs like a drill. Four Arms dodged, then the drone shot a beam. He ran towards the Rustbucket, then took the wing mirror off and used it as a shield. Then the blast was shot straight back and hit the drone in the chest, destroying it. It blew up into multiple pieces. The beeping sound was heard and Four Arms reverted.

Ben: That was intense.

Max: Ben, Gwen, are you alright?

Gwen: Yeah, Four Arms saved my life.

Ben: I think summer just got a lot better

Max: Ben, Gwen. I wasn't just an ordinary plumber.

Gwen: What do you mean?

Max: Now that you two saw that thing I might as well tell you the truth...


On the large ship above earth, Vilgax punched the navigation console.

Vilgax: The omnitrix is in the hands of a mere child? How is this possible?

Drone: It is okay, master. We have identified the boy's grandfather as Maxwell Tennyson.

Vilgax: Tennyson? My old nemesis? It appears things could get interesting.


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Gwen Tennyson
  • Max Tennyson
  • Xylene


  • Vilgax
  • Drone Commander
  • Drones
  • Giant Drone


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