Nickname(s) Herc the Merc
Alias Herc
General Information
Species Grikonian
Home World Unknown
Age 16 (Grikonian Years)

Unknown (Earth Years)

Status Active
Friends Marc Yenkov
Lisa Silver
Alternate Counterparts Herculian
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Shapeshifting
Mechanical Mimicry
First Appearance Herc Crashes The Ship
Herculian, AKA Herc, is the main character of Herc the Merc.

You may be looking for Herculian, his counterpart from Not Applicable.


Herc was born on an unnamed planet, and after 15 years, he left his planet to become a mercenary. He decided to capture the Ultimatrix, but instead accidentally stranded himself on Earth and joined a local high school in an attempt to blend in. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't seem to do this too well.


Being a Grikonian, Herc's abilities include:

  • Shapeshifting
  • Mechanical Mimicry


Herculian is a blue, humanoid alien with orange eyes, somewhat lanky limbs, and a blocky body.

His human disguise has blocky dark blue hair, primarily blue clothing of various shades, reddish skin, and orange eyes.


Herc is only able to mimic machine-based abilities, so if he shapeshifts into a species with different powers, he'll be unable to copy their abilities.


Herc is arrogant, and believes himself to be better at things than he actually is. He considers his abilities to make him the ultimate mercenary, in spite of his lack of any proper training. Despite (or perhaps because of) this arrogance, Herc is very moralistic; unfortunately for those around him, he operates on a literally alien morality, and is rather unpredictable.


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