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Her Hero
General Information
Original Airdate July 24, 2013
Series Bryce Bowman: Origins
Season One
Episode number 8
Overall episode number 8
Written by Brywarrior
Directed by Brywarrior
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Sunny Saturday morning in Charlotte. Marissa Harper is walking through downtown, enjoying the autumn weather and the sounds of the city. Unfortunately, the pleasant soundscape is interrupted by crashing and small explosions. She looks up, seeing the circus freak trio: Thumbskull, Frightwig, and Acid Breath, tearing up the block. The police are trying to fight them back, to little avail. Acid Breath spits a torrent of acid toward a police car, which was being used as a barricade. The officers behind the car scatter, trying to find cover.

(Police Chief): Damnit! We're pinned down out here!

Thumbskull picks up a small car and tosses it at the cops. The car goes right over Marissa's head and crashes behind her. Acid Breath notices her.

(Acid Breath): Grab the girl! Nobody's gonna shoot at us with her around!

Frightwig swings her head, throwing and stretching her hair out to trap Marissa. The tentacle-like hairs coil around Marissa and pull her close. Frightwig holds Marissa out in front of her and her teammates shuffle behind her.

(Acid Breath; addressing the Police Chief): We understand each other?

(Police Chief; begrudgingly): Stand down! We can't risk that civilian!

(Frightwig; cackling): Glad you're in the driver's seat.

(Acid Breath): Ain't we all?!

Everyone turns to a sound. A speeding car... no, faster than that. Thumbskull squints. Off in the distance, he can see a blur kicking up dust as it approaches the scene.

(Thumbskull): Guys..?

The blur of black and white rushes past then comes back around, encircling the trio and their captive. XLR8 skids to a halt in front of the group inside the twister he created as it dissipates, glaring at them.

(Marissa): XLR8!

XLR8 glances at her for a second, and realizes quickly who she is.

(XLR8): Let her go!

(Frightwig): Not a chance, Lizard Boy!

(XLR8): You wanna play that game, huh?

(Acid Breath): Get 'im!

Thumbskull steps forward and XLR8 dashes backward. This confuses the bonehead. Before he can form a thought, his enemy bursts forward again. As XLR8 closes in, he pecks the Infinity on his chest with his claw. An explosion of green light sends Diamondhead crashing into Thumbskull at high speed. Diamondhead lands on his feet and quickly falls to the ground, punching it. A crystalline hand erupts from the pavement and catches Thumbskull in the air and begins spreading the diamond over his whole body, save for his head. Diamondhead stands up with his chest out, a little prideful of the maneuver he just pulled off.

(Frightwig): Whoa.

(Police Chief): Whoa.

(Marissa): Whoa...

(Diamondhead): Honestly, I'm just as surprised as y'all.

(Acid Breath): Cool trick, Diamond-Freak! (He hurls a stream of acid from his mouth at Diamondhead.)

The acids splashes on Diamondhead's chest, not harming him at all.

(Diamondhead): You done?

He rushes forward. Diamondhead cocks his arm back to punch, but it stops. He glances back to find Frightwig using her hair to hold his arm back. Diamondhead turns back to Acid Breath who's backed up out of his reach. Diamondhead sharpens his fingers then fires them off into the ground at Acid Breath's feet.

(Acid Breath): Ha! Ya missed!

(Diamondhead): Did I?

He flexes his fingers, commanding the diamonds to expand and begin creeping up Acid Breath's legs, trapping him. The crystal continues up to his face, covering his mouth. Diamondhead then spins on his heels to face Frightwig. He grabs the hair on his arm and starts pulling her in. She tries to pull away, but he has too tight a grasp. He clasps her shoulders and lifts her up to meet his face with hers.

(Diamondhead): You gonna let her go?

(Frightwig): Don't count on it, kid!

Her eyes flash deep violet for a brief moment. Startled, Diamondhead freezes for a second. He shakes his head then slams his forehead into hers, knocking her clean out. Her hair relinquishes its hold on Marissa, and she drops onto the ground, landing on her feet. Diamondhead drops Frightwig. He turns to the sound of footsteps approaching behind him. It's the Chief of Police.

(Diamondhead): Officer-

(Police Chief): -Chief.

(Diamondhead): Oh, my bad, Chief.

(Police Chief; shaking his head, reassuringly): Don't worry about it. Look, I- uh- I can't thank you enough for stepping in today.

(Diamondhead): Oh yeah?

(Police Chief): However, what you're doing here is still a crime. Vigilantism, regardless of the circumstance, is somethin' I don't agree with. And it's somethin' I gotta put a stop to.

(Diamondhead): No offense to you or your department, I have a huge amount of respect for what y'all do, but what would you have done if I wasn't here?

(Police Chief): That's beside the point. You're on my list, pal.

(Diamondhead): 'S that a threat?

(Police Chief): Are you?

(Diamondhead): I'm not a threat. But I'm not gonna just stand by when I can take care of the jobs you can't!

(Police Chief): Like I said, I can't thank you enough for helpin' out. And I'm lettin' it slide today. But the next time we cross paths, I'm bringin' you in.

(Diamondhead): Sure thing, pal.

Diamondhead turns to walk away but is stopped by Marissa, still standing there and now in his way.

(Marissa): Thank you!

(Diamondhead; verbally paralyzed): I- uh- you, well- I uh- um...

He motions, awkwardly, that he's trying to get passed and she politely moves.

(Diamondhead; stuttering): You- uh- you b-be more careful about w-where you're- uh- shopping or walking or whatever- um... yeah...

Diamondhead touches the Infinity, transforming back into XLR8 and running off. After he vanishes, a white, jeep-like truck, though much larger, with a red circle on the hood pulls up. Four individuals exit the vehicle, wearing suits that match the exterior of the car. The torsos of the suits are white metal, with a raised; red circle in the center of the chest, but the arms and legs are black with grey tubing over joints. Each individual's shoulders have a series of chevrons of varying amounts and metallic colors on their left shoulders, aside from one who has a gold star. Even though they are all wearing helmets or masks, the lower-ranked people are certainly not human. One is seven or eight feet tall and built like a truck, one has a dome with presumably water in it over his head, and the last is scrawny to a scary degree and has two, tall eyestalks that show his yellow skin. Three of the aliens walk over to a different circus freak, examining them. The other, more humanoid one, walks over to Marissa, who is still standing in the street.

(High Ranked Individual): You alright, young lady?

(Marissa; still a little shaken): Uh... yeah.

(High Ranked Individual): I need you to step off to the side. Let my men do their work.

(Marissa): Who are your men?

Before he can answer, one of his subordinates calls him over.

(Tank-like Alien): Magister! (Magister tilts his head in the direction of his name) I- uh- I think this is Petrosapien crystal.

(Magister): Hmm...

He steps to the alien's side and kneels down, examining the crystal himself. Then, vwoomp, almost unheard, the freaks are transported away, leaving their crystalline cases empty.

(Magister; now frustrated): (Sighs, gruffly)

(Scrawny Alien): What do we do now, sir?

(Magister): I have to make a call.

He and the others walk back to their vehicle.

End Scene
"Her Hero"

Bryce walks into his history class the following Monday, hearing the students abuzz with excitement. Everyone is gathered around Marissa. She's hounded with questions from every angle. Everybody wants to know what it was like to actually see one of the alien super-heroes in action.

(Student): What did he say?

(Student 2): But, like, how tall is he in real life?

(Student 3): Is he really that green?

(Marissa): Wait wait slow down! One at a time! (Everyone quiets down, at her request, and she gestures to one of the other students)

(Student 4): What was it like being captured like that?

(Marissa): Scary, at first. I'd seen those circus freaks on the news before, so I knew, kinda, who they were and whatever. When she grabbed me, I was terrified.

(Student 2): What did her hair tentacle thing feel like?

(Marissa): Like a rubber snake, but like, life-size.

(Student 3): What about Speed Guy-

(Bryce; from behind the group): -XLR8. (The whole class turns to him) H-he, uh, he goes by XLR8 I heard- uh- him say... once...

(Student 3): Anyway, what did he say?

(Marissa): He told them to let me go. He was really... calm. Like, he wasn't even worried about them. Honestly that wasn't even the weird part. (The students all lean in a little more) I think they're all the same guy.

The class murmurs.

(Student): What do you mean?

(Marissa): Well, XLR8 ran at them, right? And then he like exploded or something and the diamond guy was there. But he acted the same. Same calm, but confident attitude. He really wiped the floor with them, too!

(Student4): I heard he killed one of 'em!

(Marissa): Absolutely not! He, like, knocked her out. She was definitely okay.

(Bryce; under his breath): That's not really his style (they turn to him again). Murder, I mean. He's a hero, right?

(Marissa): He's certainly my hero.

Bryce's heart skips a beat. Just then, the bell rings and Mr. Shook walks in and shuts the door behind him.

(Mr. Shook): Alright, y'all, settle in! We've got a lot to get through today.

He pulls up a slideshow and starts teaching, although no one is really paying attention.

As the class ends, Bryce haphazardly shoves his supplies and books into his backpack, tosses his bag over his shoulder, and rushes to the door, trying to catch up to Marissa, whose desk is closer to the door. He manages to slide right next to her as they walk out.

(Bryce): H-hey.

(Marissa; bubbly as usual): Hey!

(Bryce): I-i was wondering if you'd want to hang out sometime?

(Marissa): What'd you have in mind?

(Bryce): How about the game this Friday night? Home game, and I hear we have a real shot!

(Marissa): That sounds like fun!

(Bryce): Yeah, awesome! I'll, uh, I'll text you about it later!

(Marissa): Okay! I'll be waiting!

Bryce walks away, elated, and, for the first time he can remember, he's excited about a football game.

End Scene

Three explosions go off, one after the other, in downtown Charlotte the next afternoon. Sunder twirls a silver and black revolver with red lights on the side and in the six barrels in his right hand, while holding his axe forward with the left, the end smoking. He hovers slowly around the intersection eyeing all the civilians, trying to spy out his prey.

(Sunder): Come on out, Omnitrix wielder. I'm only going to aim at the ground for so long.

The police have cars blocking the streets and are physically trying to keep the citizens back. You'd think they'd want to be as far from this as possible, but the possibility of seeing and meeting one of the alien super-heroes is too juicy. Bryce pushes his way through a bit of the crowd, trying to get to the front, but is ultimately unsuccessful.

(Bryce): Damnit! I can't get a good view of him. (He looks around at the other people in the street) Why are there so many people here? Don't they get this is dangerous?

He makes his way to the back of the crowd, then slinks down a side street and into an alleyway. He activates the Infinity and cycles through aliens quickly, landing on Tomahawk. He smiles, then raises his hand and quickly slaps it down on the Infinity.

Transformation Sequence: Black feathers sprout from Bryce's arm while the Infinity's 
bright glow deepens. We track the feathers as the begin growing out of his back and
then his other arm. Bryce flexes his fingers for a brief second before the fuse together
into two fingers and a thumb, covered in yellow scales. A sharp blade slices through
his forearm and he closes his fist. Bryce's face morphs with green light into 
Tomahawk's face. He punches twice with each fist, then kicks the air and poses with
his leg still extended.

(Sunder): Last chance, hero!

He moves his revolver toward the crowd and revs it up, this finally garners an appropriate reaction from the crowd, all beginning to panic and scramble to get out of the way. Then thwack! Sunder goes flying off his glider and scrapes against the hard pavement. Tomahawk lands in a heroic stance with one hand on the ground, having leaped over Sunder's glider. He stands up and sets himself in a fighting position. Sunder chuckles as he returns to his feet.

(Sunder): This one again, huh? You think, what, since you beat me last time with him I'll just crumble?

(Tomahawk): Nah. I was hoping for a bit of a fight!

(Sunder; chuckling): Your wish is my command!

He swings his axe, tossing a blade of red energy at Tomahawk. He jumps over it, barely, then kicks at Sunder twice, both being blocked by the staff of his axe. He grabs the staff with his taloned feet, then twists his body up with it and brings his other foot right into the back of Sunder's head. Sunder trips forward, but is able to catch himself. He slashes behind him with the axe, missing Tomahawk only nearly, but still managing to make a small slice in his chest.

(Tomahawk): Damn! (He grabs the cauterized wound)

The crowd gasps, one one voice in particular catches Tomahawk's attention. He's looks past Sunder and sees blonde-haired, blue-eyed Marissa watching. She's looking back at him. Not so concerned, like the others around her, more intrigued. Especially given how intently he's eyeing her. Sunder glaces back and sees her as well. He smirks. Then, fires two blasts of red energy from his revolver, one at Tomahawk and one at the ground in front of him. Tomahawk dodges the one intended for him, but is obscured by the one that hits the ground, failing to see what Sunder had planned until after it happened. Marissa screams as Sunder grabs her, holding her tightly and holding the revolver at her temple.

(Tomahawk): No! You let her go right now!

(Sunder): You're not really in the position to be making demands. Surrender yourself to me and hand over the Omnitrix. She'll go free, and I'll get my prize.

Tomahawk thinks for a second, trying to come up with a solution, but his mind is clouded. All he can see is the girl he's been fawning over for over a year in mortal danger because of him. He sighs, and lowers his arms to his side.

(Tomahawk): Fine. I'll go with you. But you let her go first!

(Sunder): Of course! (He says, slyly) She's free to go, like I said.

Tomahawk walks forward and Sunder releases his grip on Marissa. Just as Tomahawk gets close, Sunder grabs them both, clutching Marissa even closer than before.

(Sunder; maniacally): HA HAHAHAHA HA!

He tosses her to the ground, and she screams again. He is almost able to pick herself up, but falls back down again.

(Tomahawk): MARISSA!

He jerks back to Sunder, then goes to kick him, but Sunder catches it, now holding Tomahawk up by one arm and one leg. Tomahawk wastes no time hitting the Infinity with a closed fist. An eruption of green light followed by Sunder getting knocked back by the size change between Tomahawk and this new alien, a large black dragon who towers over Sunder. Darkflame, as he's called, snarls deeply, and black fire puffs out of his nostrils as he snorts, angrily, at Sunder. Darkflame roars, then smacks Sunder with his massive claws, tearing three huge gashes in his grey skin. Sunder tumbles backward, only stopping when he crashes into a nearby car. Darkflame takes to the air, circles around the arena and comes diving in toward his target. He lands directly on him, not slowing himself beforehand and crushing Sunder with all his weight. He lifts off again, this time breathing out a plume of black fire that overtakes Sunder's whole body, holding it a little longer than necessary. Sunder gasps when the fiery river stops, barely able to breathe or even move. Darkflame gets really close in on Sunder's face.

(Darkflame): Don't you ever attack civilians again! (His thundering voice shaking Sunder even though he hasn't raised his voice above speaking level.) Got it?!

(Sunder; weakly and through gasping breaths): I- (coughs) I get it... No “civies”... (coughs twice) I won't cross that... line again...

(Darkflame): Good. Now run back to your master, you lying, lowlife, son of a bitch!

Sunder wastes no time while Darkflame is feeling merciful and presses a button on his wrist, teleporting both him and his equipment up onto his ship, presumably still in orbit. Darkflame takes one step backward, as if lightheaded. He closes his eyes and shakes his head, now calmed down quite a bit. He turns to Marissa, who is now sitting up. He leans in close to her.

(Darkflame): Are you alright?

(Marissa): I think so, yeah. Just a little bruised.

(Darkflame): (Sighs) I'm sorry you had to see that, I- uh... I'm not sure what-

Marissa reaches up and places her hand gently on Darkflame's snout.

(Marissa): -It's- it's alright. (She grins in a calming manner)

He lets out a huge sigh, and pushes his head up against her hand. Then, almost immediately, snaps out of his minor trance and backs up. He takes flight; his powerful wings knocking debris about and blowing Marissa's hair out of her face. She stands up and, as she's walking toward the paramedics who had arrived shortly before, she thinks to herself.

(Marissa): Did... did he know my name?

The paramedics begin examining her, as they escort her to the ambulance.




Alien Forms

Major Events

  • Darkflame makes his debut appearance.
  • Tomahawk's transformation sequence is shown for the first time.
  • This is the first time we see Bryce lose control of Darkflame.


  • Darkflame's line “Now run back to your master, you lying, lowlife, son of a bitch” was written with help from Ghost King and WTB.
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