Why is everyone around me generally nonsensical and/or melodramatic?

–Herculian, Generations of Men: Part 2

General Information
Species Grikonian
Home World Terfolis
Alias Herc
Part In Team Weapons Specialist
Alternate Counterparts Herc
Friends Napoleon Eldridge
Nova Eldridge
Age Unknown
Status Active
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Shapeshifting
Equipment Equipment Sash
Associated Tarot Ace of Swords
First Appearance Never Met a Laser I Didn't Like

Herculian (Herc for short) is the secondary protagonist of the series Not Applicable and a member of the Alpha Team in Tech 10: Star Spirit.



Herculian was born and raised on the planet Terfolis, where he spent most of his time digging for the Mutatia Figura ore that his species eats. Not satisfied with his tedious lifestyle, he managed to leave the planet through currently unknown means and became a mercenary. Thanks to the natural shapeshifting abilities of his species, he became very successful in this field, and gained some level of notoriety for his successful track record.

Not Applicable

Herculian was eventually hired by Azmuth to track down and retrieve Swarm 1 for study. Herculian found Swarm 1 rather easily; however, he also found that it was merged with the teenage Napoleon Eldridge, and that trying to remove the control nanomachine would both kill Napoleon and, by extension, damage Swarm 1. As such, he stuck around Napoleon to ensure that he stayed alive until they could find a way to remove Swarm 1 safely.

After some months of effort, Herculian eventually decided to abandon the mission after concluding that there was no real way to accomplish the task of retrieving Swarm 1. He reported the mission as a failure and left to find other work.

Tech 10: Star Spirit

Twenty-five years later, Herculian, now simply going by Herc, was hired into a temporary Plumber team in northern Utah to help combat threats such as the Zodiac Organization while the local Plumber base was still under construction.


Herculian is a tall blue humanoid alien with a large, rectangular head. He can usually be seen wearing a green sash for holding equipment.


Herculian has the ability to shapeshift his body parts into various shapes and mechanisms with varying functions and capabilities. He most commonly uses this ability to create ranged weaponry, though he remains fully capable of creating other things if the need arises.


Herculian generally has a straightforward, no-nonsense personality. He can be very impatient with people, and tends to get annoyed rather easily if he considers someone to be acting irrationally. However, he does still have a certain sense of compassion for those around him, and seems to have matured a bit in his later years. He's become friends with Napoleon (who simply used to annoy him) and his daughter Nova, taking on a more soft-spoken, mentor-esque role in regards to the latter.


  • Herculian's associated Tarot is the Ace of Swords, which can represent power, transformative energy, new thoughts and ideas, new possibilities, karma, balance, sudden changes, and imbalanced mind, quarrels and arguments, and/or irritability.

Not Applicable
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